How to remove the authenticity of Windows 7, or fight with copies

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How to remove the authenticity of Windows 7, or fight with copies
How to remove the authenticity of Windows 7, or fight with copies

Today, fewer and fewer people prefer to buy licensed operating systems. Painfully expensive this pleasure. But what a shame it becomes when the license does not pass the system check. That's when the question arises: "How to remove the authenticity of Windows 7?".

how to unauthenticate windows 7
how to unauthenticate windows 7

Where problems come from

So, before talking about how to deal with the authenticity of the system, it is necessary to understand where problems can come from. Let's talk about how Windows 7 authentication might fail.

For starters, these are pirated versions of operating systems and their so-called "repacks". Very often, such available packages make users think about how to remove the authenticity of Windows 7. Therefore, if you have chosen the "illegal" way of reinstalling the next Windows, make sure that you have means of activating operating systems in your arsenal.

The second and main reason that the system does not pass multiple checks is computer viruses. Agree, it's rather unpleasant when you buy licensed Windows, andshe "flies" after a while and gives out such a "miracle". But there is a more tricky reason why such a situation could develop.

windows 7 authentication
windows 7 authentication


With the development of operating systems, the ways to protect them from intruders who intend to cash in on copies have also been updated. Therefore, Microsoft has created an update that authenticates Windows 7. Implementing it into the system has become easier than ever - an operating system update center has appeared that can download and install add-ons without the user's knowledge.

As soon as this "program" enters the user's operating system, Windows 7 is immediately checked for authenticity. your Windows is not a genuine copy. The whole thing looks intimidating - a black background instead of a splash screen, white letters in the lower right corner of the monitor … Not the best option for work. But this problem can be de alt with. So, we begin to solve the question of how to remove the authenticity of Windows 7.

Method "folk"

windows 7 authenticating update
windows 7 authenticating update

Let's start with perhaps the most famous and popular way.

This is the activation of the system with the help of special crack-activators. The most popular among them is by Daz. It is extremely easy to use. All you need is to download it from the Internet. Activators do not require installation, which greatly simplifies the process.

Find a specialized program, then download it to your hard drive. We recommend disabling the anti-virus system - it is very likely that it will start "swearing" at the downloaded file, mistaking it for a virus (indeed, a third-party hacking program is a virus for the system). After that, open what you downloaded.

You will see an activation window. Usually, in order to disable authentication, you need to set the settings of your computer (if they are not set automatically), then "unpack" several files available to you (just press the buttons, the program will put them "in their place" by itself) and wait for the output successful installation messages. At the very end, just reboot the system. Everything, you can continue to use Windows safely.

Dancing with a tambourine, or cleaning up the registry

Of course, there are other ways to bypass Windows authentication. For example, those who are more or less versed in the system registry can try the following method. It is based on the removal of some entries about the system.

how to authenticate windows 7
how to authenticate windows 7

Open the control panel using the start menu. There, find "System and Security", go to "Administrative Tools". Now you need to open "Local Security System". By the way, you can speed up this process using the command line. To do this, execute the following function: secpol.msc.

Now find "Software Restriction Policies". Here open "Advanced Rules" and right click on any empty space and select "Create Hash Rule". A window will open where you will need to click on "Browse" and select C:\Windows\System32\Wat\WatAdminSvc.exe. For it, set the security level to "Forbidden" and click OK. Now do the same, but with C:\Windows\System32\Wat\WatUX.exe. Made? All that is left is to restart your computer and enjoy your own achievements.

Uninstall update

So, to fully answer the question of how to disable the authenticity of Windows 7, remember what else you can run into such trouble. In order to quickly rid yourself of the eternal checks of your operating system for authenticity, all you need to do is simply delete the very update file that Microsoft created.

Go to "Start", from there follow the "Control Panel" and feel free to go to Windows Update. Now find "Installed Updates" there and look for the "KB971033" file there. This is the very update that provides system authentication. Then just delete it.

how to disable windows 7 authenticity
how to disable windows 7 authenticity

All that's left now is to delete a few more files that don't allow you to get rid of the checks. In the Windows-System32 folder, find files with extensionsC7483456-A289-439d-8115-601632D005A0. Now just restart your computer. In order to get rid of the black screen, use the activator.


Today we talked about how to remove the authenticity of Windows 7 without too much work. As you can see, if you approach the issue wisely, then even such an important thing as operating system checks can be bypassed. With all this, it will not require any costs from you.

By the way, in order not to once again run into checks, when installing the operating system, disable automatic checking and installation of Windows updates. If you want, choose everything you need yourself - this will help to avoid unwanted failures. Now you know how to authenticate Windows 7 effortlessly.

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