How to get a good ending in Metro Last Light: game description and recommendations

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How to get a good ending in Metro Last Light: game description and recommendations
How to get a good ending in Metro Last Light: game description and recommendations

Don't think that computer games teach bad things and have a monotonous plot. Not at all. Many of them have a rather deep meaning, in addition, even in famous shooters, developers are trying to do everything possible so that the gamer not only shoots enemies, but also learns mercy. And a vivid example of this is the game "Metro Last Light".

Project description

Events in the game Metro LL take place in 2034, in the ruined capital of Russia, during the apocalypse. Terrible times have come when the inhabitants of Moscow are forced to hide from radiation and defend themselves from mutants who constantly attack them in the underground metro. But even now, when it seems that everyone needs to unite and fight the creatures together, there were those who were divided into groups in the subway, each of which is now waging a war for control of all subway stations. And only the main character, whose name is Artem, has a chance to savethe subway and all the people in it.

how to get a good ending in metro last light
how to get a good ending in metro last light

The game is made in the shooter genre and is considered a sequel to Metro 2033, which was warmly received by critics and players alike.

During the battle, you will have the opportunity to use a variety of weapons, even homemade ones, both against mutants and against humans. The whole process of passing will be literally permeated with the atmosphere of the post-apocalyptic world of the metropolitan underground station.

Many players who have completed the entire game have not even heard that it has two endings. There is a good ending in Metro Last Light, but there is also a bad ending, which we will also consider at the very end of the guide.

Next, we will describe a short walkthrough of the game with all the actions that need to be performed in order for the ending to have a happy ending.

Metro Last Light game: how to get a good ending. Highlights

In order not to succumb in the finale, you need to keep track of some important moments during the passage, such as flashes on the screen, similar to those in old cameras, and the corresponding sound to them. They will appear during the selection of the correct actions both in the cut-scenes and in the game itself, as well as when finding important key items. And further. You need to try very hard and not kill a single soldier. And since getting a good ending in Metro Last Light is your main goal, you should pay attention to these basic points.

metro last light how to get goodending
metro last light how to get goodending

Sparta Station

At the very beginning of the game, when the main character wakes up and control is transferred to you, play the guitar that is in the room. As we mentioned, when performing this action, a flash with sound will appear. After that, eavesdrop on the conversation of two fighters, one of them will be sitting in a wheelchair. Then go to the ajar door on the opposite side. There will also be a flash. Find a balalaika near the command post and play it. If you really want to learn from your own experience how to get a good ending in Metro Last Light, then remember: there are seventeen pieces in the game of tools, try to find them all. For example, you will find an accordion in the hall where the evil Reichs will humiliate their newcomer. You will find the same balalaika in the place where Pavel leaves you, there will still be two guards. You can find the guitar next to the bar, next to the juggler. Another balalaika will lie on the counter with different fabrics. And the latter is opposite the table at which Pavel will invite you to sit.

metro last light game how to get a good ending
metro last light game how to get a good ending

In the fighter barracks you can find a piano. The harmonica is hidden in a closet at the exit from the very last room in the chapter. In the chapter "Regina" you will find another harmonica, immediately on the first fork of the paths, next to the cot. In the "Infection" task, all three guitars are next to each other, start looking for them when everything plunges into flames. The first is in a narrow closet. The second lies under the counter in the nextroom. And the third is in a chair on the second floor.


When you are in prison, there is a room with a lever in the place where the hostages are in cages. Pull it and set everyone free. At the same time, remember that you cannot kill anyone, otherwise the good ending of Metro Last Light will not open.

how to get a good ending in metro last light
how to get a good ending in metro last light


In the corridor where the cabinets are located on the left, quietly sneak up on the soldiers sitting there and eavesdrop on what they are talking about. One of them will talk about the cache. When the conversation is over, follow him. As soon as the soldier opens the weapon locker, turn it off and take all the contents. After that, when you go into a large room, you will notice a soldier who will stand with his hands up next to the freezer. Don't kill him, just move on. Doing such a humane act will bring you one step closer to solving the problem of how to get a good ending in Metro Last Light.

Red Station

A beggar will sit at the red station. Give him a cartridge, listen to his story and give the second cartridge. After that, listen to what the two men sitting at the table are talking about. Move on. You will see two men and a woman next to them. Listen to their conversation until there is a flash. Go further until you see a man showing the shadows to the children. Watch him until he says he's tired. A juggler is standing opposite this company, and girls are sitting next to him on a bench, listen carefully to what is at stake. Attwo men stand at the fork in the cinema, one smokes and offers the second to buy dope. Approach them and wait for the end of the conversation. When the joint merchant goes back to the juggler, go after him, and as soon as he says that he can make a discount, you will see a flash. Watch the show to the end. Before you sit down to drink with Pavel, look at the two girls behind the glass and listen to what they are talking about.

metro last light hint how to get a good ending
metro last light hint how to get a good ending

Scene with Korbut

When you climb the ventilation shaft, then listen through the bars, what Moskvin and Korbut are talking about to the end. Do not leave before the end of the conversation.

