"Instagram" - what is it and how to use it? How to delete "Instagram"? Detailed instructions on how to use Instagram

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"Instagram" - what is it and how to use it? How to delete "Instagram"? Detailed instructions on how to use Instagram
"Instagram" - what is it and how to use it? How to delete "Instagram"? Detailed instructions on how to use Instagram

The computer and the Internet have long and firmly entered our lives - so much so that many no longer imagine their day without these truly important components. And if earlier the World Wide Web was evaluated by users as a universal source of information (be it educational materials, news or flight schedules) and a convenient way to communicate with relatives and friends located at a distance of hundreds and thousands of kilometers, today the situation has changed somewhat. At the moment, the main value of the Internet is the opportunity to share with the world a part of your life, your emotions and experiences, to find like-minded people and find out what people of interest to us live and breathe. In this regard, social networks are so popular today. Facebook, VKontakte, Twitter and other communities have infiltrated our minds and hearts,becoming an integral part of a full-fledged life of a modern person. Not so long ago, namely in the fall of 2010, another rather specific social network appeared - Instagram. What is Instagram and what it is eaten with, we will now tell. Despite the global popularity that this resource has managed to win over the three and a half years of its existence, there are still those who were in the dark until this moment.

what is instagram
what is instagram

How the multi-million social network Instagram was born

Detailed tour that will help you answer the question "Instagram" - what is it?", Let's start with a brief description and history of the origin of the program.

Public Photo Diary

What is the easiest way to share your experiences with other people? Of course, with the help of photography. It was from this idea that the developers of the Instagram resource came from. Take a photo of your delicious lunch or tell about an exciting trip to Europe? Putting up a new haircut or a freshly done manicure? Show how cute your cat sleeps in the sink or show off the coffee maker you bought? You just need to take a photo and send it to your friends "instead of a thousand words." At the same time, earlier for this it was necessary to make a lot of unnecessary gestures: it is not always possible to immediately go to the social network and post a photo, but it still needs to be processed … Instagram solved this problem, because it combines both a photo editor and a social network. Snapped, edited, shared with friends - just a few seconds, and yourInstagram followers know what you admire and how you spend your time. Agree, this is interesting.

how to delete instagram
how to delete instagram

The history of the creation of "Instagram"

It all started when Michael Krieger and Kevin Systrom, who were creating their new mobile photography project in San Francisco, found this idea interesting. In March 2010, they received the first major investment in the amount of 500 thousand US dollars, and already in October their development appeared in the Apple application store. It is important to note here that Instagram was originally intended to be used only on the IOS platform.

Later, several more people joined the team, including developer Shane Sweeney, who contributed significantly to the development of Insagram. The social network improved and grew: if in February 2011 the company was valued at $ 25 million, then a year later it was bought by Facebook for a billion US dollars! Is this not a reason to consider the project as something special and truly grandiose? Mark Zuckerberg won't buy anything. However, the number of users who have installed the application on their smartphone confirms the success of the development: from a million people in 2010 to more than 150 million worldwide today.

Enough about the success and scale of the project, let's take a closer look at the possibilities of the resource, because in three years they have managed to expand quite a lot.

Opportunities that opens up to its users"Instagram"

Instagram is a huge fascinating world that fits in your phone. This resource really expands the boundaries and allows you to see what we never dreamed of before: from the most hidden places in different countries of the world, which the traveler himself shared through a snapshot, to observing the life of his neighbor / classmate or his cat. In general, there is everything here. Let's start with the very basics and look at how to use Instagram most effectively and fruitfully. The purpose of the application is to share photos and get more likes, as well as to like and comment on the photos you like, find interesting pictures and thereby learn more about things that interest you.

followers on instagram
followers on instagram

App installation and registration procedure

The first thing to do is download Instagram to your phone. You can download the program for free (and only in this way) in the corresponding application store: Appstore for IOS and GooglePlay for Android. Next, you need to come up with a nickname and password for yourself, which will be the key to entering your personal account, enter your email address and phone number. It will take no more than two or three minutes to register on Instagram. Now you become a full member of the social network and can safely start your activity, which consists in uploading photos and writing comments, as well as liking other users.

First steps in the new social network

After the procedureregistration, you will be prompted to subscribe, on Instagram this is called follow (from the English follow), to all your friends and acquaintances from Facebook. This is quite logical, especially for someone who has just started using the application. You have to follow someone's updates and share your pictures uploaded to Instagram with someone, get likes and comments. In addition, you can immediately follow the feeds of currently popular personalities on Instagram (it is not necessary to do this, only if you are really interested). Well, and one more suggestion - the opportunity to receive information about various events held and events that have taken place. The app will ask you to access the photos in your gallery so that you can post them to your feed in the future. So, the formal procedure is over. The fun begins - uploading and viewing photos!

instagram effects
instagram effects

How to share photos?

Go to the application and click on the camera icon at the bottom of the screen. You are prompted to choose one of the following actions:

  • upload a photo from the gallery (if you want to share some previously taken picture);
  • take a photo.

