For beginners about The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. How to find Skyrim saves, where are the settings files and how to quickly level up a character

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For beginners about The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. How to find Skyrim saves, where are the settings files and how to quickly level up a character
For beginners about The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. How to find Skyrim saves, where are the settings files and how to quickly level up a character

All in all, Skyrim isn't quite as difficult an adventure as most beginners imagine it to be. Having reached high levels of pumping, the player will pose a deadly threat to all life in the area. However, from the initial stages, it will be useful to act as carefully and as judiciously as possible.

Where are skyrim saves?
Where are skyrim saves?

Before starting the game

An endless stream of questions: "What are the system requirements of the game?", "Skyrim saves: where are they on the computer?", "How to optimize the settings?" still remain no less relevant than TES V: Skyrim itself.

However, we will deal with all the technical nuances and details step by step. First, let's determine the requirements of the game for PC components:

Minimum Featured
OS Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 (32 or 64 bit)
Centralprocessor 2 cores at least 2 GHz 4 cores
Video card 512 MB VRAM, DirectX 9.0c compatible 1 GB VRAM, DirectX 9.0c compatible
Sound DirectX compatible sound card
Network connection A network connection is required for Steam activation (for a licensed copy)

Secondly, after reading, some users have doubts about the relevance of computer components. Questions about optimization are typical only for owners of extremely weak PCs by today's standards. The settings files are located in the My Documents folder, however, manually setting all the parameters to optimal values is an extremely inconvenient option. It is much easier to do this directly from the game menu - the result will be the same. In graphics settings with low performance, you need to lower the items of shadow detail (Shadow Detail) and anti-aliasing (Antialiasing). It is they who most affect the quality of the picture and, accordingly, the performance of the game.

Care about the integrity of your progress

Finally, solving problems with Skyrim save files. In which directory you need to look for the sector where the saves are located - the most common type of questions. No one wants to lose their hard-earned virtual achievements, so making backups will definitely not be superfluous. Fortunately, there are no cases of damage to such files in the game.never noticed since release. However, it is much safer to keep an additional backup of saves in a secluded place.

As in most games, these files are stored in the system documents folder (in the same place as the user settings). However, the path to this folder may vary slightly on different versions of Windows.

For example, for Windows 7, the Skyrim save directory looks like this: system_disk:\Users\user_name\Documents\My Games\Skyrim

my documents
my documents
  • For Windows XP, this path will look a little different. The main thing is that the end point is in "My Documents". Detailed route: system_drive:\Documents and Settings\user_name\My documents\My Games\Skyrim
  • You can also use a simpler way: just use the built-in search engine in Windows to find files with the ending “.ess” - all Skyrim saves have this type.

Strategically important steps

Now is the time to highlight the gaming moments that every newcomer to the world of Skyrim will have to face. Having solved the initial questions, for example, one of the main ones: "Skyrim saves - where are they located in different OS?", It's time to understand the endless possibilities and dangers facing the player.

From the first run, a newcomer will face the problem of choosing a race. In fact, this is a banal matter of tastes and preferences. Each of the races has its own advantages and it all depends on the gamer's usual style of passing the game. For example, the brave Khajiit quite a lotlevels do not need weapons at all, which, on the other hand, slows down their development. Fans of magic and spells will be more suited to the people of the Altmer, who are famous for their voluminous supply of mana. In the heat of battle, the orcs will show themselves perfectly along with their berserker, etc.

Questions about weapons somehow come down to the possession of a bow. Two specimens that are quite powerful in their characteristics can be found even at the beginning of the game. One ("summoned") is located near Ivarsted, in Fort Amol. There will also be a quest "Battle for Fort Amol" in this place, so it is extremely important to act carefully without breaking the plot sequence. To do this, the player only clears the courtyard in order to go down into the prison cell of the fort and find the spell tome located in the bucket under the lantern, on the right side of the two bookshelves. The bow summoned with the help of the spell, by the way, is an Adept-level spell, from which it consumes a lot of mana - 186 units. Mages will be much more comfortable with him than those with other powers.

