"Batman: Arkham City" walkthrough

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"Batman: Arkham City" walkthrough
"Batman: Arkham City" walkthrough

Batman: Arkham City is a direct story sequel to the previous "Arkham Asylum". The events of the game tell about the creation of a new special prison for especially dangerous prisoners of Gotham. Now they live in a vast area of urban slums, which is under the constant protection of an armed squad of mercenaries and under the strict supervision of Batman himself.

In Arkham City, users must once again return to the dangerous streets of gloomy Gotham City. Together with the Dark Knight, Catwoman and other allies, they will have to fight some of the most memorable villains in the DC Universe. In this dangerous adventure, you can rely only on your own strength and on the complete passage of the game "Batman: Arkham City", which has collected the most useful tips and advice on the game. With it, users can easily pass especially difficult levels.

It is worth noting that in addition to text guides, there are also video walkthroughs of the game. Among the most popular let's plays onRussian-language "YouTube" the following series can be noted: Passage of the game "Batman Arkham City" with Kubite, with Kuplinov, with Gideon and others.

Catwoman and The Dark Knight Start Game

After the introductory video, we are immediately offered to play as Selina Kyle. We are attacked by two-faced bandits, with whom the first battle in Arkham City begins. After the victory, we go towards the safe and press the space bar.

Next, the passage of the game "Batman: Arkham City" takes us to Bruce Wayne. He's been handcuffed, so we have to help him get free. We swing the chair on which we sit, after which we carry out a counterattack on the guard and take away the chip from him. Our next goal is the gate. You can get to them through "line A". We quietly follow the two guards and fight the prisoners.

After that, climb up the hill and contact Alfred. A new fight begins with the Penguin and his bandits. As soon as we win, we immediately keep our way to the roofs. We move along the ledge towards the Ace Chemicals building, then we assume the form of Batman and try to break into the wave of negotiations of mercenaries from the "Tiger".

Rescue Selina Kyle and interrogate the Joker

Inside the building, Two-Face held a court session. Using the tips of the Bat-equipment, we reach the goal (also do not forget to fight a couple of bandits along the way). Already inside we rise to the very top, deal with the guard and jump into the thick of the enemies.

Passage of the game "Batman: Arkham City"
Passage of the game "Batman: Arkham City"

Afterspectacular fight with a whole crowd of opponents, let's concentrate on our detective skills. We scan the room and collect all the necessary ballistic data (on the glass and on the floor).

Let's go to the church, where we are again met by thugs and bandits, however, this time led by Harley Quinn. Inside the building, you need to use a smoke grenade to climb up. From there, we can see that the enemy is holding several civilians hostage. To save them, we will have to deal with four guards. We scan the abandoned sniper rifles and set the radio signal of the Joker.

The passage of "Batman: Arkham City" continues, and we follow the sensor. The signal should lead our hero to the North Docks, where the Sionis Industries steel plant is located. Use the pipe to get inside. At the exit from the "basement" the Joker's gang is waiting for us, so we can safely deal with it.

If you choose the left door and get through the window, you can complete a small mini-task to save the doctor. The reward in this case will be a useful gadget. Next, we make our way to the loading sector, where we shoot at the generator - it will activate the crane, which will break all the signs. Another gang of thugs will come to the noise. The best tactic here is an electric attack of a huge clown - he will scatter everyone else and be left alone. We go upstairs and find ourselves in the office of the Joker.

Batman: Arkham City Walkthrough: Freeze Rescue

Use the signal from the temperature sensor to findthe location of the coldest point in the city. We reach the police station, at the entrance of which a small company is again waiting for us. Inside, behind a locked door, lies a dead guard - he has the chip we need, which should catch a new signal (the door opens with an electric discharge). We pass further and meet with armed guards. Only one must be left alive - we will interrogate him after the fight.

Now we have to use the cipher sequencer to access the panel and break open the door. We find ourselves outside and go to the museum, having previously broken another lock at the entrance. Inside the museum there is a gate that opens and closes at the signal of a motion sensor. We jump into the right window and start working on hacking the sensor.

In the next part of the walkthrough of the game "Batman: Arkham City" to save Freeze, we will have to destroy several jammers. Two devices are located outside, on the roof of the museum, and the third is in the subway. Along the way, we deal with all the opponents that are in our way. Once the last transmitter is destroyed, you can safely return to the museum.

Hack the gate again to continue the passage of "Batman: Arkham City". Mr. Freeze is not the only one in need of rescue. Along with him, the Penguin holds several other Gotham City police officers hostage. By the way, by freeing the first cop, you can get a useful code. We get down to the lower floor and stumble upon the grate. You can get around it with the help of a betarang, directing it to the sidebuttons. Time for another fight, during which an aggressive clown under the Titan will try to stop us. It is worth taking advantage of the opportunity that has turned up and jumping on top of the clown - thus, by controlling it, we can quickly deal with the rest of the opponents.

