Hosting - what is it? Which hosting to choose?

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Hosting - what is it? Which hosting to choose?
Hosting - what is it? Which hosting to choose?

Now we will try to figure it out: hosting - what is it and why is it used. If you are interested in this question, then you probably know what a website and the Internet are.

Start with a definition

If you briefly try to answer the question "hosting - what is it", then you can

hosting what is it
hosting what is it

to say that this is a service that websites need in order to provide themselves with round-the-clock rotation on the World Wide Web.

We are talking about the services of placing a certain resource on a web server. A server is a software and hardware solution (a combination of a computer and a special system or program), the main task of which can be considered the processing and storage of information.

In addition, thanks to this solution, many other computers get access to the data that fills the site. Based on the foregoing, let's try to give another important definition: server hosting is a service for placing servers, as well as equipment on a special site. This is a set of measures to ensure the stable operation of the server.

Website hosting

The next reasonable question is: “Website hosting - what is it and what is itdifferent from the previous solution? Let's start with the main advantage. The popularity and demand for website hosting is much higher. The reason is that the latter solution is optimal for any resources hosted on the World Wide Web, and server hosting is reasonable only in the case of large sites.

There are varieties

Server hosting can be divided into 2 categories. The first is

server hosting is
server hosting is

providing the client with a specific physical server with a given configuration, as well as hosting it.

The second category is hardware hosting. In this case, the provider's sites host equipment that belongs directly to the client. This type of hosting is called collocation. In any case, the client reserves the rights of the server administrator, exercising full control over the equipment.

Hosting - what is it. VDS

Now we will try to deal with an even more complex issue. It can be formulated as follows: "VDS hosting - what is it?". To try to answer this question, imagine one of the rooms of a large hosting provider. Servers are placed in rows in a large hall, there are a lot of them. So, if VDS technology did not exist, each of the computers would be responsible for the operation of only one site.

Disastrous consequences

So, let's imagine that VDS does not exist and the space of the server room that provides hosting is extremely wasteful and requires all the time

what is website hosting
what is website hosting

new territories. Electricity consumption beats all possible records, and this is only for servicing one resource.

Free hosting is disappearing completely, and prices for traditional hosting are skyrocketing, and now only millionaires can afford to maintain sites, since Internet hosting is the basis of any virtual resource. Fortunately, the servers are equipped with operating systems that are multi-tasking and multi-user: Windows Server, VXworks, BSD, Linux.

This approach allows you to maximize the use of all the resources of a powerful computer, distributing performance between a significant number of sites, thereby hosting the entire described variety on a single machine. It should be noted that site owners do not feel the difference, as if their hosting is provided by separate physical servers.

Hosting - what is it, or is VDS justified?

Maybe it's better to overpay significantly and rent a dedicated server for your own website? If the site is not very popular, and visits it daily

what is vds hosting
what is vds hosting

fewer people than YouTube, for example, VDS will do the job for you.

Renting a physical server is profitable only if the income generated by your site significantly exceeds the price of such a lease. To do this, you will have to go through a thorny and long path associated with its promotion, and until the path has been completed, you will not find a more convenient solution than VDS.

VPS features

If you try to answer brieflythe question “VPS hosting - what is it”, then we can say that we are talking about another breakthrough in the field of informatization of society. VPS is translated from English as your own virtual server. The essence of this solution is to divide one server into a certain number of independent virtual servers.

These virtual parts have all the features of regular hosting. It is interesting that virtual hostings located nearby can work under different operating systems: Windows, Unix. Each own server has one or more dedicated IP addresses, it is guaranteed

what is virtual hosting
what is virtual hosting

minimum resources and fast reloading. As you can see, VPS differs significantly from traditional solutions. Stable operation and low cost of services are guaranteed here.

Who needs it?

Let's figure out who and for what purposes may need such a service. The need for a VPS arises if the client wants to manage the operation of the servers himself. Most often, such a need appears in people who have a personal online store. VPS is also needed for those who want to use non-traditional software or non-standard configurations.

As for administrators whose sites require a huge amount of resources from the server, VPS is the best solution, since many hosts refuse to host such a resource. Before becoming the owner of a virtual private hosting, you need to decide on a number of conditions. The owner is required to havecertain knowledge, including information about the operation of operating systems. You need to carefully study the information about the hosting that you are going to purchase.

Remember, the set of functional services in various VPS solutions can seriously

what is vps hosting
what is vps hosting

different. You need to find out how many dedicated IP addresses you will receive, whether you will be able to make updates, whether limits will be set on individual server parameters.

In other words, to use the new service, you need to have a set of specific knowledge. However, people who understand such nuances have already figured out everything and made the indicated decision.

Is it hard to be a hoster?

Let's recap. We have already answered the question: "Virtual hosting - what is it?" It is about the place where the site is located in the Internet space. Services of this kind can be divided into several types: dedicated server, VDS, VPS, shared hosting. Oddly enough, the main difference between the services of different companies here (as is often the case) is the price.

In order to make a decision in favor of a certain company, you need to reasonably study the reviews about it. The lack of reviews most often indicates that the company is a newcomer. On the other hand, the presence of only positive reviews is alarming and does not always indicate the quality of services. An important component is

internet hosting is
internet hosting is

24/7 support: it enables users to seek adviceby phone or e-mail and resolve any issues right now. The company must have high-quality modern equipment and provide a data recovery system.

The key to the success of the company is the availability of a personal data center, which is equipped with appropriate equipment and meets all quality standards. Let's look at the technical options for implementing various hosting technologies.

Let's start with a solution that involves renting dedicated servers and hosting all services on them. This approach is typical, since it does not require huge costs.

A more complex solution is to move the databases to a dedicated server, thus facilitating content and mail handling. The most complex system can be called the separation of the main services on different separate physical servers, which do not interfere with each other during operation. Each of the above systems has its own advantages and disadvantages.

If everything is hosted in a single server, then it is convenient for administration and control, however, on the other hand, it is also a significant drawback. If the server suddenly starts receiving a lot of requests, then an unpleasant incident can occur. The essence of the problem is that the system will require a lot of resources, and it may not withstand.

We hope this material will help you understand this difficult topic.

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