How to defrag your disk and speed up your PC

How to defrag your disk and speed up your PC
How to defrag your disk and speed up your PC

Disk space fragmentation, accumulating, begins to interfere with the normal operation of the computer over time. Without knowing how to defragment the disk, the user ends up with a situation in which the data access speed is significantly reduced. This is due to the fact that one file is split into several parts. As a result, the hard disk head needs to perform additional functions, slowing down the computer.

how to defragment a disk
how to defragment a disk

In order to combat this phenomenon, there are programs that perform defragmentation - the reverse process of fragmentation. During its execution, pieces of files are combined into one, which speeds up the system as a whole and frees up some free space, access to which was previously closed.

Despite the fact that this process is quite simple, many users do not know how to defragment a hard drive. And despite the fact that for this it is not at all necessary to download additional software, since everything can be donebuilt-in Windows standard utilities. It should be noted that with the evolution of operating systems, the capabilities of embedded programs are also growing, which allows you to perform basic actions more quickly and efficiently. For example, defragmentation in Windows 7 is many times faster than in previous versions.

defragmentation in windows 7
defragmentation in windows 7

But there are some factors to consider before you can defragment a drive. First of all, you need to delete all unnecessary files, empty the trash. It is advisable to have programs on hand that allow you to get rid of not only old and unnecessary files, but also various temporary files created both by the system itself and by various software products. Sometimes their volume reaches quite impressive sizes, and the user does not understand where the free space has disappeared.

To proceed directly to defragmentation, you need to open "My Computer". In newer versions - "Computer", and right-click on the icon of the drive that you plan to optimize for faster performance. In the drop-down menu, select "Properties". Next, select the "Tools" tab, and then - "Perform defragmentation." A list of disks will open, among which you need to select and mark the one you need. Only after that will the buttons responsible for the preliminary analysis and, in fact, the defragmentation itself become active.

Before defragmenting a disk, an analysis should be carried out so that the system itself can assess whether the selected area needs disk space optimization. You can also check herewhether the option responsible for automatic defragmentation is enabled, which the system will carry out periodically, according to the set period of time. You need to understand that regular defragmentation is very useful, but turning on the automatic mode is undesirable, since at these moments the computer will freeze, some obstacles and failures may be created if the user does not know that this utility has started.

how to defragment a hard drive
how to defragment a hard drive

If the analysis showed that it is worth working with a local or removable disk, then you should press the "Defragmentation" button and wait until the utility finishes the process. Before defragmenting a disk, you need to make sure that none of the programs use the files located on this disk, as otherwise the load will increase, which can lead to increased wear on the physical storage medium.

Thus, disk maintenance is quite simple, and if you regularly monitor this point, the system will work quickly, the processing speed of stored data will not decrease.

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