Hitman pistol: basic weapon for agent 47

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Hitman pistol: basic weapon for agent 47
Hitman pistol: basic weapon for agent 47

Hitman: Codename 47 was released in 2000. Created by the Danish company Eidos Interactive, it has become a favorite among many fans of ste alth action PC games. The gamer is given the opportunity to be in the shoes of a hired killer, plan the elimination of the object, independently choosing one or another weapon for this.

Given the high popularity, the Danish studio IO Interactive has developed a whole game series with the main character Hitman. This professional killer has a fairly wide range of weapons. You can eliminate the target using explosives, machine guns and sniper rifles. Ordinary items that the hero can use not for their intended purpose are also suitable. The bald clone also has a handgun. Find out what pistols Hitman has in this article.

hitman weapon
hitman weapon


This Hitman pistol is a modified version of the AMT Hardballer. From real weaponsthe rifle unit differs in that it is designed not for 7 rounds, but for 8. In addition, the fired bullet has a rather low muzzle velocity, due to which Hitman installs a silencer on his pistol.

Despite the fact that shooting with this device is silent, the weapon is ineffective if you need to take out the enemy from a long distance. In addition, Hitman's pistol has reduced penetration. You can kill immediately from it with an accurate hit in the head. If you hit other parts of the body, the gamer will have to make more than one volley.

Nevertheless, the high professional training of the main character compensates for these shortcomings of small arms. In the hands of a bald clone of AMT Hardballer first falls at the beginning of the game, namely in the basement in the sanatorium, where the agent undergoes special training and then escapes. In the future, this rifle unit can be bought at the beginning of each mission. The price of the pistol is $550. AMT Silverballer is considered to be the basic weapon that the killer has in all subsequent series.

Silent Assassin

In Silent Assassin Silverballer in the amount of two pieces is presented in two versions: regular and with a silent shooting device (SBS). At the very beginning, the gamer is provided with a standard version. If you manage to complete the mission and get the "silent killer" rating, then in the future Silverballer will be with PBS. The hero uses paired pistols while shooting in Macedonian style. If you use this weapon with both hands, the system will count one shot as two. As a result, this will negatively affect the receipt of highrating.

hitman pistols title
hitman pistols title

Hitman pistol in the following parts

In "Contracts", a professional killer eliminates objects with a single Silverballer pistol - a weapon with a silencer installed. In Blood Money, the gamer, at his discretion, can equip this weapon with additional modules, namely an optical sight, a more capacious clip and various silencers. Judging by the reviews, after the modification, the missions became much more interesting. In Absolution, the Silencer in the Silverballer counts as the only module. Pistol upgrades are available in contract modes.

what pistols did hitman have
what pistols did hitman have

22 Suppressed

This rifle unit is equipped with a built-in silencer. In real life, the US Navy SEALs use it. The weapon is known as the TM-Amphibian S. These are Hitman's silent pistols. The Danish developer decided to change the name. In the game, this model is known as 22 Suppressed.

In closing

Of course, there are more than just these pistols in the range of weapons of a professional killer.

Steppe eagle
Steppe eagle

Hitman has a Desert Eagle, a 45 caliber revolver, and a Beretta 92. To eliminate the target quietly, the hero can use the Beretta 92 Silenced.

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