After the mission with Korbut

Go around the metal detector on the right and knock out two soldiers. And just follow the third soldier until he says that group 8 has left the object. After that you can turn it off. After you pass through the valve, go downstairs and listen to the two soldiers.


If you've been following all the tips here for getting a good ending in Metro Last Light all this time, then you're already halfway there. When you go to the "regina", then at the first fork, hit the arrow and ram the wooden fence. There will be a flash. At the second fork, turn left to where the wagons are. Go to the end of the tunnel. There you will find a corpse, inspect it. In the place where you need to push the wagon, you will see beds on the left, take the knife lying on them and go back. Go into the room with green goo, there will be a note. And Howas soon as you find a corpse in this room, there will be an outbreak.

good ending metro last light
good ending metro last light


As soon as you get to the camp, then listen to the conversation of the daughter with her mother, who are sitting next to the ammunition dealer. While walking through the tunnel, you will hear a woman scream. Turn into the first door on the right and go into the car. Go right and deal with three thugs who want to kill the girl. Find the corridor with the rooms where the bandits are sitting and go to the very last one. Deal with everyone who is there to save the hostages. In the tunnel on the opposite side from the base of the bandits there is a car, there are bodies in it, inspect them.


There are two beggars in Venice who need to be given bullets. One is in an alley with fishmongers, the other is next to the guitarist. Go to the shooting range, there will be a child who will say that he lost the bear. Go to the shooting range and win three rounds, get ammo and a toy as a reward. And since getting a good ending in the game Metro Last Light is your main task, give this bear to the child. You will also need to get drunk at the bar until you are completely out. Then, when the character comes to his senses, you will see that the whole bar is destroyed, and the bartender is in grief. Give the last one hundred rounds to repair the damage, then you will see a flash.


When you crawl through the ventilation shaft, you will see two soldiers who want to shoot people against the wall. Crawl along the ventilation to the right and quickly stun both of them, then listen to the speech of onefrom the survivors. At the very end of this chapter, Lesnitsky will order the mask to be removed. Take it off before he counts to five.


There is nothing like that in this chapter, you just need to collect all the caches behind the quarantine zone. Just walk along the wall and press "E" when the icon appears. The first one is behind the iron door. Everyone else is in windows.


When you and Khan swim along the River of Destiny, the phone will ring. Pick up the phone and talk to Artyom's mom. There will be a flash.


Go to the building on the outer territory on the left side to the farthest end and go through the doors. There is a trap on the door. In a room full of wagons with enemies, just go down under the floor and pass everyone in this way. When you meet Lesnitsky at the end of the chapter, don't kill him.

Red Square

Don't touch the guards in this chapter, always just walk past. Also don't kill a single soldier, even when you're in ambush with Pavel. Just wait for them to come down to you, and then knock them all out. Paul himself must be saved when the dead seize him.

tips on how to get a good ending in metro last light
tips on how to get a good ending in metro last light


Go to the big building and use the boards to get through the water, then enter the flooded store and go to the back of it. There will be a flash.

When you go forward, you will meet a large creature called a she-bear. Start fighting with her, and when she turns sideways to you, then kill the mutants on her back to save her. Then she will run away, and you will get a flash. These are the basic answers to the question of how to get a good ending in Metro Last Light. By following all the steps above, you will easily unlock the prosperous final level in Metro LL.

Metro Last Light, hint: how to get a good ending

To summarize everything briefly, in order to open a good ending, you need:

  • Spare all surrendered soldiers.
  • Save women and children.
  • Listen to the stories told by the characters in the game.
  • Play musical instruments.
  • Giving beggars bullets.
  • Do what the characters in the game ask you to do.
  • Find all caches in the quarantine zone.
  • Don't kill people at all.
  • Save the "Bandits" level of children and women.
  • Return the teddy bear to a child who says he lost it.
  • View all visions (required!) in the Dead City.

Bad ending

As you remember, we said that there are bad and good endings in Metro Last Light. So, in order to get the first one, you need:

  • Kill everyone you see.
  • Kill the soldiers who surrendered.
  • Stealing in populated areas.

We hope that now you can adequately complete the game Metro Last Light. We have described in detail how to get a good ending, but you just have to follow the above algorithm of actions.

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