The second point is usually used - take your picture or photograph something that caught your attention (and, naturally, you thought that the whole world should know about it, or at least your friends and subscribers). Next, click the "Finish" button and start processing the photo. First of all, it needscut. Very important note! The difference between Instagram photos is that they are always square (as they were on old Kodak and Polaroids). If you are satisfied with the photo cropping result, follow the green arrow (at the top of the screen) to the next step.

Processing photos with filters

And the next step will be all the adorable filters and effects. Instagram is not just a social network, it is also a very good photo editor. We apply one of the numerous filters to a fresh, but still "raw" photo and, voila, your picture turns into the work of a real photo artist in no time! It also conveys the atmosphere, mood and other, so important sensations that become available through photos to other users. Below we will take a closer look at some of the more interesting effects:

  • amaro - increases the amount of light in the picture, weakens the center of the photo, while increasing the exposure, can also be used to make the photo slightly aged;
  • rise - makes the colors in the picture softer and warmer with an emphasis on yellow tints, makes the photo glow;
  • hudson - allows you to change the color scheme in the photo towards colder tones, good for architecture shots;
  • sierra - reduces the contrast of colors, gives the effect of shooting on a cloudy day;
  • X-Pro II - used to create a vintage effect, make the colors in the photo brighter, juicier, more cheerful;
  • earlybird - emphasizes reddish-gold tones, creates a sense ofheat, charring the edges of the photo (the atmosphere of old cowboy films);
  • sutro - creates a dark, ominous atmosphere in the picture, used to give the photo a special entourage;
  • branan - helps to give the photo an 80s vibe, enhances color contrast, adds a touch of metal;
  • inkwell - used to create black and white pictures;
  • nashwille - gives softness, makes the colors of the picture pastel, good for romantic photos;
  • 1977 - Creates a 70s effect with soft colors shifted towards the red spectrum.

The listed types of filters are not all that the photo editor can offer, but only some of them. The unique photo-editing "Instagram", available to users of this social network, allows you to turn an ordinary photo into a real masterpiece and pull out even not very successful shots, so use it.

instagram likes
instagram likes

Using tags: why are they needed?

The edited photo needs to be described. Previously, only standard comments were available on photos, such as: “Enjoying the sunset and tasting the delicious local wine”, “My cat loves me”, “How do you like my new dress?”, “Riding in a crowded bus. I hate Monday mornings…”. Now the possibilities of users have expanded, and the meaning of the descriptions has changed somewhat. You can and should now add tags to regular comments.

"Instagram" uses them as a kind of "markers" or keywords, according towhich users can search for photos on a topic of interest to them. To do this, you just need to enter in the search the word that best defines your interest at the moment, and put asign in front of it. For example, if you want to see all the photos taken in Kaliningrad, enter the tag (also called a hashtag, from the English hashteg) kaliningrad and enjoy the presented selection.

In addition, by adding a tag to your photo (in the description or in the comments), you get the opportunity to earn more likes, and then new followers on Instagram will appear. What is it for? Probably to amuse your pride, and just fascinating. After adding the tag you want, you can click on it and find other users who have also used it. This way you can not only expand your horizons, but also find friends with the same interests.

How can a tag help make your photos popular?

It is important to note that you yourself can influence how many people see your creations. By adding not one, but several tags under the photo, you expand your potential audience, since your pictures are displayed not by one, but by several queries. For example, you lie on the beach of Thailand "Kata Noi" and watch the sun slowly set over the horizon. And a surfer passed by with a board in his hands. You can add tags under the picture that captured this moment: asia thailand thai kata_noi kata_beach sunset serfer relax and the like. Then you will significantly increase your chances of being seen and, of course, get more likes under the photo. By the way, you can write themand in Russian: asia thailand beach surfer, etc. The total number of tags cannot exceed 30 pieces, but this is a lot, right?

people on instagram
people on instagram

Competitions, events and flash mobs on Instagram

All these events, which bring together millions of users around the world, are also made possible through the use of hashtags. With their help, people share experiences, blog on various topics, or achieve some goals together. For example, in the so I shoot section, experienced photographers share tips on how to shoot the right way, how to find ideas for your photos, and other interesting and useful details. And the sekta tag unites people who strive to lead a he althy sports lifestyle and inspire others with their results. Or, for example, a special RHPNewYearHoliday tag was dedicated to the celebration of the New Year, with the help of which users shared the secrets of their preparation for this universal holiday.

Events can bring together a small group of people, or they can reach global proportions. For example, some contests among Instagram users are sponsored by organizations such as the UN or the Japanese government. Well, a modern way to get a large number of people on an issue.

What's new?

Let's talk a little about the innovations that were not originally on Instagram. What is this large-scale and interesting thing that the developers have added to the application?

Tag friends in the photo

One of the nice things was the opportunitytag other users in your photos (this feature is well known to those who actively use Facebook or VKontakte). Accordingly, now each member of the Instagram social network has a section in his personal account, where all the photos in which he was tagged are presented. In this way, you can not only tell about the people who are present in your picture, but also draw the attention of specific friends to the uploaded photo by tagging them on it.