The other one ("ebony") is with the draugr warlord, who will be waiting for the player in the Labyrinthian. Defeating him even on the lowest difficulty without reaching at least level 10 is not an easy task at all, so the first option is much simpler.

In battle, the player will need not only a deadly attack weapon that inflicts devastating damage to any enemy, but also high-quality armor that protects him from damage as much as possible. The easiest way to get more or less good armor is to join either the Dark Brotherhood or the Guild at the beginning of the gameThieves. If you prefer not to get involved with these factions, maintaining your unshakable neutrality, then you should pay attention to Daedric artifacts, because the Skin of the Savior can be obtained even in the early stages of the game, and the mask of Clavicus Vile - at level 12.

Finally, it's completely useless to stay in one place for a long time - just wandering through the expanses of Skyrim, the player will find a lot of opportunities to significantly increase their well-being: check the caves, overcome strong enemies and collect precious trophies.

Why should the weak and helpless live?

By the way, do not forget about the Skyrim saves (where these indicators are located, we described above), since progress will not be perpetuated on its own. It is also important to remember: the strongest in Skyrim is not the one who faithfully follows the storyline, as in a straight corridor, but the one who, first of all, prudently builds a plan for his own pumping based on some gameplay tricks. And only then does the player have every chance to get a combat-ready character who is much more effective in coping with the tasks and problems that appear as he progresses.

where are the saves
where are the saves

First of all, use cunning tactics in battle, aimed at developing certain skills. Having got hold of a shield, find a couple of enemies with two-handed melee weapons in the open spaces, forcing them to attack you for several minutes. Thus, the "Block" skill will increase, thanks to which your chances of defending and surviving in battle will be incomparably greater.

Take care ofso that the first city you enter at the beginning of your journey is Whiterun. Having reached it, go in search of an alchemy teacher - Arcadia (this will require you to have initial capital). Having gained knowledge of this craft, you will have to rob it by re-taking lessons. In addition to Alchemy points, the player will also receive Pickpocket points. It is enough to act according to such a plan until reaching levels 5-6, after which, finally, having paid Arcadia, the funds due to her for pumping.

Where are skyrim saves?
Where are skyrim saves?

Iron daggers are a real goldmine. When mining leather with iron ingots, forge as many of these weapons as possible. After mastering the Banish skill, you can enchant each of them with any soul gem, thanks to which the price tag of daggers increases to 3000 coins. Don't forget that at the same time, you will also upgrade your blacksmithing skills.

A more effective way to upgrade blacksmith skills (as well as "Alchemy") is to enchant at least 5 pieces of equipment in such a way that they give you a plus to these skills in the end. This approach will immediately give the player a number of new useful features:

  • Can create super weapons.
  • You can implement the iron dagger scheme faster.
  • The player will be able to make expensive potions (3000 coins per bottle). At the same time, for each such fabrication, the player begins to be credited with 1 point in the Alchemy skill.

For more convenience, don't forget to give enchanted items of equipment appropriate catchy names thatwill help you distinguish them from all the other goodies in your inventory when you need to change clothes.

Magical abilities in the game are pumped extremely slowly, so find the time and opportunity to visit the College of Winterhold, talking with all the local inhabitants. It's easier to just pump "Illusion", everywhere and constantly calling on yourself the spells "Muffled steps" and "Invisibility".

my games
my games

A parting word to every recruit

High levels of development at the very center of the storyline are not the hard titanic work of diligent fans who are ready to sacrifice a considerable time of their lives for the sake of pumping. In the case of TES 5: Skyrim, it's a cold, smart calculation with some clever tricks. It is this approach that gives excellent results, without requiring the player to sit at the monitor all day long. So go ahead and use these techniques.

At the same time, it is also necessary to confidently understand some technical nuances, including the preservation of Skyrim. Where the corresponding ess-type files are located, what components are suitable for running the game and how to optimize performance in the settings - all this will be understood and mastered by any beginner at the first opportunity.

But all the most important and interesting, of course, will be waiting for you only in the game itself.

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