The encoder is The encoder: description, functions and features

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The encoder is The encoder: description, functions and features
The encoder is The encoder: description, functions and features

So many words have appeared in the Russian language over the past 20 years that it is simply impossible to know them all. With the active development of the Internet, new professions began to emerge. Moreover, people of different speci alties can work on the same case. Of course, an ordinary person does not have to understand everything in a row. Especially if he's not interested. But if you are somehow connected with programming, then you will definitely want to know what an encoder is.


On the one hand, the question of the difference between the speci alties of a coder and a programmer can be considered far-fetched. There is no problem at first glance. But if you take a closer look at them, it becomes clear why these two professions are so often confused.

encoder it
encoder it

In many ways, the inaccuracy of wording and translations is associated with English concepts. The whole array of newfangled words that come into the Russian language is now facing this. A huge number of names begin to appear for one object, and it is no longer clear whether we have a computer case, a system unit or a chassis.

The same thing happens with professions. The problem has become especially acute with speci alties related to computers. It is interesting that even now there may be a skirmish in the dispute about the coder and the programmer. What is the difference between these speci alties, everyone can decide for themselves.

Two camps

Inaccuracy in the definitions of these words appeared in the mid-2000s. So it was possible to distinguish two opposing camps. They entered into an argument in every forum, proving their case. In fact, we got polemicists who believe that programmers are people who work with code and architecture. From this we can make a logical conclusion that the coder and programmer are synonymous professions.

Representatives of the second camp thought differently. In their opinion, a programmer is an advanced specialist who can be called an architect. But the coder is an entry-level programmer.

what is encoder
what is encoder

The second opinion gives the right to assert that the programmer is considered the dominant person who develops and creates the algorithms by which the program will work, and the coder simply executes everything planned.


These are the two most common opinions that people on the internet could come up with. The main problem is that it is extremely difficult to separate a coder and a programmer. Often they perform both the first and second task. This situation is vaguely reminiscent of an editor and proofreader. When it is obvious that the first is the leader who works on the publication on all fronts, and the second corrects errors in the text. But lately, the editor often turns into a part-time proofreader, especially ifneed to downsize and save.

The same story happens with a programmer, who often not only develops algorithms, but also implements them as a coder.


Of course, it would be foolish to believe that forum users and Internet regulars are ideally divided into two camps. There were those who put forward their crazy theories. It is worth briefly mentioning them. So, in the pursuit of a single definition, offensive and not very interpretations appeared.

coder or programmer
coder or programmer

An encoder is a bydlocoder. Here is such a strange opinion managed to find on the net. It is not difficult to guess that the explanation of this speci alty is rather offensive. Some felt that the coder is not a professional in his field. He only "suffers" over unoptimized code that he writes with errors. The coder has no experience, he is an ignoramus who imagines himself a programmer.


Another opinion has already been described earlier, but in a different wording. A programmer is called a creator, but a coder is called an artisan. Perhaps the interpretation would have the right to life, but there is one catch. Rarely the work of a programmer can be called creativity. Creators are designers, artists, musicians. Programmers write codes, try to please the customer, implement his tasks, etc. Of course, it happens that a programmer becomes the head of one of the departments, then he works on creative tasks. But a full-time specialist usually does monotonous work.

If you are convinced that programming is creativity, so be it. But then deny what the encoderdoing the same thing, it's pointless. After all, both specialists work on the same object - the code.


In order not to get confused in opinions and decide how the coder differs from the programmer, you can go from the other side. As mentioned above, these are two loanwords. So they have a translation, which will give clear definitions.

What is the difference between a programmer and a coder?
What is the difference between a programmer and a coder?

It turns out that English is not very helpful in this matter. Whether it's "programmer", "coder" or "developer", in Russian it still turns out that this is a programmer. That is, from a linguistic point of view, these are synonyms.

There is speculation that the word "coder" was originally used because it is shorter and easier and faster to write. And we know that the Russian language is trying to become simpler. So the concepts of "coder" and "programmer" at one moment merged.


In general, the problem of the Russian language is precisely that it often contains words that have no practical meaning. That is, there was a programmer for himself, he didn’t touch anyone, and suddenly, the word became difficult to write, and they decided to use its synonym “coder”. This is a simple replacement of words, which did not bring a new concept to the language, but only simplified the existing one.

In proof of this opinion, we can recall the use of the "programmer". It turns out that some users have decided for themselves that this is the right way to use the name of this profession. As a result, we get that people have recently been using either familiar words or newfangled ones.

Skill level

Since the translation from English does not provide any new facts about the use of these words, let's return to the previous opinion. A coder or programmer has different qualifications. This is the most common division of speci alties. It turns out that the coder is classified as the lowest category programmer.

what is the difference between coder and programmer
what is the difference between coder and programmer

In fact, to prove this belief will not work. But there was information that there was an accepted standard that allowed all programmers to be divided into four qualification groups. The first included interns, coders, junior programmers and developers. In the second were engineers and programmers. The third was placed senior developers and programmers, as well as engineers. The latter included the lead programmer, senior specialist and chief engineer.

It is interesting that requirements and tasks were written for each group. But another problem arose - there is no encoder in the list. For that there is an encoder. Again, the clash of two synonymous concepts that could be divided into two camps.

In general, encoder and encoder are not just synonyms. This is the same concept, since the first and second in English will be "coder". So, we're back to the fact that the coder is just a performer, and the programmer is the ideological inspirer and in some cases the leader.

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