Full walkthrough "Batman: Arkham City"
Full walkthrough "Batman: Arkham City"

Use the controlled batarang again to activate the button and pick another lock. We will use the elevator and, before reaching the upper floors, we will blow up one of the walls. We will find ourselves in a hall where we have to save a couple more policemen. The rest of the cops are locked in neighboring rooms, so we boldly go to their rescue. Nearby we will find our main goal in this chapter - Mr. Freeze. To get to him, Batman will have to break open the gate, destroy the wall and fight the mini-boss.

Dark Knight vs Penguin

We continue the passage of the game "Batman: Arkham City". Freeze is saved, so we'll search his suit and find a key that can be used to disable the Ice Cannon's security system. As a bonus, we are getting a new gadget.

The next target is Iceberg Lounge. Inside we are waiting for a long-awaited meeting with the Penguin. The deactivation of the gun is possible only at close range, so we boldly come closer to the villain. We try to avoid ice jets hitting Batman - to do this, we perform rolls between arched shelters, moving towards the bridge. Already in place, deactivate the Ice Cannon.

After that, a fight with Solomon Grundy begins. Asrecharge it uses electricity from three power sources located in the "arena". You can destroy them with the help of the gel. The whole battle consists of the following actions: Batman breaks power sources, runs up to Solomon and tries to hit him several times, dodging electric balls along the way. After that, we complete the part of the passage of "Batman: Arkham City" with the Penguin.

In pursuit of Ra's al Ghul and a sample of his blood

On Ra's al Ghul we should lead the bloody trail left by the killer. We perform a fingerprint scan and follow the signal. Unfortunately, the blood trail is lost on the roofs, so let's try to collect evidence from the killer's bandages. This time we manage to establish a clear signal and mark it with a beacon. The pursuit leads Batman to a strange girl - use the counter-attack to mark her with a special bug.

During the surveillance process, the Dark Knight finds himself on Joker's Joker Island. We will use the sewers and bypass a series of obstacles to reach the final goal. Along the way, we will meet several groups of armed opponents that Batman will have to deal with. We pass the subway and, finally, we rise to the streets of the night Gotham City. We fight with the Joker's clowns and save the hostage. We follow further to the locked gate, through which the cannon will help us.

In the next part of the walkthrough of the game "Batman: Arkham City" we will have to scan some of the mechanical guardians to collect the preserved information from them. We explore the following locations: several stands,street, part of the roof and the area near the collapsed houses. We are recovering the collected video data.

The resulting video reveals the location of the secret entrance. Inside the shelter, we make our way forward until we reach a huge gate. Then we chase Thalia and drink the contents of the cup.

We start to float in the air and climb onto the block, hooking onto it with a Batman hook. The main thing in this task is not to touch anything, otherwise the mission will be considered failed. We fight with enemies, after which we head to the very center of the whirlwind. We continue to move between the blocks, from time to time dealing with emerging enemies. After we rise to the very top, Thalia will speak to us.

Walkthrough "Batman: Arkham City": steel mill
Walkthrough "Batman: Arkham City": steel mill

Let's fight with Ra's al Ghul, who by this time managed to take his enlarged form. It would be wiser to deal with the army first, and only then - with the main boss. We hit Ra's al Ghul with electric discharge shots, dodging his retaliatory attacks along the way. At the end of the battle, we carry out a counter-attack.

Working on a cure

The next chapter begins with the interrogation of Quincy Sharp, who will share with us information regarding Hugo Strange. After that, we will return to the city streets using the metro (we choose the same path that we took earlier). Having de alt with the gate, we go upstairs and go to see the mayor.

On the way we cross paths with Mr. Freeze again. The passage of "Batman: Arkham City" takes us to the laboratoryGotham police, where we donate a blood sample from Ra's al Ghul. In order to quickly deal with Freeze, you can use one of two tactics:

  1. Working with environmental elements (wall magnets, detonating walls, etc.).
  2. We work with gadgets (Freeze technology) and hit on the back.

Deal the final blow to Mr. Freeze (to be sure) and take the vial of medicine from him. In the finale, as usual, Batman gets a new gadget.

A new meeting with the Joker

Don't forget about additional tasks during the passage of "Batman: Arkham City". This time we will go to the crashed helicopter, from the crash site of which it is necessary to rescue the reporter. Upon arrival, several snipers will be waiting for us, so we will deal with them as soon as possible (they stand out from the rest with their scopes).

