How to run a Minecraft server on Windows

How to run a Minecraft server on Windows
How to run a Minecraft server on Windows

Sooner or later every Minecraft player comes up with the idea to create their own server. The reasons for this can be completely different: someone is simply tired of playing alone, while someone, on the contrary, wants to narrow their circle of friends and protect their creations from inadequate players. This article will describe in detail how to start a Minecraft server, set it up for a comfortable game, and also give a number of tips for those who have problems starting. All of the information below is relevant only for computers running Windows.

First of all, you need to install the server files, for this you need to go to the official website of the game and follow the link "downloads/downloads", where the distribution kits of the game and the server are located. The downloaded executable file with the “exe” extension must be placed in a separate folder (its name can be anything). Then run the installation file and wait a couple of minutes. At this time, the necessary files will be unpacked, and a server configuration file will be created - later we will see how to set up a Minecraft server using it. After the first start of the server, a random world will be generated in the World folder forgames. If you want to play with friends in an already created world, then delete the contents of this folder and transfer your saves from a single player game into it (as a rule, saves are located in users/AppData\roaming\.minecraft\saves).

how to start minecraft server
how to start minecraft server

After the above steps, you won't need to do anything other than start the server. Minecraft uses the default settings for this. What if you want to play in custom mode or remove some restrictions? Proceed as follows: before starting the Minecraft server, change the settings manually. To do this, stop the server and open the folder where its files are stored. Operations will be performed on the file (do not forget to make a backup), which can be opened with any text editor, such as standard notepad.

minecraft server not starting
minecraft server not starting

It makes no sense to list all the variables, so let's focus on the most important and frequently used ones: the server name is entered in the level-name line, the gamemode line changes the game mode (0 - survival, 1 - creative). Optionally, you can disable the damage caused by players to each other (pvp=false). If you are going to play on a local network, in the online-mode line, change the parameter to false. Now there is nothing left but to start the Minecraft server and check if it works correctly.

How to set up a minecraft server
How to set up a minecraft server

If after performing the necessary actions you do not startMinecraft server, there are several ways to fix the situation. First, remove all mods from the server folder and check the stability of the clean server. If it starts, then you just have to connect the mods one by one and find out which one disrupts the server. If the clean server does not start, then you should update Java on the computer. Very often, it is the disabling of Java auto-update that leads to the inability to start the server. It does not hurt to check the antivirus in case the server is blocked for system security reasons. If this does not help, try deleting the server with the game and reinstalling them again. Now that you know how to start a Minecraft server, you can enjoy the game with your friends by setting your own game rules.

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