"Gothic: Arcania": description, passage features, guide

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"Gothic: Arcania": description, passage features, guide
"Gothic: Arcania": description, passage features, guide

Gothic: Arcania is the latest project from Spellbound Entertainment and is part of one of the most successful series in the gaming industry. The product does not belong to the main storyline, it is a spin-off about the adventures of a young shepherd. All actions take place 10 years after the final part of the trilogy, summing up and opening up a completely new story for the player. The game features many characters from previous installments, which made fans and critics very happy.

What is the Gothic series of games

World of Gothic
World of Gothic

The number of iconic franchises that gamers would revere for decades can be counted on one hand. These include many large projects of European, American and Japanese origin. It is to this category that "Gothic" can be attributed. The first part of the game began to be developed back in 1997, having spent four whole years on development. The announcement took place in 2001 and made a splash in the video game market. The work was one of the first in itskind. During the development, the most modern engine was used, which made it possible to create an extremely realistic three-dimensional space effect for those times.

Like "Gothic 4: Arcania", all parts of the trilogy were made in the CPRPG genre, which can be deciphered as "computer role-playing game". During the gameplay, the player may notice that the main focus of the developers was not only on the graphics. From the very first part to "Gothic: Arcania", the creators were able to implement one of the best systems for pumping a game character.

Pumping system

Boost menu
Boost menu

As in many other RPGs, the RPG element in Gothic: Arcania is designed according to the classical system. As you progress through the game and complete quests, the player gains experience and reputation, which can help in obtaining new levels. For each new stage, the character receives skill and skill points, which can be distributed in the corresponding section "Gothic: Arcania".

Player stats are divided into 7 main categories:

  • Strength. Responsible for the ability to use and deal damage with melee weapons (axes, axes, swords).
  • Agility. A parameter necessary to improve the accuracy of archery and crossbow shooting. It also improves the character's ability to pick locks and steal.
  • Mana. Directly affects the number of spells cast in a short period of time.
  • Life. Increases the amount of damage taken. If the standard of living falls below a certain threshold, thencharacter loses consciousness. If it ends, the character dies.
  • Stamina. An attribute that increases the speed at which heavy weapons strike. The parameter is quickly consumed during protracted battles and fast movement.
  • Ancient knowledge. Affects the damage de alt by magic, as well as the effect of some special spells.

With the help of such a well-developed pumping system, the gamer has the opportunity to act as he wants. The game "Gothic: Arcania" does not limit any classes. It allows you to combine the speci alties of a thief, mage, warrior, cleric, and so on.

Start walkthrough

witch's quest
witch's quest

"Gothic 4: Arcania" from the very first seconds plunges into the gameplay. The first thing the young shepherd has to do is to pass three trials and marry his beloved Ivy. To do this, you need to bring Melgani's dagger, drive out the merchant Diego and bring three copies of deer antlers. The task turns out to be simple, after which the hero is sent to make a bracelet as a gift to the father of his beloved. To get amber, you need to give the toadstool mushrooms to the blacksmith and go to complete the quest of the forest witch. She gives the player 30 scrolls of lightning to destroy the spider's nest. Upon completion of the quest, a huge wall falls on the player, and when he returns to the village, he sees a fire. Having come running, the shepherd discovers the bloody body of his beloved and goes to take revenge.

As it turns out, none other than Rhobar the Third is behind the death of the beautiful Ivy. It was he who sent his troops todestruction of the main character's village. To accomplish the plan, the shepherd will have to carefully prepare. The first step is to find the sacred anvil. In search of information, you must contact the head of the tavern, Mudra. She says that bandits are blocking the path to the sanctuary and offers to drink, and then kill. After that, the main character receives the key, and a young adventurer is assigned to him as a partner.

Conspiracy of revolutionaries, road to Silverlake

City of Silverlake
City of Silverlake

After successfully completing the first chapter, you need to go to the next city. On the way, the hero stumbles upon a house from which ominous screams are heard. For the further passage of "Gothic 4: Arcania" you need to go for the key to the commander of the military barracks. The path to the house is free, which means it remains only to exterminate all the evil spirits inhabiting it. Once in the city, the main character makes an acquaintance with the leader of the local revolutionaries. To get new information, you can go in two ways:

  1. He will go in search of Leuven's sister and break open the chest.
  2. Knock out all information from Winstan.

After fulfilling one of the conditions, the hero must go to the lair of the rebels and kill Lord Renwick's brother. As a reward, the player is given the opportunity to choose one of three good sets of armor.

On the way to the city you have to cross another village. There, the player must complete some simple tasks to collect herbs. The most serious task will be the return of Doran's flag from the goblin cave.

Sacred Anvil

Having completed all his affairs in Silverlake, the main character continues on his way to his great goal. The hero should head to Settarif. The city is closed, and the only way to get into it is to kill the troll and enter the crypt. The one-eyed rebel will tell you how to lower the gate. Once in the fortress, the battle with Dantero will begin, in whose arsenal there will be three obsidian golems.

Battle with golems
Battle with golems

After defeating the villain, the hero goes through a cave with dangerous creatures, behind which is the long-awaited anvil. With the right ingredients, you can craft a powerful weapon that can greatly ease the game process and the final battle.


After collecting everything you need, you can go to the monastery of the goddess of the ancients. This is the most difficult part of the game "Gothic 4: Arcania", full of unprecedented action before. To get into the building, you need to find the key, which is located in the northeast of the map. The location is filled with all sorts of monsters and demons, among which you can meet the Demon Lord.

last fight
last fight

At the end of the game, you need to go to the temple to fight the final boss. The whole battle is divided into three phases:

  1. Demoness actively flies around the location and scratches with her claws. On hit, can knock the player to the ground.
  2. The enemy flies towards the statue and starts throwing magic. It is recommended to attack with a bow or spells.
  3. Same as the second, but now the demoness summons hordes of monsters.

After winning the game ends, and you can enjoy the final video,the passage of "Gothic: Arcania" is considered complete.


"Gothic: Arcania" received cult status for a reason. The scale of events that take place in the game is amazing, and the pumping system makes you spend several hundred hours. The game is definitely worth the money, which will definitely please the average gamer and take him away from the real world for a long time.

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