How to update the torrent tracker correctly

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How to update the torrent tracker correctly
How to update the torrent tracker correctly

Many of us use application software of various levels, but it tends to be updated. There are, of course, exceptions to the rule, but this is a completely different topic. In this article, we will tell you in detail about how to properly and efficiently update a torrent tracker at home - a special program created for exchanging files around the world, and absolutely free.

The article is recommended not only for novice users of the Windows operating system, but also for advanced users who have various problems with this application, crashes and packet loss.

How to update a torrent to the latest version for free

To begin with, it is worthwhile to clarify to all readers what kind of technology this is - a torrent. If you have never seen sites that sell various kinds of films, books, games and much more, then you probably did not wonder why everything is so expensive there. The reason lies in the coursedollar, which is incredibly ferocious to our Russian ruble. That is why the prices that in the West completely satisfy consumers are absolutely inaccessible to residents of the Russian Federation.

torrent app
torrent app

What to do to watch the desired movie or series for free? Of course, take advantage of a scam and download it to yourself via a torrent - this is the name of the protocol for the exchange of information between all users connected to this system. You just need to download the application, find the necessary key-file, thanks to which you can access the desired file, as well as free disk space and high-speed Internet.

However, this software product is always under development, so if you have an old version, then this is not only a violation in terms of your security, but also a slower Internet connection when downloading. To solve this problem, we offer several ways to update the program.

Instructions on how to update the torrent tracker:

  1. Launch your uTorrent app and wait for it to fully download.
  2. If your application interface is Russian, then the "Menu-bar" is "Help".
  3. The fifth button in this context menu is the update assistant.
  4. If your version is new, nothing will happen. If it is out of date, a dialog box will appear, thanks to which you can update the torrent tracker.
download button symbolizing torrent
download button symbolizing torrent

But if this method did not work for some reason, then youyou can update the torrent to the latest version thanks to a brute force reinstall. It is only necessary to uninstall the application itself in the control panel, then go to the official website and download the latest version. True, this method is fraught with clogging your computer, but it will 100% update your torrent tracker.

Torrent analogues

Many people are interested in this issue, so in the modern world there are already 2 of the strongest competitors of uTorrent: MediaGet and Zona. The first application can completely replace the torrent for you. Updating it is not as difficult as the described application, in addition, we get a bonus as an open database of all torrent files, which is convenient when searching for what you need at the moment. Zone is a program only for watching pirated movies.

Bit and Yu torrent
Bit and Yu torrent

In closing

We hope that after reading this article on how to update a torrent tracker, you understand everything and carry out this process yourself. And if someone demands money from you for providing such assistance, then you can be sure that you are communicating with a scammer, because the torrent tracker is an absolutely free program.

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