Password to the subtleties of the process

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Password to the subtleties of the process
Password to the subtleties of the process

Every device connected to the Internet has a so-called Internet Protocol IP address. There are public and private IP addresses. is a private IP address and a standard for certain home broadband routers. Mainly different models from D-Link and Netgear.

Difference between public and private IP addresses

The user's computer has a public IP address assigned by an Internet Service Provider (ISP) that is unique throughout the Internet.

192 168 0 1 password
192 168 0 1 password

The user's router has a private IP address that is only allowed on private networks. This IP address does not need to be globally unique as it is not a direct access address. In other words, no one can access the IP address and log into the management interface outside the private network.

Who determines IP addresses? Process description

The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) is the global organization that manages IP addresses. First, the type of IP address is determined, calledIP version 4 (IPv4). This type is a 32-bit number that is usually expressed as four numbers separated by a decimal point - for example, http Each decimal number must be between 0 and 255, which means that the IPv4 system can accommodate about 4 billion unique addresses.

Private IP addresses number about 17.9 million different addresses, all reserved for private networks. Therefore, the private IP of the router need not be unique.

The router then assigns this value to every device on its network, whether it's a small home network or an enterprise level organization.

Each device on the network can connect to another device on the network using this setting.

192 168 0 1
192 168 0 1

Connection process

Private IP addresses cannot access the Internet on their own. They need to connect through an Internet Service Provider (ISP). All devices actually connect to the Internet indirectly, through the network.

The network the user is connecting to is a router, which for Netgear and D-Link models has an IP address of This device, in turn, connects to an Internet service provider, which gives access to the network. Schematically, the connection route looks like this:

User - Router - ISP - Destination ISP - Destination Router - Destination.

http 192 168 0 1
http 192 168 0 1

Public IP addresses and standardIPv6

Public IP addresses must be globally unique. This poses a problem for the IPv4 standard, as it can only accommodate 4 billion addresses. As a result, the IANA Internet Assigned Numbers Center introduced the IPv6 standard, which supports many other combinations. Instead of using the binary system, it uses the hexadecimal system.

Thus, an IPv6 address consists of eight separate groups of hexadecimal numbers, each consisting of four digits. For example, abcd: 9876: 4fr0: d5eb: 35da: 21e9: b7b4: 65o5. This system is capable of almost infinite growth of IP addresses, up to 340 undecillion (a number with 36 zeros).

Finding an IP address

There are several ways to find an IP address. If the computer (or any other connected device) is running on a private network that connects to the Internet (like most homes), each device will have both a private IP assigned by the router and a public IP address.

Find public IP address

The easiest way to find a public IP address is to go to and type "my IP" into the search box. Google returns the client's public IP address. There are many other ways as well, notably sites specifically designed to look up an IP address, such as or

Searching for a private IP address

When searching for this information, you must follow this algorithm:

1. Press Windows-X to open the Users menu and then Command Prompt.

2. Type ipconfig to display a list of all computer connections.

A private IP address (assuming the user is online) is identified as an IPv4 address. One where you can contact anyone in your own network.

Change the IP address of the router

The router's IP address is set by the manufacturer at the factory. However, it can be changed at any time using the administrative console of the network router. For example, if another device on the network has the same IP address, the user may experience an address conflict. In this case, you need to make sure that there are no duplicates.

192 168 0 1 input
192 168 0 1 input

The procedure is as follows: log into the administrative console of the router and enter your IP address in the browser address bar: http

Any router token or any computer on the local network can be configured to use this address or a comparable private IPv4 address.

Login to Router Admin from

Only one device on the network should use to avoid address conflicts. To log into the router console, you must enter in the address bar of your browser.

If the numbers are entered correctly, you will be prompted to enter the corresponding user data. This is the login and password for

After gaining access to the router's console, you can make changes to many different settings. Any networked computer can use the password for because itprivate IPv4 network address.

Connection issues

If the resource does not work when entering, you need to make sure that all the data is entered correctly. Users often make the mistake of typing 192.168. O.1, i.e. replacing 0 with the letter "O". Therefore, before logging in as admin at, it is important to check that the address is spelled correctly. If the resource still does not load, the router may be using a different IP address, such as For a correct login to, this is as important as the correct username and password.

192 168 0 1 sign in
192 168 0 1 sign in

Default password for

Changing your password regularly is an important step in keeping your network secure. To do this, you need to log into the router's control panel. On the admin tab of the router console, there will be an option to change the password to It is important to use a combination of letters and numbers for added security.

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