After completing an additional task, you can return to the plot. We go to the steel plant already familiar to us, but this time we will use the main door, not the sewer, to enter. Before us is a stream of water that needs to be crossed. We arm ourselves with a batclaw and climb onto the raft - this way we can move with the flow and avoid falling into traps. After the drain, we enter the ventilation system, and after it - into the next room. Along the way, do not forget to deal with local guards and save some poor guy from certain death. After breaking through another wall, we again climb onto the raft and sail on. Very soon, a locked iron door should appear in front of us. You can open it viashield that is cut off from Batman by electricity. But this is not a problem for the Dark Knight, because he has enough controllable batarangs in stock.

We get to the right passage through an artificially created ice floe and break open the protection of the next panel. Behind us, the sound of a fallen bridge will be heard - we will cross it to the next location and meet with the doctor.

We continue our movement around the plant in search of the Joker. By the way, along the way we will also meet a bound Harley Quinn. Enemies will be waiting for us in almost every room, so we are not shy about showing everything that Batman is capable of. In a room with mines and a sniper, it is better to take the following tactic: first go upstairs and make your way to the conveyor, and then attack the sniper from behind.

We are on our way to the office, which is located on the upper floors of the plant. On the way, we will visit the mine and the loading bay, where we will be met by a couple of bandit clowns and several snipers. All opponents at this stage are quite easy, so we deal with them using standard Batman tricks and move on.

Walkthrough "Batman: Arkham City": Joker
Walkthrough "Batman: Arkham City": Joker

In the office we are met by the Joker and his servants, so first we beat the first one, and only then proceed to the rest. We use the same tactics as with the previous clown under the "Titan".

The passage of "Batman: Arkham City" at the steel plant can be considered completed.

Stopping "Protocol 10"

Scan every mercenary helicopter"Tiger" (they can be hooked) until we find the necessary program. We process the received information using a batcomputer, after which we will have access to the Observation Tower.

We follow the coordinates towards the Tower. Inside, standard tasks await us: break the lock, penetrate the gate, knock out several guards. After Hugo's appeal against Batman, a whole crowd of opponents will gather, half of whom are carrying firearms. If you use a smoke bomb, the bandits will immediately start shooting - so the choice is up to the player.

Next, jump into the sewer manhole and go down through another hole. We will use the cable thrower to get to a huge room with gargoyles, after which a nurse will come out to meet us. After a small fight with the guards, we go up on the previously hacked elevator to the top floor. As soon as it stops, we get out through a special hatch located on the roof.

Upstairs, Batman is waiting for the next opponents who have set up an ambush - we cut them down and move on. After the hacked gate, we must climb onto the ledge to continue our path to the antenna (it is located on a large pipe). From there we release the bathook towards the highest visible point and start climbing up. Finally, to get inside the tower, you need to hack the elevator control panel, go down, and then climb into the ventilation hatch.

The mad professor is guarded by a whole crowd of armed enemies. You can deal with them with ste alth: we hide on balconies or gargoyles and from time to timetime we attack opponents, knocking them out one by one.

End of the main campaign: final battle

The main storyline of the passage of the game "Batman: Arkham City" is coming to an end. The beacon signal leads us to the theater building, surrounded by several snipers. We get rid of all opponents. to calmly go inside.

Clayface (better known to the Russian player as the Clay Man) is already waiting for us in the theater, with whom the final battle will take place. We throw ice bombs at him, not forgetting to dodge enemy attacks. As soon as Clayface starts to roll in our direction, we immediately get up at the dynamite. The whole battle is divided into several stages, each of which continues until the boss's entire he alth bar is used up. After Clayface loses his power, Batman must climb on top of him and cut him into several pieces with his sword. Sooner or later, our enemy will acquire his own clay army - we destroy it and continue to throw bombs. We repeat this tactic until the very end.

Selina Kyle Story

This chapter is dedicated to Catwoman and the passage of "Batman: Arkham City" on her behalf. We already talked about the first episode of the campaign at the beginning of our story guide. Gameplay as Selina Kyle is included in the main game, but is largely unrelated to the main story.

Walkthrough "Batman: Arkham City": Mr. Freeze
Walkthrough "Batman: Arkham City": Mr. Freeze

The safe that we got access to after defeating Two-Face's thugs is being taken away, hidden inyourself a valuable flash card. We pick it up and move on to the next chapter.

Next we need to get into cover. Bandits are already waiting for us on the spot - we deal with them, use the ability of "thieves' vision" and leave through the window. From the shelter we take all the necessary items of equipment.

Let's head towards the hotel where Poison Ivy lives. Playing as Catwoman, do not forget to use the "thief's vision" from time to time - so we can see a lot of useful details and tips. Inside the hotel is the main door, located near the bridge. We pass through it and meet with several guys who fell under the influence of Poison Ivy dope. We quickly cut them down and head towards the upper floors. Next to Pamela, another clash with drugged opponents awaits us. The main difference from the previous fight is that now we also have to dodge weed projectiles.

