What is WhatsApp? Detailed overview of the program

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What is WhatsApp? Detailed overview of the program
What is WhatsApp? Detailed overview of the program

The article explains what WhatsApp is, how to use this program and how to run it on a computer and phone.

Unlimited communication

Not so long ago, even ordinary mobile communications were a luxury, and not everyone could afford it. Fortunately, times have changed, and ever-evolving digital technologies have made communication almost limitless, regardless of distance. The Internet has contributed to this in the first place. Unlimited broadband access is no surprise now, although there are remote corners of the country where there is still no connection at all to the global Web. But the biggest role was played by the development of the mobile Internet and all kinds of portable devices, such as smartphones and tablets. And the application called WhatsApp is especially popular in our time. So what is WhatsApp, how does it work and what is its advantage? We'll figure it out.


Vatsap is a free application originally developed for mobile systems of the iOS family. A little later, it was focused on all other operating systems. Its purpose is to allow users to exchange instant text messages, calls and files. But how is this different from conventional voice communication orSMS?

what is whatsapp
what is whatsapp

The fact is that for this the program uses only the mobile Internet, and not the balance of the SIM card. For example, if an ordinary SMS costs, say, 2 rubles, then a text message of the same size sent via WhatsApp will cost a few kopecks, since the cost is calculated not upon sending, but based on its size in kilobytes. Simply put, its cost is an order of magnitude lower. But to analyze the question of what WhatsApp is, one should also mention other functions and their advantages.

For example, voice calls are charged according to the same principle, and a call to a person located on the other side of a city or continent will be the same in cost. Naturally, provided that he also uses this program. Also, WhatsApp allows you to send various files, for example, photos, videos, documents and exchange voice messages. And all this is much cheaper than using conventional mobile communications. So now we know what WhatsApp is. Where can I get this amazing app?

Official Stores

For all modern mobile devices, you can find WhatsApp in the official app stores. Downloading and installing from a third-party site is not recommended, as the file may be infected with viruses, and not all devices still have security programs. Unlike PC malware, mobile device viruses primarily seek to steal money from the phone balance, and some can sit in the system for months, secretly sending paid SMS.messages.

free whatsapp
free whatsapp

It's also worth mentioning that it's completely free. Whatsapp only starts charging after one year of use, and it's only $1 (per year).

Another advantage of this application is that there is no need to register somewhere and create an account. WhatsApp uses the phone number itself as an identifier. And because of this, there is also no need to manually add contacts - all people from the help book who are already using the program will automatically appear in its contact list.

Install WhatsApp on your computer

With the growth in popularity, a version for personal computers has also appeared. But, unlike similar ones (the same Viber), you don’t need to download a program created specifically for a PC, it works through a web interface. This has both its pros and cons. But about everything in turn.

whatsapp on computer
whatsapp on computer

To run it on a computer, you need to go to web.whatsapp.com and then scan the RQ code that appears through a special function on the mobile version of this program. It is called by pressing the context menu button. After that, the application will be available for use. As you can see, everything is very simple, and you do not need to mess around with installation and other unnecessary actions.

But you have to pay for simplicity, and one of the downsides is that WhatsApp must also be running on the phone at this moment, otherwise the PC version will not work. The same applies to connecting a mobile device tonetwork.


What is WhatsApp on the phone? It's a simple, free and low-device application that makes communication almost limitless. You no longer need to worry about the balance of the SIM card - while the Internet is working, WhatsApp is also working.

what is whatsapp on phone
what is whatsapp on phone

In a short time, this program quickly gained well-deserved popularity, now you can find a lot of similar applications that operate on similar principles, but WhatsApp is available on almost any modern device. It also contributes to the fact that its versions exist for all mobile operating systems.

So now we know what this application is, what it is for and what its features are.

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