Necessary applications for android. What are the most needed apps for Android?

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Necessary applications for android. What are the most needed apps for Android?
Necessary applications for android. What are the most needed apps for Android?

Surely most people think about how to make their gadget as useful as possible. Those who say that a phone is just a dialer have no idea how useful and effective a multimedia device their device can become. Today we will talk about which applications for Android are the most needed.

essential apps for android
essential apps for android


Since we are going to create a powerful working platform from a common gadget, we will start by protecting it. Whether you will be surfing the Internet, downloading data (music and movies) from there, or just surfing, reliable antivirus protection is important for any device. Of course, such programs eat up the lion's share of resources even on personal computers, so you need to carefully install them on mobile gadgets. However, if resources allow you to install these applications, you will have to. These are almost the most needed apps for Android.

Dr. Web Light is a simplified version of the world famous antivirus. Perhaps the best solution to protect your device. Programs from this manufacturer are distinguished not only by reliability, but also by low requirements for device resources.

Avast! Mobile security is a relatively new antivirus. Nimble and good quality. However, judging by user reviews, finding a good version will be problematic. The Internet is full of links to installers with viruses.

best apps for android
best apps for android


Whatever gadget manufacturers say, browsers preinstalled on phones and tablets are almost never user-friendly. Despite the fact that these are the most necessary applications for Android, developers treat them clearly carelessly. To replace less successful programs, you can use the following applications.

Google Chrome is the leader among browsers in terms of speed. It is small in size and reproduces information on the screen with high quality. In addition, it supports account synchronization. Thus, if you sign in to your Google account on another device, all bookmarks and history will be transferred to it. In addition, this application can use voice search, which is very convenient for people who have their hands full all the time (for example, drivers).

Opera Mini - once this browser was number one among analogues. The ability to work with many bookmarks bribed. And reliability with the absence of failures attracted more and more fans. But now, these "gadgets" will not surprise anyone. The only unique advantage that this application guarantees is that it works only with the Tele2 operator. They have a tariff that allows you to use unlimited Internet for 3 rubles per day, butonly if you surf with Opera Mini.

what are the best apps for android
what are the best apps for android


The next item is the necessary applications for "Android" called file managers. Most mobile devices do not have any utilities for managing files in memory. You just download a picture, music or movie, and it gets lost in an infinite number of folders on your gadget. To organize and not lose the necessary data, there are file managers.

Actually, the choice here is small. Despite the fact that such a utility simply must be on every gadget, developers do not please us with a variety. You can download File Manager or File Manager HD, but they almost completely copy each other. These utilities allow you to not only view, but fully manage all data, including archiving.

Social networks

It is hard to imagine a modern person who does not use social networks. Housewives look for recipes in public, teenagers just communicate and organize meetings, and respectable businessmen exchange information. Accordingly, what applications for "Android" are the most necessary? Of course, these are programs that allow you to use social networks without a browser, which means they save a lot of time and traffic.

Downloading such a utility is outrageously simple. All of them are named similarly to sites - Facebook, VKontakte, and so on. Free, and most importantly safe, versions are available on PlayMarket. By the way, this is another mandatory program that will beone of the answers to the question: "What applications should I install on Android?"

what apps are needed for android
what apps are needed for android


One can discuss and argue for a long time what applications are needed for "Android" devices, but not a single driver can do without a navigator, even if he knows the city perfectly. Taxi drivers, couriers, company drivers - everyone will need such a program to know how to get to a specific entrance.

The leader among the programs of this series is "Navitel Navigator". This application has the ability to download multiple maps, voice notification. The positioning system works quite clearly and without overlays. Of course, professional navigation devices are much better, but for those who currently do not have the funds to purchase a separate device, they will be quite satisfied.


Anyone who loves to travel cannot do without a roadmap. The times when we used a hefty paper medium are long gone, since the digital version is much more convenient, and there are no problems with recharging the gadget in a cafe or car. It's safe to say that maps are almost the most needed applications for a tablet. A smaller "Android" device, of course, can also work with them, but due to insufficient screen sizes, this will not always be convenient.

Google Maps is the world leader in interactive maps. Allows you to not only explore the area, but contains real pictures of cities, so you can alwaysfind yourself "live" in the desired area and orient yourself. The main problem of the application is its large volume and the need to connect to the Internet to download data.

what apps to install on android
what apps to install on android

"2GIS" is a worthy competitor to the previous version. If you are going on a tourist trip to another country, you can download a map of the city you need in advance. At the same time, you will have on your device not only a road map, but also a complete list of city organizations, their location, public transport patterns, and much more. "2GIS" is a real mobile guide, useful for any traveler and not only.


Let's look at the necessary applications for "Android" of a slightly different plan. Namely, programs designed for alternative communication. Mobile operators can advertise profitable rates for sending SMS and calls as much as they want, but the fact remains that if you have unlimited Internet (via Wi-Fi or just from a SIM card), it is much more profitable to communicate through it.

Once the instant messaging system - ICQ, was especially popular, but now most people prefer Viber. But the most essential app is Skype.

This program provides you with a conditional opportunity to make free video and audio calls to any other digital device that also has the client of this program installed. If you are unable to speak, you can always just send a message. In addition, Skype allowsinstantly share any files without uploading them to file hosting.

essential apps for android tablet
essential apps for android tablet

Additional programs

Despite the fact that we have already considered the necessary applications for Android, there is a small list of programs that are still worth installing.

  • Adobe Flash Player - for more convenience on the Internet and not only.
  • MX Player is a great replacement for the built-in video player on any device, simply because it includes more codecs, is able to open a huge number of file types, and has a handy library to organize your video files.
  • Cool Reader is a great "reader" for your smartphone or tablet. With it, you will be able to open most of the known text formats with books.

That's it. Our list of "Must have apps for Android" is running out, but that doesn't mean you don't have anything else to install. You can certainly find plenty of other apps on the internet that will be useful for your specific area of work.

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