World of Tanks guide: tank 112

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World of Tanks guide: tank 112
World of Tanks guide: tank 112

The tank simulator World of Tanks has not lost its relevance for many years, and millions of gamers continue to fight each other using a wide variety of equipment from various countries, among which are not only the USSR and Germany, but also others, such as, for example, China. Recently, the heavy Chinese tank 112 has gained great popularity. And if you are considering various options for heavy equipment, then this model may appeal to you. In this article you will find all the basic information regarding this tank, all its key components, as well as the main advantages and disadvantages. Tank 112 is the model that can seriously affect the outcome of the battle, especially if you study all the details and competently manage your equipment during the battle.

Tower and gun

tank 112
tank 112

Please note that Tank 112 is a premium model and that's why it doesn't have different parts options. It comes in ready-made form, it can not be upgraded and upgraded, so you will have much less headaches regarding the cost of upgrades. But what is included in the kit? First of all, you need to consider the gun with which you will fire at enemies, as well as the tower, towhich it is attached.

The turret of this tank has an impressive thickness of armor, especially when it comes to the frontal part. Here, the thickness of the armor is 240 millimeters, and therefore it is not always possible to break through it even from a fairly powerful weapon. Naturally, the armor on the sides and back is nowhere near as impressive, but sufficient to withstand medium hits. It turns at a good speed of 26 degrees per second, that is, a 360-degree turn can be completed in less than fifteen seconds. With this turret, you get a full 380 meters of visibility, so you can spot the enemy from afar and report their location to your artillery.

Well, it's time to move on to the more important question, which is what kind of gun tank 112 has. It's a 122mm D-25TA cannon that can penetrate impressive armor thickness. Even if we are talking about standard projectiles, they can penetrate 175 millimeters of armor. What can we say about armor-piercing shells that can penetrate 250 millimeters of armor. Both of them, if successful, deal devastating damage in the amount of 390 units, which is very impressive. Unfortunately, the gun cannot boast of a high rate of fire, as you can only fire about four and a half rounds per minute. Aiming takes about three and a half seconds, so you have to understand that this is not the fastest tank in terms of shooting, but it compensates for this lack with huge damage.

Body and engine

112 tank review
112 tank review

Overview of the tank 112,Naturally, it includes not only the turret with the cannon, but also other parts of the model. For example, you can take a look at the tank's hull, which has good armor, although not as impressive as the turret's frontal armor. On all sides (except the rear) the tank has an impressive 120mm of armor, which pales in comparison to the 240mm of armor on the turret, but compared to other tanks, you will still be impressed.

The hull hides a very high quality 580 horsepower engine that will allow you to effectively maneuver on the battlefield. It is also worth noting that the probability of a fire when it hits the engine of this tank is not too high, it is only 12 percent. But this does not mean that you should recklessly rush into any battle without covering the rear. Any 112 tank guide will definitely tell you about the need for a competent strategy when driving this model.


tanks 112 guide
tanks 112 guide

Special attention should be paid to the chassis of this tank, which can withstand a load of up to 49 tons, and also has a good turning speed of 26 degrees per second (that is, the turning speed of the tank itself is the same as the turning speed of its towers). This undercarriage allows you to reach speeds of up to 45 kilometers per hour, which is very impressive for a heavy tank. Reviews about the 112 tank usually contain information about the speed of this model, which will allow you to operate quite effectively throughout the territory, both attacking the enemy base anddefending your own base.

Radio station

112 tank reviews
112 tank reviews

Well, the last element worth mentioning is the radio station. The fact is that World of Tanks is a team game, and if you try to do everything on your own, you will quickly notice that this approach does not bring success. A radio station is your main way to communicate with partners. With it, you can transmit information about the location of the enemy to other players. The higher the range of the radio station installed on the tank, the better, and this model boasts a very high-quality radio station, capable of transmitting a signal at a distance of up to 600 meters.

The advantages of the tank

premium tank 112
premium tank 112

Premium tank 112 is a model that has a huge number of positive aspects. The first and most important advantage that immediately catches your eye is the unique frontal armor of the turret, which has an amazing thickness. But at the same time, it should be noted that all other parts of the tank are well protected by rather thick armor. The second big advantage is the fact that the tank is equipped with an impressively powerful gun. In the event of an accurate hit, you can deal huge damage. Moreover, the gun boasts HEAT rounds that can penetrate almost any armor. Well, last but not least, the advantage is that it has already been noted above, namely in the review. You will be able to see opponents at a distance of 380 meters, which is a lot in this game, soyou can take advantage of this.


Unfortunately, no tank is perfect, so there is nothing surprising in the fact that this model also has some disadvantages. In most cases, users complain about the tool. What is the point of its amazing armor penetration and huge damage, if at the same time it has a very long aiming, low rate of fire, and rather poor accuracy (the spread is almost a whole meter when shooting from a distance of 200 meters).

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