TeamViewer won't connect to another PC: what should I do?

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TeamViewer won't connect to another PC: what should I do?
TeamViewer won't connect to another PC: what should I do?

The well-known program for installing remote control of a computer TeamViewer has recently become more and more often giving a connection error. Unfortunately, there are quite a few reasons for this, and it is not so easy to offer a universal way to solve the problem. But in this article, we will try to help you troubleshoot when TeamViewer does not connect to another user, gives a network error.

Working in TeamViewer

How to fix the problem will be described below, now it's worth telling how to connect to a computer via TeamViewer, because perhaps you are not doing it quite right, which is why problems occur.

teamviewer not connecting
teamviewer not connecting

So, for starters, we launch the program itself, as a result, you should open a window in which your ID and password are indicated in the "Allow control" column, if this is not the case, then most likely you are not onthat tab. At the top of the program, click on the "Remote control" tab.

Next, in order to connect to another computer, you need to pay attention to the "Manage Computer" group. In it, you should enter the ID of the computer to which you will connect, select the type of connection (remote or file transfer) and click the "Connect to partner" button. After that, a window will appear in which you must enter a password, it must be told to you by the user of another PC.

After all the actions done, the connection should be established, and you will see the OS desktop to which you connected. If, after following this instruction, you did not achieve the desired result, then try to find a solution below in the text.

First reason: program version is outdated

An outdated version of the software may be causing TeamViewer not to connect to the remote PC. As you can easily guess, in order to fix the problem, you just need to uninstall the outdated version of the program, download the new one and install it.

After doing all these manipulations, try to connect to the remote computer again - everything should work properly.

Second reason: firewall

For Windows users, TeamViewer does not connect to another PC also due to firewall issues. This system utility is able to block the program from accessing the Internet. To resolve this cause, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the firewall. To do this, open the Start menuand click on the "Control Panel" button. Select "Large Icons" in the panel and select "Windows Firewall" in the list.

  2. On the left sidebar, find the line "Allow an application or feature to interact with Windows Firewall" and left-click on it.
  3. In the window that appears, you need to find the names of programs in the list and check the box "Public". More precisely, this process is shown in the image below.
how to connect with teamviewer
how to connect with teamviewer

After all the manipulations done, click the "OK" button to apply all the changes, and try to connect to the remote PC again. The problem of TeamViewer not connecting should be gone.

Third reason: Internet connection problems

Knowing how to connect with TeamViewer to another computer, this is still not always possible due to network problems. There can be many reasons why your Internet is not working properly. The provider may be the culprit, or maybe it’s all due to a mechanical breakdown, it’s impossible to say for sure. Now we will tell you how to check the Internet connection on your computer to make sure it is a malfunction or not:

  1. On the right side of the taskbar, click on the Internet connection indicator.
  2. A small window that appears will tell you if you have an internet connection or not.
howconnect to computer via teamviewer
howconnect to computer via teamviewer

Here is such a simple instruction in two steps. If something else is written instead of "Connected", then feel free to call the provider so that he can suggest options for solving the problem.

Fourth reason: technical work

Continuing to understand the question of how to connect via TeamViewer to another PC, if an error occurs, we cannot ignore the presence of possible technical work on the program servers. To verify this, you just need to go to the developers' site - usually, when planned work is carried out, a mention of this hangs on the site. If this is true, then you just have to wait - by the way, the site may indicate the time of their approximate end.

Fifth reason: software failure

Having gone through all four possible causes of a malfunction in connecting the program, in the end we can only assume that the program itself is to blame. It is not known for certain why this happens and what is connected with it, but the "treatment" of such a problem is known. By the way, it is similar to the first reason: you need to completely uninstall the program, then download it again, be sure to from the official website of the developer, and install it back on your computer. After completing all these steps, try contacting another user again, this time everything should be successful.

teamviewer how to connect to another computer
teamviewer how to connect to another computer


So we have analyzed the five most popular reasons for which the program issueserror when connecting to another user. I would like to believe that some of them will help you, however, unfortunately, there is a possibility that there are much more reasons than were given in the article.

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