Passage of the quest "Skyrim" - "A rat cornered"

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Passage of the quest "Skyrim" - "A rat cornered"
Passage of the quest "Skyrim" - "A rat cornered"

During the game in "Skyrim" you will have to complete dozens, if not hundreds of side tasks. And the complete passage of the main storyline will take many hours. In this short guide, you will learn how to complete the Cornered Rat quest in Skyrim.

Quest start

This quest will become available after completing the Thalmor Embassy mission. To activate it, go to Delphine in Riverwood and tell her everything you have learned about dragons. After that, the task of the game "Skyrim" - "A rat cornered" is activated. Now your path lies in Riften, where, by the way, you can become a member of the Thieves Guild. In this city of robbers and thieves, you need to find Esbern, the archivist of the Order of Blades.

Image "Skyrim" walkthrough rat cornered
Image "Skyrim" walkthrough rat cornered

Rat Cornered walkthrough

In Skyrim, or rather in Riften, you can learn about Esbern from Brynjolf. In the daytime, you will find this character in the city market. At night, he lives in the Ragged Flask tavern, which is located indungeons under Riften. And also about the archivist, you can ask Kirava - the innkeeper "Bees and Stings".

If you turn to Brynjolf for help, then before he talks about Ebern, you will need to complete a small task "Random Encounter", which, by the way, is the introductory one in the Thieves Guild branch. After completing the quest (or talking to Kirava), you will learn that the archivist lives in the dungeons under the city.

You will find the entrance to the catacombs just below the market square. To do this, go down the side stairs to the water and reach the desired door. In the dungeon you will meet with several bandits and skeevers. Also from here you can get "Rampant Flask" - a refuge for thieves.

To continue the Skyrim quest - "The Cornered Rat", get to Esbern's dwelling, knock on the door, and say the code phrase. The old man will open and tell a lot of interesting information. After that, immediately leave the archivist's hideout, as very soon the Thalmor soldiers, led by the justicar magician, will descend here

Rat cornered "Skyrim bug"
Rat cornered "Skyrim bug"

If you are already a member of the Thieves Guild, you can exit the dungeons through the cistern. But keep in mind that you still have to fight with the Thalmor, and this will happen within the city. And during the battle, civilians may die, which you will still need in your further passage. So it's better to deal with the pursuers in the dungeon. Especially since they are not that strong.

To continue the passage of the quest "Skyrim" - "Beauty, cornered", aftervictory, get out of the dungeon and lead Esbern to the Delphine in Riverwood. And you can use fast travel. After the characters talk to each other, the quest will be completed and a new mission will immediately begin.

Rat cornered "Skyrim"
Rat cornered "Skyrim"

Skyrim bugs

The Cornered Rat is a quest that has problems. Sometimes Esbern doesn't want to talk to the main character or won't open the door. To solve this problem, open the game console using the ~ key. Write the following command - prid 00019DFD moveto player. After that, Esbern will be near you. Try to talk to him, and he will open the door of the dwelling and go inside. It remains only to follow him and complete the rest of the quest.

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