KERNELBASE.dll: module error and how to fix it

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KERNELBASE.dll: module error and how to fix it
KERNELBASE.dll: module error and how to fix it

Quite often, many users of Windows-based computer systems pay attention to a certain service in the process tree in the form of a dynamic library KERNELBASE.dll. The error of this module is a very common phenomenon. The saddest thing is that it appears at the most inopportune moment. Now it will be considered how to deal with it with the simplest methods in different situations.

What is the KERNELBASE.dll library and what does it do?

For some reason, many users believe that the dynamic library in most cases is associated mainly with printing documents from various programs that are part of the Microsoft Office package. This is not true. The library error can also appear in modern games.

kernelbase dll error
kernelbase dll error

The service itself, launched in this form, is the client base of the application core that uses the API (programming interface). So this service has a rather conditional relationship to printing, althoughthis database error most often occurs when printing documents or when trying to send a fax.

KERNELBASE.dll: Service Error and Causes

As a rule, failures in the library itself in most cases are associated with damage or the absence of the required file in the system. As it is already clear, this is a dynamic library KERNELBASE.dll. Error code 01BC1000 indicates an attempt to access a file. Sometimes the error message itself contains text like Access Violation, and also indicates the address and the failed module. If we translate the message verbatim, we get the following: "Access Violation" (or "Forcible access attempt").

kernelbase dll module error
kernelbase dll module error

However, this does not mean at all that the user does not currently have administrator rights. It's just that the specified module in the registered location is either missing or damaged as a result of external influence, for example, during virus attacks.

KERNELBASE.dll error: how to fix it the easiest way?

In the simplest case, to correct the situation, it is strongly recommended to check the system for viruses or malicious codes with some powerful anti-virus scanner, preferably a portable type that does not require installation on the system.

If no viruses are detected, you can try to restore the operating system from a checkpoint. You only need to know when exactly the KERNELBASE.dll module error occurred, and select a restore point that preceded this event.

However, this approach may not workalways. In this case, most experts recommend turning to Internet resources and downloading the original KERNELBASE.dll file for the installed system, taking into account its modification and bit depth, and then placing the downloaded file in the System32 folder of the Windows root directory (64-bit systems also have it). If such a file already exists in the specified location, it should be replaced. The system may display a message that you must have administrator rights to perform such an operation. We just agree, after which copying is done without problems.

appcrash kernelbase dll error
appcrash kernelbase dll error

After that, the new module must be registered in order for it to work correctly. To do this, in the Run menu (Win + R), the regsvr32 KERNELBASE.dll command is written, and the enter key is pressed. Next, just reboot the computer, and the error disappears.

Using dedicated software

In principle, you can not do such things, but take a simpler path, involving the use of special programs to automatically search for damaged or missing system libraries like Microsoft Fix It! or DLL Suite.

kernelbase dll error how to fix
kernelbase dll error how to fix

After scanning, the program will determine what is missing, download the necessary files from the Internet (and from official resources), and then integrate the downloaded modules into the system on its own.

Tips for fixing APPCRASH error

Equally common is APPCRASH failure (errorKERNELBASE.dll, esent.dll, nt.dll, explorer.exe, etc.). True, this applies specifically to modern computer games, and the violation of the KERNELBASE.dll library is a special case.

kernelbase dll error
kernelbase dll error

Of course, you can try to fix the situation in the ways described above, but here you should take into account the very specifics of games. For them to work correctly, you need to install the latest versions or updates of some critical packages and services.

In most cases, this is the latest version of DirectX, updates to the Microsoft. NET Framework and Microsoft Visual C++, including the Runtime Pack. Without installing these required components, the game may not launch at all, and errors with different variations will appear again and again.

kernelbase dll module error
kernelbase dll module error


That's all. We have considered a service that runs as a dynamic library running in the background - KERNELBASE.dll. The error, as can be seen from the above material, is eliminated quite simply. Naturally, a beginner or a user who does not have the necessary knowledge can be advised to use automatic utilities, especially since they will load absolutely all the missing libraries, although for special cases when errors are associated exclusively with the KERNELBASE.dll component, you can get by with loading the module yourself and registering it in system. As far as games are concerned, no matter how hard you try, you won't be able to fix the error in most cases without installing some required software packages.

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