Kung Lao and Mortal Kombat II

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Kung Lao and Mortal Kombat II
Kung Lao and Mortal Kombat II

Kung Lao is a fictional character from the Mortal Kombat video game series. The modern hero is the descendant of his great predecessor, who won the Mortal Kombat tournament, he was the first mortal who managed to defeat Shang Tsung. The height of the hero is 178 cm, with a weight of 80 kg.

kung lao
kung lao


Kung Lao is a former Shaolin monk and also a member of the White Lotus. The hero wants to live peacefully. He was the first to discover the lifeless body of Liu Kang, who, according to the plot of the game, is his close friend. After Kung Lao finds out that Shang Tsung was the killer. He understands that he is powerless against the sorcerer. Looks for Princess Kitana, with her goes in search of Bo Rai Cho (master, representative of the Outer World). Kung Lao wants to improve his skills thanks to this man, before the battle with the enemy, who has the secrets of dark magic.


The hero doesn't look like a monk. He wears a black tank top. She is tied with a red ribbon. The legs are covered with blue harem pants, as well as boots. The hero also has shields. They cover the legs and arms. This is what Kung Lao looks like. Techniques other than the main fightinclude attacks with a hat, which is an essential part of a monk's attire. It has a sharp blade on the edges. Thanks to this, the hat became the main weapon used in battles. Favorite technique - throwing it at enemies.

mortal kombat ii
mortal kombat ii


In different games, Kung Lao has its own history. In Mortal Kombat: Armageddon, he defeats Blaze. Opens a special portal. With his help, he was transported centuries into the past. It turns out at the first Mortal Kombat tournament. His Great Ancestor allows the hero to take part in the battle against Goro. Kung Lao manages to defeat his opponent and become a legend. Thus, rivalry with friend Liu Kang is not destined to happen. Kung Lao is also introduced in the Mortal Kombat-2011 version. Here Shao Kahn breaks his neck. Quan Chi resurrects him as a zombie. Thus, he turns into Raiden's opponent. Later, Kung Lao finds himself at the grave of his Great Ancestor. Raiden accompanies him. The memory returns to the hero: the life of the monk who was killed by Goro flashes by. Kung Lao realizes that he is the rebirth of the Great Predecessor. He returns to finish a job that was started five hundred years ago.

kung lao mortal kombat
kung lao mortal kombat

Mortal Kombat 2

The hero has a special role in the plot of Mortal Kombat II. He is aware of all the danger emanating from the Outer World. Kung Lao enters the tournament where he joins his friend Liu Kang. The hero wins and avenges the death of an ancestor.

Now let's discuss Mortal Kombat II and its features in more detail. The developers managed to significantly expand the combat system compared to the first part. Various attack options have been added, for example, a punch from a sitting position. Also, it became possible to kick with a turn with more force. With the help of an uppercut in this game, you can launch an opponent into the air. Increased the number of special moves. Added smoothness and dynamics of battles. Battles are divided into rounds. The first player to win two rounds by completely taking away the opponent's life bar is the winner. In the event of a defeat, the opponent becomes motionless, thus, it becomes possible to complete the finishing move. The game system keeps count of the number of wins. The level of detail of the characters has been increased. The atmosphere has become darker, although bright colors have been added to it.

kung lao tricks
kung lao tricks

The game features many familiar and new characters. Johnny Cage has joined Liu Kang's journey to Outworld. Raiden is the god of thunder who wants to stop the evil Shao Kahn. Liu Kang - Shaolin monk, tournament champion, goes to the Outside World, wanting to avenge the death of his comrades-in-arms from the temple. Reptile is Shang Tsung's personal bodyguard. A ghost scorpion that has risen from the Underworld, wanting to destroy Sub-Zero, who is taking part in the Battle. Shang Tsung is an evil sorcerer who persuaded Shao Kahn to let him live, he proposes a new plan to take over Earthrealm and receives youth in return. Sub-Zero - the younger, merciful brother of his predecessor, sends the Lin Kuei in order to complete the mission and destroy Shang Tsung. Baraka - leader of the Tarkatans, responsible for attacking the Shaolin Temple.

Now you know all the information about the character named Kung Lao. Mortal Kombat is a game that has been developing for many years and is finding new fans.

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