After the episode in Ivy's lair, you can go to the confiscated warehouse. Next to the sewers, a small action scene awaits us with aggressive locals, after which you can go underground. Once at the bottom, head towards the observation room.

The passage to Strange's vault is locked, so we start searching for three cards. The crowd of guards must sooner or later scatter on different sides - we are waiting for this moment. Tip: It's best to use thieves' vision and observe targets from the ceiling. When the area below is cleared, you can go down for the cards. You can steal themwith the help of ste alth, that is, without a battle with the guards. Finally, we approach the computer and insert the received cards into it - the passage to the vault is unlocked.

Now you can participate in several battles. To begin with, we climb up and from there we deal with all the mercenaries of the "Tiger". Then we go inside the vault and take the safe. As soon as we open it, another crowd of enemies will immediately attack us. We show them who in this situation still has an advantage, and with a calm soul we take away the diplomat. Once outside, Catwoman must choose between two options:

  1. Go to Gotham City (in which case Batman dies).
  2. Return to Arkham City (Batman will be saved).

The second choice is necessary for the progress of the story, so even after the player decides to leave Arkham, the game will return to the moment of the last choice. As for our Selina Kyle, she just can't leave Batman to face certain doom. Let's go to Arkham City!

So we come to the last episode of the game for the Catwoman. After returning home, two-faced thugs suddenly attack us - we quickly deal with them and go to the museum. Another fight with the guards, after which we rise to the upper floors (along the same path as Batman). At the very end of the level, we have to fight Two-Face. He will be waiting for us along with the company, but we advise you to focus attacks only on him. Defeat the final boss and watch the cutscene.


Walkthroughcats from Batman: Arkham City
Walkthroughcats from Batman: Arkham City

The passage of additional tasks in "Batman: Arkham City" is an exciting side game that includes encounters with a variety of characters from the DC Universe. Of course, it is not necessary to complete them at all, and any player can safely focus on the main storylines. However, the additional playthrough of Batman Arkham City will give you ten hours of unforgettable pleasure, so we strongly recommend that our readers try out at least one side quest.

The developers have tried to include as many new characters as possible, straight from the pages of DC comics, into the side quests. There is Deadshot, and Hush, and Bane, and the Riddler, and many others. We will tell you more about several sidequests.

Enigma Conundrum

You can start the Riddler's Mysteries in Batman: Arkham City after the medical team gives the appropriate signal. The main task of the sidequest is to find and rescue several hostages. Of course, none other than the Riddler grabbed them. At the end of the Mysteries in Batman: Arkham City, the player can receive a special Trophy. Similar rewards are given out at the completion of each side quest.

Hostages are hidden all over the city. In order to get to their location, the player will have to explore the streets of Arkham City in search of mini-trophies. Each find opens access to special riddles left by the Riddler himself. The hostages can only be released after Batman decidesall riddles of the Riddler.

The passage of "Batman: Arkham City" is fraught with many secrets. For example, in search of trophies, Batman can be "helped" by Riddler's informants - each of them is displayed on the city map with a green mark. Riddles lead to puzzle hideouts. If you clear all the shelters, you can get to the Riddler.

Shot in the Dark

Access to the next sidequest opens after completing the mission at the Combine. In Shot in the Dark, the player will have to go in search of the notorious Deadshot. The fact is that the sniper begins to leave behind a chain of corpses, which attracts the attention of the Dark Knight. The first victim is a political prisoner - he dies right during a conversation with Batman. Using the detective mode, we examine a bullet stuck in a pipe right at the crime scene. As a result, we will get the coordinates of the trajectory that will lead us to the Industrial District and to the abandoned cartridge case. There is no doubt: the murder is the work of Deadshot. We follow new clues until we find the second victim (location - Park next to the Church). We continue our investigation and soon find another corpse.

In the finale of "Shot in the Dark" we will have a chance to save the last victim. Exactly three minutes will be given to prevent the shot.

The Riddler's Riddles
The Riddler's Riddles

Heart of Ice

Unlike the mission with Deadshot, this sidequest can be obtained after the first visitCombine. The goal is to find Mr. Freeze's wife, Nora. We learn that the Joker's bandits kidnapped her, and set off on the trail. To begin with, let's go to the place where Nora was captured - a building located near the industrial area. After that, we sail on a boat to the docks and find a suspicious wall (apparently, it can be destroyed). Let's use an explosion of cold to create an ice block. We climb onto it and apply the spray gel. Behind the wall, several bandits are waiting for us, guarding Freeze's wife - we stun them, after which we save the hostage. We return Nora to her husband and get a special trophy.

Arkham Assault

The last optional quest from the full Batman: Arkham City walkthrough is available in certain locations at any time. The targets for rescue are hostages and prisoners who fell into the clutches of local thugs. There is no final trophy for this sidequest, but the player can get good combat experience and personal satisfaction from a good deed.

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