Virus encrypted files in XTBL - what to do?

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Virus encrypted files in XTBL - what to do?
Virus encrypted files in XTBL - what to do?

There are many malicious computer programs. Every day their number increases, they become more professional and dangerous. Not all antiviruses are able to deal with them. Recently, such a problem has become popular when a virus encrypted files in XTBL. The user does not have access to personal information.

What to do in this case? Unfortunately, many users make common mistakes, as a result of which they do not fix the problem, but make it more widespread. Therefore, you need to consider in detail the instructions for action.

What does a virus do on a computer?

Every malicious program behaves in a certain way. But the principles of their operation are approximately the same. First, they are downloaded to the computer via the Internet, removable media, or in some other way.

virus encrypted files decrypt
virus encrypted files decrypt

Then there is a direct impact on the OS or software. The tasks of all malware are different, but they do not startwork until they are in the computer.

After a virus has encrypted files in XTBL, the user will invariably start trying to open them. Which, of course, will not happen. But in a conspicuous place there will be a text document (or notepad) with a call to read it. It indicates the number of the wallet or card to which the creator of the virus will require a money transfer. In return, he will return access to information. Also, the data may be supplemented with a note that independent attempts to cope with the elimination of the problem may lead to a complete loss of information.

In addition to encryption, the virus changes file names. He usually uses a random set of characters for this.

What should I do?

When a virus starts to take effect, your files are encrypted, and the process has started relatively recently, you can take several attempts to minimize the harm:

  1. Through the "Task Manager" stop the encryption process. If the computer is connected to the Internet, it must be turned off. Some malware works through the network.
  2. Write on the piece of paper the code/number of the wallet or card that is offered in the text document. This file may also be attacked later, although it is unlikely.
  3. Check your computer with installed anti-virus programs. Kaspersky works better than the rest, but it is conflicting. If it can help, then only after removing other antiviruses from the computer.
decryption of files encrypted by a virus
decryption of files encrypted by a virus

All these actions are notwill help eliminate encryption, but they will slow down the process. You can also send the original malware file to the antivirus vendors. Then the process of protecting against such a Trojan will go faster.

What not to do?

When a serious virus has encrypted CBF files, either a fresh anti-virus program or a qualified technician will be able to decrypt them. There are some actions that users should never practice:

  • Cure or fix malware automatically or on your own. Removing the source of the problem will not fix it.
  • Reinstall OS.
  • Use the decryptors recommended for solving similar problems with other trojans (they all differ significantly in codes).
  • Use decoders on your own, without having the skills to select them, or without first getting advice from professionals.
  • Clear temporary files, browser history or delete files that are not needed (a virus can change their location, not just their names, as a result, important information for the user is lost).
  • Change properties of encrypted files.
recovery of virus-encrypted files
recovery of virus-encrypted files

By the way, these rules should be followed if any other encryption virus has been downloaded to the computer.

Troubleshooting options and consequences

When a virus encrypts files in XTBL, the user can't tell right away. Distress signals are, firstly, the sudden appearance and disappearance ofdata. Secondly, the PC starts to freeze, despite the fact that the processor is not actually loaded. And thirdly, a window appears on the monitor from time to time, where the creator and / or distributor of malware requires the user to transfer money.

Recovery of virus-encrypted files may or may not be successful. It all depends on the complexity of the Trojan. But there are two easy ways to do it.

In the first case, the user pays money to the distributor of the virus. Disadvantages of the method - may not work. Moreover, the probability is quite high.

Vatnik virus encrypted files
Vatnik virus encrypted files

In the second case, you need to hire programmers who, using the available utilities and developments, will try to return the encrypted information. The method is effective, but time and financially costly.

You can also use one of the suggested programs, but there is no guarantee that it will work.

Decryption software

The best way to decrypt files encrypted by a virus is with specialized programs. An excellent utility is VectorDecode. You can download it on the official website.

Users note several benefits of the program in question:

  1. Low cost.
  2. Convenience and ease of use. Even an inexperienced user can handle the interface and settings.
  3. Works with many encrypted files including CBF, VAULT and XTBL. Quickly restores information, opening user access to personal data.
  4. Written by a groupprogrammers who sought to create a universal weapon against ransomware.
virus encrypted doc xls files
virus encrypted doc xls files

Thus, through a small program that you have to pay for (it is not in the public domain), you can eliminate the consequences of the virus.

User Tasks

After the "vatnik" virus encrypted files, users face two main tasks. First, he needs to store information. Any program that deals with encryption does not work instantly. She needs time. Therefore, the sooner a virus is detected, the less harm it will cause. If the user does not know how to end the process in the manager, then he needs to turn off the equipment. When the technique does not work, the viruses on it are also not capable of action.

Secondly, you need to save all the hacking data so that you can study it. It is highly likely that the attack was carried out by a virus that is already known to programmers and antivirus developers. But there is also a chance that it is new. And then only the data from the hack will help write a program to fix the problem. To do this, you do not need to turn on the computer after turning off the power or delete any files from its hard drives.

virus your files are encrypted
virus your files are encrypted

The main thing is not to panic if the system is under attack. The problem is complex, but it can be fixed. It is important not to start the situation, and also not to try to solve it yourself if you do not have the appropriate skills.

Varieties of ransomware

There are several malware that are commonly classified as ransomware:

  • Trojan-Ransom. Win32. Rector. This worm usually asks to send SMS. Money is withdrawn from the subscriber's account. The consequences of his activity are eliminated by the RectorDecryptor utility.
  • Trojan-Ransom. Win32. Xorist. The virus displays a window on the monitor where it requires you to send the code by mail, after which it sends instructions with further actions. Consequences are eliminated using XoristDecryptor.
virus encrypted files in xtbl
virus encrypted files in xtbl

If a virus has encrypted DOC XLS files, you can try to find the decryptor by the name of the malware. By the way, recently such useful programs have been produced by Dr. Web (naturally, the licensed version).


The fact is that if a virus encrypted files in XTBL, then some data can be recovered immediately. If the work is difficult, then even experienced professionals will not undertake it. It is much better to take preventive measures: do not download suspicious files on the Internet, do not follow links, do not open strange emails. It would be nice to get a high-quality antivirus, and also not to use other people's removable media without first checking. Then the computer will be reliably protected, and you will not have to deal with such troubles.

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