Settling into Minecraft. Nuclear reactor will solve all problems

Settling into Minecraft. Nuclear reactor will solve all problems
Settling into Minecraft. Nuclear reactor will solve all problems

With the advent of the Industrial Craft 2 modification, life in the cubic world has changed a lot. On the one hand, many tools have appeared that make the extraction and processing of resources much easier. On the other hand, there is a need for energy sources. Players who install this "mod" create entire complexes for the production of energy and still lack it in Minecraft. A nuclear reactor will allow you to get maximum energy with a minimum occupied volume. But is it really that simple? Let's figure it out.

Issue price

In order to build a nuclear reactor in Minecraft, you will need a huge amount of resources: from simple coal to advanced materials like composite plates. Therefore, do not even hope to create a nuclear power plant immediately after the start of the game. Only with serious reserves of resources and a powerful infrastructure can one begin to plan the construction of a reactor. Iron alone will require at least a couple of hundred units, not to mention diamonds, uranium and other hard-to-reach materials.

minecraft nuclear reactor
minecraft nuclear reactor

Where to post?

There is only one rule here - the farther from home, the better. If youare not yet able to conduct high-voltage wires for a considerable distance, then you need to do anything, but not build a nuclear reactor. Minecraft is a game that does not tolerate haste. If you can't divert energy from the reactor, then you're just wasting your time, and by placing it near your house, you risk getting a funnel with a radius of a hundred meters right in front of the threshold.

The closer the nuclear reactor is to important buildings, the more layers of reinforced blocks should cover it. Ideally 3 layers will be enough, but it will cost a lot of time and resources.

minecraft nuclear reactor
minecraft nuclear reactor

When to build?

As mentioned above, you should start building a nuclear reactor only when you have a solid supply of rare resources. But some minerals will not be enough. Advanced mechanisms, the presence of capacious energy storages and fiber optics - these are the few things that you cannot do without when building a power plant in Minecraft. A nuclear reactor is a complex and expensive project, and therefore it is not worth building it if it is not needed.

nuclear reactor
nuclear reactor

What will the reactor give?

Energy. From two million units per uranium rod. And if you combine rods with reflectors and use forced cooling circuits, then you simply cannot spend the amount of energy received. True, it is worth remembering about the possibility of overheating the core in Minecraft - a nuclear reactor that is left unattended will easily turn your wonderful castle into a pile of stones. There is onlyone device that justifies the risk of building it is the matter generator.

All schemes for creating a reactor can be found on the official website of the modification (and this is about fifty crafting recipes, both the reactor blocks themselves and resources). It also shows the layout of the rods and cooling systems - from the safest models to the unstable monsters of the industry, capable of powering an entire server with care (or turning it into one giant crater if overlooked).

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