That Level Again 3 Walkthrough

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That Level Again 3 Walkthrough
That Level Again 3 Walkthrough

That Level Again 3 is a continuation of its series. This simple-looking puzzle is made in the form of a series of quests going one after another. Walkthrough That Level Again 3 and will be presented in this article.

A little about the plot

The plot is based on the amazing story of a drawn little man. Throughout the journey, he will try to save his missing lover. He will periodically be presented with various tasks that need to be solved in order to move to the next step. In this case, you need to show all your ingenuity and ingenuity.

How to pass That Level Again 3

Controls in the game are quite simple. Almost all actions are performed by touching active objects or control buttons. At each level there is a non-standard solution to the problem. Below is a list of all locations.

that level again 3
that level again 3


This is the very first level of That Level Again 3. Here you need to choose the right background, and do it so that after the fall the character does not fall into the pit. It's pretty simple. Then you need to get control buttons. The first can be obtained by jumping a little on the spot, the second can be pulled out of the menu. After that, a key will be obtained, with which the room can beleave.

Everything is in your hands

Going to this location, you need to go back a little and pick up the key from the previous one. Then, after a little jumping on the movable platform, you can climb to the ledge. A slab is highlighted on the left above the spikes, which can be pulled out by dragging. Jumping onto it, the character will be in a new location.

How to click?

In this location of That Level Again 3, pay attention to the ceiling. Because the exit is right there. By placing the key on the button, you can call the elevator, which will lift the player to the desired point.

Too light, could it be darker?

The solution to this room is very simple - you just need to reduce the brightness of the display. After that, the player will receive a key with which he can get out of the room. True, there is a little trick. If the display brightness was already low, you need to increase it a little, then decrease it again.

that level again 3 walkthrough
that level again 3 walkthrough

Let's see how you handle it

To complete this level, which has a very high ledge to jump on, you need to place the key vertically. Then jump on it and with the help of moving up the screen and a combination of jumps, climb the obstacle.

You can't get any further

The key for the next location must be brought with you. As soon as the character meets the wall, start tilting the smartphone from side to side. This will swing the ball, which will break the wall. You need to be very careful, as you can damage the main character. The next wall breaks withkey, which then needs to be put on the button with a green stripe. By using a double jump, you can go to another room.

Learning to Survive

In this level of That Level Again 3 you need to find the key, and then the door that can be opened with it. To do this, you need to put a bucket under the sun. Then move the fire to the fire extinguishing system and collapse the game. Resuming it, you can go further.

April 2016

In this level, you need to pause the game, go to your phone settings and set the specified date. As a result, his beloved will join the hero.

I'm ready to do anything for her

Here you have to sacrifice the main character. To do this, you need to put it on the spikes so that the beloved can move on it further.

game that level again 3
game that level again 3

I shared everything with her

In this level of That Level Again 3, you need to give the key to his girlfriend. With it, she can press the button and open the passage to the next location.

Words help to get closer

The whole passage of this location is to use the letters from the phrase to build yourself a bridge along which you can cross the abyss.

There is always a way to it

To reunite with your girlfriend, you need to use the secret passage, which is located above the border of the visible screen.

We complement each other

To get the key, you need to put the hero's beloved on his shoulders. Then go to a new location.

Did I betray her?

Here you just needpush buttons. As a result, the heroes will disperse in different directions.

Now I make my own way

In this location you will have to pave the way with the help of blocks. You can do this manually by placing them in the form of a bridge. It is worth considering that the blocks gradually dissolve.

I changed my mind

In this room, you need to apply the properties of your smartphone again. You just need to rotate it to a vertical position. In this simple way, you can help the hero cross the abyss.

how to pass that level again 3
how to pass that level again 3

I don't feel like doing anything

You just need to stand still for a while. As a result, the spikes sticking out of the ground will disappear, opening the way to a new location.

I do everything

You will need to press all the buttons at the same time. However, they will all break down. To continue on your way, you need to tilt your smartphone to the left.

This level again

The hero was at the very beginning of his journey. Again, you have to choose a background, get control buttons and find the key. Then you need to go back again and open the door.


To pass this location, you just need to move forward. Upon contact with your girlfriend, the location will be completed.


To pass, you will need to accelerate as much as possible and just jump over the abyss. Then be in a new room.

Believe in yourself

There is an invisible platform in the center of a huge hole, which, it would seem, cannot be jumped over so easily. jumping on her,you can overcome this hole.

IQ test

Don't solve the puzzle presented in the location. You just need to click on the inscription on top, which will build a path to your favorite.

Find all the flowers

Here you need to find all the presented flowers. There is one trick - one of the flowers is hidden in the main menu.


To pass, you need to overcome a bunch of boxes. To do this, turn the phone from side to side.

Second IQ test

There are several figures in the location. With their help, you need to build a bridge over the abyss and get to your beloved.

how to pass that level again 3
how to pass that level again 3

Another way

To get to your friend, you just need to move in the opposite direction. It's very simple.

I won't let her disappear

After meeting the hero of her beloved, she will begin to gradually dissolve. To prevent this, you need to press pause. At the same time, artifacts will begin to be observed on the screen. Don't be afraid, just exit through the door.


On this happy note, the cartoon man's adventures end. The article presented a short course on how to complete That Level Again 3. However, many moments were left behind the scenes to make it more interesting for the player to think of some decisions for himself.

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