Information technology: what is RSS

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Information technology: what is RSS
Information technology: what is RSS

Surely each of you wants to use your own time productively. So, given your user needs and your he althy dependency on the world-class storehouse of knowledge that the Internet is rightfully considered to be, it's reasonable to ask you: do you use effective news technologies and do you know what RSS is? If your answer is "no", well, then you are definitely lucky! First, because you are reading this article. Secondly, the material presented to your attention will teach you how to use new opportunities productively, the expediency of which is an obvious fact that requires immediate practical implementation.

Searching for efficiency

Literally every day, an Internet user faces a global problem - an unregulated flow of information. It is worth entering a query into the search box, and immediately the digital skies of an endless stream of data open up above us. However, each of the users of the World Wide Web, including you, always has the necessary sites and blogs in their bookmarks, the content of which is most acceptable and meets your interests and needs. However, in order to access eachselected Internet resources and see what's new, you will have to spend a significant amount of invaluable minutes of personal time. If you knew what RSS is, then you would not have to visit the site you like every time, since you would be aware that nothing interesting for you appeared there. Perhaps you are interested in the prospect of always being in the news trend, so it makes sense to get to know this effective and, undoubtedly, useful opportunity to be always on the information wave of events.

What is RSS?
What is RSS?

What is RSS: historical background

Today, news technology has achieved truly fantastic results with its development. However, all this became real thanks to the well-known company Apple Computer, and in particular, R. V. Gua and a group of its developers. The Indian was "lucky" to create, of course, the progressive meta-content Framework. The first RSS feed was launched on the Netcenter portal, which was the brainchild of Netscape. In the future, other Internet sites began to use the technology, as well as a number of news companies, such as BBC, CNET, CNN, Slashdot, Disney, Forbes, Wired, Red Herring, etc. The first version of Rich Site Summary 0.9x was in RDF format. However, the somewhat complex scheme of the implemented solution required changes, which was achieved in the form of a simplified version 9.0 developed by Netscape. In 2000, the format was divided into several types. For example, in the newly appeared Atom, all the omissions and shortcomings of the previous ones were taken into account.technological versions. RSS 2.0 and 3.0 are widely used today. Sufficiently difficult to understand, the scheme of programmatic work of machine code has a simple definition: a kind of XML formats used for writing news feeds, changing the content of websites or blogs, and compiling announcements of articles and publications.

Benefit in Human Language

Add RSS feed
Add RSS feed

Free availability does not make the notification information tool an object that is not worthy of attention, on the contrary, the RSS feed is designed to help and greatly facilitate the process of interaction between the user and the site administration, which, by the way, is interested in people showing interest in the content of their current project. Thanks to this, a non-coercive form of mutually beneficial cooperation allows the two parties to find common ground. You always have up-to-date information about the events taking place on the site, the owners of the resource are dependent on your participation and supply you with the necessary material, thereby attracting and retaining the visitor with high-quality and always updated content. It cannot be otherwise, you are too valuable for them to lose you so easily.

I want, I want, I want, or How to connect to the information channel

How to subscribe to RSS?
How to subscribe to RSS?

To make it clear to you how to subscribe to RSS announcements, you need to use one of the methods below. Moreover, the expediency of using one or another method has a somewhat conditional value. This is primarily due to the functionality of the software tool, which acts as an executor of the tasks set by the user. Therefore, the choice should be based primarily on the practicality of the application.

RSS format
RSS format

Some RSS Connection Difficulties: Standard Costs

The easiest way is to use the built-in browser reader (online client). Perhaps you have noticed the sometimes appearing orange icon in the corner of the address bar (a dot and ¼ part of the circle elements extending radially up and to the right). Such a "friendly" sign is a kind of sign that the site uses the RSS format. But at the time of this writing, some popular web browsers, for well-known reasons, stopped using the built-in functionality of the news aggregator, and in particular Google Chrome and IE. Therefore, today the RSS feed in these browsers is not added in the standard way, you will have to use an alternative plug-in, since it is still in the arsenal of official extensions in the free version of the edition.

Setting up Mozilla Firefox to work with news channels

It's simple here:

  • At the top right of the browser is the button "Show your bookmarks".
  • Clicking on it, you will see the item "Subscribe to news feeds".
  • When you hover over this submenu, you will be offered notification options, or rather, types of updated content: feed, feed, comments, etc.
  • Choose the most appropriateway for you and save the data in the appropriate folder, by default it will be "Bookmarks Bar".

These manipulations will allow you to add the site's RSS feed to your subscription. Now you can always see the changes on the site in the form of a brief announcement directly from the save folder.

Google Chrome: Out of the box efficient approach

How to make RSS on a website
How to make RSS on a website

Install the downloaded RSS Subscription Extension plugin in Google Chrome:

  • Open "Settings", then "Extensions", at the bottom of the browser, click "More extensions".
  • Enter RSS in the store search bar.
  • Install the required plugin.

Now you can subscribe to the information channel using one of the many online aggregators. It should be noted that the functionality of such service applications is much more extensive than the built-in ones and has a number of advantages.

Choosing the optimal resource

The Bloglines resource will allow you to feel comfortable in the vast news spaces of the global network. In order to use the free services of the presented service, you must have a Google account and at the same time go through a short registration process.

So, knowing what RSS is and what it looks like, click on the icon. Having chosen an acceptable notification option, you get to a request page where you need to select a service with which you will receive news about the content of the site you are interested in. Clicking "Subscribe" will take you to the main page of Bloglines. Come into youraccount and click the "Add +" button, which is located in the upper left corner. Then select the "Channels" item and enter the site address in the corresponding line. The process will be completed after activating the arrow located on the side.

Professional Approach: Subscribing

Create RSS
Create RSS

If you run your own blog and want to create an RSS feed, you can recommend one of the effective ways that we implement using the FeedBurner service. It will not be difficult for you to understand the settings of the feed barner, everything is accessible and even very clear. Most importantly, do not forget to activate all the items in the "Optimization" and "Publishing" tabs.

  • If the RSS icon on your site is in the topic: find it using your editor and write the address you specified in FeedBurner.
  • An alternative to the situation described above would look like this: put the script below in the body of the article or sidebar.
  • title=

  • hyperlink tag (service address/feed address)” alt="”name given to your RSS icon””changeable icon name on hover” src=" ”(address, icon location).jpg” (frame length)” width)” close the tag.

Email subscription: how to do it?

RSS feed
RSS feed

RSS on the site is a great thing. However, full functionality requires the organization of an email subscription. Using the FeedBurner service you already know, do the following:

  • Go to the "Publication" section, check the box"E-mail subscriptions" and copy the html code located at the bottom of the window.
  • Moreover, some English phrases, such as subscribe, which means "subscribe", need to be translated into Russian. By the way, the last line of the script: Delivered by… - in general, the hyperlink to the closing tag can be simply deleted. Upon completion of editing, insert into the widget or php-file of the blog.

In closing

How to turn off the RSS feed in the event that the Internet resource did not meet your hopes and aspirations? Let's take the Mozilla Firefox browser as an example:

  • Go to the folder that contains the feed sources.
  • Right-click on the "disgraced" site and use the drop-down menu to delete it.

Similar action on the Bloglines service:

  • Go to the reader page and select from the list of channels (located on the left) the news channel you don't need anymore.
  • The mailing list that opens has a "gear" icon in its title, by clicking on which you will be able to permanently delete the RSS feed.

Be always up to date, good news for you!

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