How to disable automatic updates in Windows

How to disable automatic updates in Windows
How to disable automatic updates in Windows

Developers from Microsoft have long used the auto-update mechanism in their Windows operating systems. But, as is often the case, the good intention in terms of expediency turned out to be ambiguous.

how to turn off auto update
how to turn off auto update

Some users need automatic software updates, while others don't care if this feature is available or not. Well, someone is struggling with this possibility in all available ways.

How can you not remember the proverb that you can never please everyone! Microsoft implemented the update after evaluating the market, which took into account not the individual wishes of computer users, but some average indicators. In principle, such an approach is quite justified, but cannot be considered 100% correct. At least because in the search bar of search engines, the query is entered with enviable frequency: “How to disable automatic updating?”. This suggests that this software mechanism is not of interest to everyone. Before starting the story on how to disable automatic updates, let's remember what it is and what it is for.

disableautomatic update
disableautomatic update

As you know, there is no limit to perfection, especially when it comes to computer programs. Despite the fact that by the time the operating system officially enters the world market, it passes a number of tests, subsequently certain flaws are found in it. For example, these may be gaps in the system library files, due to which the security level is reduced. Yes, and the performance may be insufficient, since computing resources are not optimally used. The shortcomings can be very diverse. It is important to understand that they are still there. There are two ways to eliminate them: auto-update and installation of a package of updated files. In the second case, the user needs to independently find, download and install updates in the system. By the way, these are not dozens of programs, each of which must be found and downloaded! Sometimes craftsmen “pack” everything into one file with an auto-installation module. But the first case involves the background download of the necessary files from the Internet. Thanks to this, the system is always up to date, as it uses the newest versions of files in which the errors found have been fixed. To get to the settings screen, you must click "Start - Control Panel - Update Center - Settings". Everything is intuitive here: you can configure the mode or disable automatic updates altogether. Usually there are no difficulties. Background loading is very interesting only in two cases: a licensed version of the operating system is used, and the user has a permanenthigh-speed access to the global network. Otherwise, it is recommended to figure out how to turn off automatic updates.

Users often complain about the low speed of wireless Internet. It turns out that the update is “guilty” of this, uploading files without human intervention and occupying a communication channel.

automatic software updates
automatic software updates

An important point that everyone who wants to figure out how to turn off automatic updates should know: even when turned off in the settings, the service still accesses the network.

Nothing can be done about it with regular means. To completely refuse the update, do the following:

- right-click on the "Computer" label and select "Manage";

- select "Services" in the "Services and Applications" section;

- find "Update Center" at the end of the list;

- double-click and set the startup type to "Disabled", remembering to click "Apply" (after that you can restart your computer)

This method is guaranteed to disable the automatic update mechanism.

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