How to play GTA online

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How to play GTA online
How to play GTA online

Today we will look at how to play GTA online with a friend. Computer games in our lives take a lot of time. One of the most interesting is GTA IV.


gta online
gta online

Let's consider all the ways to play GTA online. The user, depending on the license of the disc, may encounter three ways to set the game mode:

  • official version;
  • pirated copy;
  • local network.

To properly launch GTA over the network, you first need to properly prepare. The first step is to set up the modem correctly. The computer must be given a separate IP address. In the modem settings, switch from Routing mode to Bridge. With this change, only one computer in the room will have Internet access.

The second stage is the direct registration in Games for Windows. Before starting the process, set up an e-mail to Yahoo. Next, carefully fill in all the fields, indicate the country of residence of the United States. And no matter how much you want, do not choose Russia or one of the CIS countries.

After successful registration, be sure to install the following patches and additions. Implement clearly in the following sequence: update LIVE version 3.5.0089.0; patch; NoDVD. Now almost everything is ready, but you need to make a couple of settings in the game itself. We launch GTA and spend 30 minutes getting to know the gameplay. We go to the menu and select: "Game on the network" - "Similar participants" - Live - "Exact search". The built-in robot will find suitable games for you, click "Join" and start the adventure.

"GTA" on the network from a pirated copy

We need a "cracked" English version of the game on which we are installing: patch; crack for; application 0.1-T3 or 0.1-Beta-1-R2-2. We are looking for the ivmp.exe file, run it, choose where to join, and you can enjoy. We should not forget that we write the path to the game only in English characters.


how to play gta online with a friend
how to play gta online with a friend

Go to your network settings and set the game parameters: - for the main gateway, - for the IP address, - for the subnet mask and - for the preferred DNS servers. We go to the Rockstar Games Social Club, activate the offline mode and prescribe the game settings, select the location, duration and other parameters. There is an alternative way using the Hamachi grid, but it is more complicated, as it requires lengthy and precise registry tweaks. All these simple recommendations will help you not only set all the parameters correctly, but also play GTA online. Curiously, Grand Theft Auto IV set the world record for first day sales. For this, she got into the Guinness Book of Records. The main secretThe success of the project lies in the fact that the player has complete freedom of action in the game world.

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