Non-playable characters (NPCs) in "Terraria"

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Non-playable characters (NPCs) in "Terraria"
Non-playable characters (NPCs) in "Terraria"

NPCs are an integral part of almost every computer game. In games, there is a main character (or main characters) that you control, as well as your opponents that you seek to destroy. But you can also meet characters who are not your opponents, but which at the same time you cannot control. This is exactly what NPCs are, also known as NPCs or NPCs for short.

This article will focus on such characters of one particular game. In the Terraria project, NPCs play a very important role, because without them it will be much more difficult for you to cope with all the problems that the game world is preparing for you. There are several dozen types of NPCs here.

This article will focus only on the most important and popular NPCs. Terraria has its own rules regarding NPCs, such as having an empty house for an NPC to live in. Otherwise, you will not be able to use his services, which means that the NPC will be useless to you. And now you will find out why you should enlist the support of NPCs in this game.


terraria npc
terraria npc

In the game "Terraria" NPCs can be very diverse,but the first NPC you will meet in this world will be the Guide. As you can tell by his name, he will help you in mastering the game, so you should make sure that he has a house as soon as possible. To do this, you need to have an empty room in your own house - he will immediately occupy it.

After that, you can turn to him for game advice, which will be given to you randomly, as well as recipes for making those things that you still do not know how to create. He will also help you defend your home by attacking opponents with arrows from a bow. He may die, but he comes back at dawn, so you don't have to worry about his he alth. However, this is far from the only NPC available to you. Terraria has prepared for you and other amazing characters.


npc resettlement in terraria
npc resettlement in terraria

As you can see, settling NPCs in Terraria is a very important aspect, because you won't be able to get support from the Guide if he doesn't have his own room in your house. However, this is far from being as critical as in the case of some other characters, such as, for example, the Merchant. He also claims his own house or room, however he does not appear at the start of the game. When will you be able to see this NPC for the first time? It turns out that he appears on the map when the player accumulates fifty silver coins.

Once you reach this mark, you can find a Merchant, build him a house and start selling him unnecessaryitems, buy the necessary ones from him, and also receive money if necessary. Please note that the NPC house doesn't even have to have full walls, it can be blocks that the player will overcome without problems, so you can interact with NPCs in Terraria very easily and conveniently. NPCs will be of great use to you, so do not neglect their services.

Arms Dealer

terraria npc nips
terraria npc nips

As you have already noticed, in Terraria residents appear under certain conditions, so now you should understand that the Weapons Dealer will also not appear on the map just like that. What conditions must be met in order to gain access to it? First, he cannot arrive before the Merchant, so the Merchant must already be on the map. Secondly, you must have at least one firearm in your inventory that you have crafted yourself. That's when you can build a home for the Weapon Dealer and start interacting with him.

You can buy ammo, arrows, firearms from him, and at night you can even find illegal parts of weapons from him. It is also worth noting that he is much more dangerous in combat. The Merchant attacks with throwing knives while the Weapons Dealer fires a flintlock pistol.


terraria residents
terraria residents

Many believe that to gain access to the Dryad, you need a special mod on the NPC. Terraria is not a game in which modifications are official, so if you think the same way, then you are mistaken. Dryad appears on the mapwhen you kill your first boss. Note that mini-bosses don't count in this case, so don't get frustrated right away that you didn't get what you wanted when you killed the mini-boss.

What does Dryad do and why is she so popular among players? This NPC creates a shield around the player that protects him, the Dryad, and other nearby NPCs from enemy damage. More specifically, this shield increases Defense by 8.


npc terraria mod
npc terraria mod

The number of NPCs is growing and you are already starting to dream of an infinite NPC home. "Terraria" will not provide you with such an opportunity (naturally, if you do not use cheats). But you can just build a house with a couple of dozen rooms, and then you will not have problems with the fact that new NPCs do not appear. Especially when it comes to the Nurse, who is one of the most useful NPCs. The fact is that she can heal your group, that is, the player, herself and other NPCs, if one of them takes damage in battle. If you want the Nurse to join you, you need to find and use the first crystal heart.


infinite house for npc terraria
infinite house for npc terraria

Another extremely useful NPC is the Demoman. It will appear on the map when you first have something explosive in your inventory, namely dynamite, grenades or bombs. When you give him a room to live, you will be able to communicate with him, andthe most important thing is to trade with him. He sells everything that was mentioned above, that is, all kinds of explosives. Moreover, it can also come in handy in battle, because it throws grenades at the enemy that are very effective against crowds of monsters.

Old Man/Tailor

This is one of the most interesting NPCs on this list, because you can only get it in a very unusual way. In the guise of an Old Man, you can see him at the entrance to the dungeon, where he will not let you in during the day. He himself will tell you his story that a curse was placed on him. If you come to the dungeon at night, the Old Man will notify you that the fight with Skeletron is approaching.

If you defeat this boss, you will be able to access dungeon treasures and new areas to explore. In addition, you will remove the curse from the Old Man, and he will appear before you in the guise of a Tailor, settling in a free room prepared for him. You can buy a variety of stylish and beautiful clothes from him. It's also worth noting that if you want to re-fight Skeletron, you'll have to kill Tailor. Unfortunately, he won't be back in the morning as a guide, so you should think carefully before you decide to take this step.

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