Risen - passing and orienteering

Risen - passing and orienteering
Risen - passing and orienteering

People who grew up on the games of the late 90s and early 2000s must have heard of a series of games called "Gothic", so tightly entrenched in the hearts of many gamers to this day. Yes, the 4th part was recently released, but let's be honest with ourselves - it is far from perfection and the good old "gothic" spirit. The release of a new project, codenamed "Risen", the passage of which we will consider today, became a great joy for all the fans.

Risen Walkthrough
Risen Walkthrough

Tropical world with freedom of movement

So what do we have here? First of all, this is a vast open interactive world, expressed in the form of one island, divided between several groups: a bandit camp, an order of magicians and a city stuffed with the Inquisition. And what is most interesting - you can choose which clan to join. In general, the passage of the game Risen implies that the player will sooner or later make a choice, because it only makes it more interesting to play! Exploring the open world in these classic games is always a tempting experience. After all, you can find whole mountains of treasures, or you can run into a flock of wild lizards - you never know where you are lucky. It is worth noting that in this sense, Risen, the passage of which depends on the desire and free time of the user, is rich in various hidden founts of knowledge and relics, monsters and NPCs.

risen walkthrough
risen walkthrough

Crushing start

The action begins with the fact that a huge sea monster named Kraken breaks into pieces the ship on which the main character was sailing. Having miraculously survived a shipwreck, he is washed ashore by the surf, where the direct action begins. A torn, poor, hungry character is looking for a way to climb up and somehow feed himself. A few moments later, he meets the inhabitants of the island, who provide general information about the place and the current political situation. Here the player is already at the crossroads of where to go first. This is what makes the Risen game so beautiful, the passage of which gives the user a chance to make decisions on their own.

risen 2 dark walkthrough
risen 2 dark walkthrough

Groups and their benefits

As mentioned above, 3 large groups function to the fullest on the island: bandits, the Inquisition and the order of the magicians of the sacred fire. The first are located in the western part of the map in the swamps, the second are located in a single port city, and the third have long lived in a monastery located in the mountains. Each group has its own individual mentality, views on the current situation on the island and the reasons for the appearancein such a wild place - in the world of Risen. The passage of the game plunges the player into the abyss of events: intrigue between factions, the pursuit of treasure and an attempt to save the world. Joining such communities obviously guarantees the main character certain advantages, expressed, for example, in the desire to trade, the availability of unique items (weapons and armor), discounts on certain services, and so on. In addition, the player will have access to additional tasks for the group he decides to join. Choosing one of the factions will certainly worsen relations with others, it is always worth remembering this.

To be continued, or rather, it has already arrived

You should know that a year ago a sequel to this game called Risen 2 Dark was released, the passage of which is a kind of logical conclusion to the ending of the first part.

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