Windows Security Warning

Windows Security Warning
Windows Security Warning

In the operating system Windows XP, starting with Service Pack 2, there is a new attachment manager. Its task is to protect computers and laptops from possible dangerous data that is downloaded to these devices by e-mail or from the Internet. Of course, this is quite a useful thing, but if you often accept files from trusted people on the local network, then such a security warning will only be annoying. You will have to spend a lot of time constantly confirming the process of launching applications.

Security Warning
Security Warning

Therefore, in such situations, it will be unnecessary to constantly receive a security warning. You can turn it off, and now we will look at how this is done. For example, take the most popular browser Internet Explorer. We go in it in the "Settings" menu, where we select the "Security" section. In this section, you will see the "Local intranet" item. That's exactly what we need. Select it, and then click the "Nodes" button. At this point, you will opensettings, where you need to select "Advanced".

After you see a list of nodes that belong to your local intranet, you will need to add the networks you are interested in to it. When you have entered all the addresses, click the "Add" button. That's it, you managed to disable the security warning for the specified networks. Close all settings and continue working. In the future, all applications derived from them will start immediately, and the security warning will not appear for them.

disable security warning
disable security warning

I also want to draw your attention to the fact that the security level for your "local intranet" zone should not exceed the "medium" mark. Otherwise, the intrusive security warning will always be displayed.

The above example is only suitable for setting up a couple of computers. And how to remove the security warning for fifty, one hundred or more PCs? After all, it will take a long time for one person to do this. And everything is very simple. It is enough to run one file that will write all the necessary parameters to the registry. It can be downloaded online.

disable security warning
disable security warning

And if all users of a certain network are in the same domain, then the attachment manager is configured using group policy settings. To do this, go to "User (computer) Configuration", then to "Administrative Templates", then to "Windows Components", then "Internet Explorer", "PanelBrowser Controls", find "Security Page" and finally "Security Zone Assignment Lists for Web Sites".

Finally, I want to warn you that you should turn off such an alert only for those networks in which you are one hundred percent sure. Otherwise, you run the risk of launching a virus program that can make your computer impossible to work, steal or destroy data that is valuable to you. If you doubt the reliability of the source, it is better not to download such files at all. Good luck!

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