Do you want a photo? Upload the video

Another, even bigger and more interesting update is the ability to upload short videos (up to 15 seconds long) that also have Instagram effects applied to them. In total, 13 filters are currently offered for processing video material. This new feature is very convenient and greatly expands the scope for creativity and the exchange of emotions (after all, there are moments that photography simply cannot convey). Now Instagram has become even more interesting, which means that the number of users of this social network has increased significantly.

Other goodies

In addition to the above, there are other additions to Instagram. For example, now you can add not only a description/tags, but also indicate the location where the photo was taken.

Cross-posting has also become available in the application, that is, photos added to Instagram can be automatically uploaded to other resources, such as Facebook or Twitter. You just need to make the appropriate settings in your profile: menu"Preferences", "Publishing Settings". Now you do not need to do double work, uploading photos first to one, then to another network.

Searching on Instagram can be a cause for sadness

And now let's dispel a little the iridescent atmosphere that has enveloped this grandiose photographic service. As it turned out, not everyone is so pleased with the beautiful pictures of a beautiful life, posted in tons on this social network. This assumption (rather, even the statement) was expressed by the Western edition of Slate. And here is a perfectly logical explanation. The fact is that users tend to take pictures and share them with others in the happiest moments of their lives. Someone flew to rest and "posted" pictures from chic beaches-restaurants, someone bought a new foreign car (or just drove it and posted a photo from the scene), someone has fun with friends in the club, and someone arrange a romantic evening with your loved one. Yes, these photos get a lot of likes, but the mood is… sad.

how to use instagram
how to use instagram

"Instagram" and our subconscious

Happy or chic pictures affect the subconscious of most people in the opposite way, causing them to feel envy, irritation and anger at themselves and their lives. After all, it always seems that the neighbor's grass is greener, and here it is right before your eyes - in your phone. Even if a person leads a normal everyday life with daily going to work and household chores, but the photo he posted from the incendiary party (onwhich he visits once every six months), and behind it a photo from a cozy cafe or a recently purchased new thing will do their job. It seems to us that people on Instagram are absolutely happy, their life is rich, interesting and beautiful, while ours is boring and monotonous. This is how we think, and Instagram reinforces this feeling.

By the way, as it turned out, those users who post photos but do not get the expected number of likes also "suffer". Based on all this, the popular social network was erected on a kind of "pedestal of honor" and named the most depressing in the ranking of social projects.

Remove "Instagram" from your life

If you recognize yourself in the above situation and think that Instagram does not have the best effect on your mood, lowers self-esteem or simply takes time, then the following guide is especially for you. Next, consider how to delete "Instagram" if for some reason it has ceased to please you.

Despite the fact that Instagram is a smartphone application, it will not be possible to uninstall it from this device. You need a computer or at least a browser on your phone (for example, Safari). This is probably done so that users do not delete their accounts in a fit of emotion, thoughtlessly. So, if you have made the decision to stop using the social network, then here is a guide to deleting your account:

  1. Open your internet browser and go to the Instagram homepage.
  2. Log in to your account by entering your usernameand password.
  3. Click on the icon with your username and photo, located in the upper left corner. A list will open: we are interested in the "Edit profile" item.
  4. On the page that opens in the lower right corner you will see the link "I would like to delete my account", follow it.
  5. Next, you will be asked to explain the reason why you decided to say goodbye to Instagram. Select the one that best suits your situation from the drop-down list. If nothing matches, check "Other".
  6. Now you will need to re-enter your account password and click the "Delete my account permanently" button.

Here is such an easy way to delete "Instagram" if for some reason you no longer like it. However, before doing this, you should think carefully, because you break the little thread that connects you with such a large and different world of other people.

Instagram privacy

What is a social network? First of all, this is the removal of one's life for review, publicity to some extent. So let's look at another common situation. Some people enjoy using this social network, but want to make their profile inaccessible to everyone. There can be many reasons for this, but the essence is the same - to hide your photos from unwanted eyes. To learn how to close Instagram for a wide audience, read on.

The first thing to do is go to the settings - the icon in the leftcorner of your profile. Among the menu items that open, select "Photo Privacy" and check the box next to "Photos are private." Now other users who even follow your feed will have to send a request to be added to the subscription. You will see information about this in your news and you can either confirm the cast or reject it.

profile on instagram
profile on instagram

Have you started your Instagram yet?

If you don't have an Instagram profile yet, hurry up to correct this omission. After all, this social network opens up a new, unusually huge and mysterious world of impressions, gives positive emotions, allows you to open the veil of personal life and leisure of people who are of interest to you, as well as share your experiences, joys, creative successes and other pleasant moments with others. The only thing you need to have for this is an IOS or Android phone. Unfortunately, this application is not supported on other platforms, and there is no Instagram on the computer (although you can watch the update feed from it, but not upload photos), so get the right device. And go!

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