Asus K56CB features and design

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Asus K56CB features and design
Asus K56CB features and design

The article discusses the laptop Asus K56CB, the characteristics of the model and its design. The Asus K56CB is an excellent all-around laptop that has ultrabook-like features thanks to its stylish, thin aluminum-coated chassis. This model is perfect for work purposes, and its top version will perfectly cope with many games.

Asus K56CB. Features

asus k56cb specs
asus k56cb specs

This model is produced in several configurations, and depending on this, it is equipped with the following types of processors:

  • Intel Core i3 3217U;
  • Intel Core i5 3317U;
  • Intel Core i7 3517U/3537U.

DDR3 RAM is installed on the laptop, the minimum amount of which is 4 GB, and the maximum is 8 GB (if you have a version with 4 GB, you can increase it yourself to the maximum). Another indicator that varies depending on the configuration is the volume of the hard drive. Its range can vary from 320 GB to 1 TB. It should be noted that on some models an additional SSD is installed, which has a capacity of 24 GB and is used as a cache.

Asus K56CB: i7 specifications anddesign

laptop asus k56cb specifications
laptop asus k56cb specifications

Let's consider this laptop using the example of a model with an Intel Core i7-3537U processor.

The body of the laptop has certain similarities with the design of the MacBook. It has an aluminum top that is painted black and a plastic bottom. At the bottom are speakers that use SonicMaster technology and have excellent sound quality. On the left side are the charging connector, USB 3.0, HDMI and VGA. On the right side of the case are USB 2.0, audio input and Kensington lock. There is a card reader in the front.

The keyboard has an aluminum bottom and excellent rigidity. The downside is the lack of backlit keys. The touchpad of the laptop is quite large and allows you to comfortably use it without a mouse. MultiTouch included.

The laptop has a widescreen TN-matrix of 15.6 inches and a maximum resolution of 1366x768 pixels. It should be noted that the matrix has a LED backlight and a matte surface. This makes it possible to use this laptop in an open space, because. The screen does not fade when exposed to sunlight. At the top of the display bezel is a 0.3 MP webcam and a built-in microphone.

Consider the performance of the Asus K56CB. The 1.8 GHz i7 processor delivers very good results while being very economical. Two video cards are installed on the device: an integrated Intel HD Graphics and a discrete GeForce GT 740M (a big plus of this video card is the increaselaptop power saver), which has a capacity of 2 GB. This model has two SODIMM slots for RAM, and if desired, you can increase it from the base 4 GB to 8 GB. The storage capacity is 320 GB, of which 297 GB is available to the user. These are quite decent characteristics for the Asus K56CB laptop.

Network capabilities are presented in the form of a Wi-Fi module, Bluetooth and Enternet. On the plus side, there is a DVD drive that also has dual-layer recording capability.

asus k56cb i7 specs
asus k56cb i7 specs

Asus K56CB. Battery life

The removable 4-cell battery is located at the back of the Asus K56CB. Battery performance is at a decent level. It has a capacity of 2950 mAh, while the weight is only 2.25 kg. When using a laptop in office mode, it may well last about five hours. If you use it in browser mode or watch movies, the battery life will drop to 3-4 hours. This is quite a worthy result. At the same time, software is installed in the laptop to reduce power consumption. The Asus K56CB comes with a new compact charger.


Overall, this is a great laptop that not only works well, but also offers decent gaming performance. Its undoubted advantages are a thin and light body and a hybrid graphics subsystem. Of the minuses, I would like to note the easily soiled top cover and the quality of the camera with a microphone.

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