The game "GTA 5": the budget spent on its creation, developers, description

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The game "GTA 5": the budget spent on its creation, developers, description
The game "GTA 5": the budget spent on its creation, developers, description

GTA V is one of the most popular games. It took 5 years to create it. The genre of the game "GTA 5" is a 3D open-world shooter. The release of the version for PS 3 took place in early autumn 2013, and a year later, versions for PS 4 and Xbox appeared on store shelves and on Steam. Owners of personal computers running Windows were able to enjoy the game only in the spring of 2015.


The creator of the game "GTA 5" is the British studio Rockstar North. In addition to the Grand Theft Auto series, the company's well-known products include Lemmings and Max Payne 3. Currently, the latest version of the game for PS 3 is 1.29, released in November 2015, and for Windows and PS 4, version 1.41, introduced at the end of August 2017 th.

gta 5 budget
gta 5 budget

The game was published by Take-Two Interactive in Europe and Rockstar Games in the United States. The shooter's publisher in Russia was the largest Russian company in the industry, SoftClub, which released more than a hundred well-known video games in the country. She was also involved in the localization of the project.


In the early fall of 2005, it was announced that there would be no GTA V game, howevera couple of months later, Rockstar Games' VP reported that development was well under way, with the script running over 1,000 pages. In the middle of summer 2010, the studio opened several vacancies related to the development of a new part of the cult shooter. In early November 2011, the first trailer appeared on the Web, in which you could see the city of Los Santos. After that, new information about the development of the game no longer appeared. In the summer of 2012, company representatives said they were trying to keep the suspense going until release.

gta 5 game budget
gta 5 game budget

At the end of July, Rockstar Games published financial reports and a schedule of releases for the next year. GTA V was not on the list. At the end of the summer of 2012, the creators of the game posted the first 10 screenshots on the Web to demonstrate the gameplay. In the fall, the release date for PS 3 and Xbox 360 was officially announced. A week later, pre-orders opened in Canada, the UK and the USA. A week later, the second official trailer appeared on the Web, which showed the characters of the game, gameplay and locations.

The most expensive video game in history

Creators of computer games do not really like to disclose the financial details of their products. So, there are rumors that a total of about $ 260 million was spent on the development of WoW, but there is no official information about the budget for World of Warcraft. For 6 years, almost a thousand programmers have been working to create a game with the most twisted and thoughtful storyline. And they succeeded. Star Wars: The Old Republic cost about $200 million to develop. For a while, the game was the most expensive game in the history of the industry.

gta 5 budget spent on its creation
gta 5 budget spent on its creation

But there is a new leader. The total budget of "GTA 5", spent on its creation and promotion, amounted to 265 million dollars. As of 2013, this amount seemed sky-high. The shooter was able to lead only for a year, until the game Destiny was released, which cost its developers 300 million US dollars.

GTA 5 budget compared to other games

A fifth of the shooter spent three times as much money as Elder Scrolls V, and four times as much as Crysis 3. With a $100 million budget, GTA IV once seemed like a very expensive game, but a sequel required $165 million more from creators. In any case, the creators have won. The company announced that US gamers alone had 2.5 million pre-orders for the game. Analysts assumed that in the first month after the release, developers will be able to recoup all their costs, as well as make a profit of approximately $ 700 million. In fact, it all happened so that within the first 24 hours after the game went on sale, the proceeds from the sale amounted to $ 800 million. Over the next two days, Rockstar North's revenue topped the $1 billion mark. Thus, the GTA 5 budget paid off within the first few hours.

The cost of blockbusters compared to GTA V

"Tron: Legacy", "The Avengers", "John Carter" and even "Avatar" - the cost of eachof these feature films is inferior to the budget of the GTA 5 game. As of 2013, the only movie that cost more than GTA V was Pirates of the Caribbean 3. The adventures of Jack Sparrow were spent 300 million US dollars.


GTA 5's budget is not its only uniqueness. The official website of the Guinness Book of Records reported that the game managed to update 7 world records at once.

GTA 5 creators
GTA 5 creators

GTA V set the first record even before it went on sale. Adventure shooter trailers have become the most viewed trailers of any product in the genre. In the first day after the release, 4 more records were broken:

  • best selling game in first 24 hours;
  • best-selling game of the genre within the first day of the sale;
  • highest-grossing game in the first day after the opening of sales;
  • entertainment product that generated the highest revenue within the first day of release.

Also, the shooter earned its first billion in revenue faster than all its competitors in the history of video games. The developers stated that not all achievements of GTA V were indicated in the Guinness Book of Records. Sony reported that the game set an absolute record for digital sales.

Description of the game "GTA 5". Gameplay

The uniqueness of the game is the presence of three main characters at once, which happened for the first time in the history of the series. The gamer can switch between heroes, each with their own story. You can change the character at any time, but there are missions when only two heroes are available. The plot consists of 62 main missions. Due to the fact that some tasks can be completed in several ways, and the final has 3 alternative outcomes, the number of main missions can increase to seven.

gta 5 game description
gta 5 game description

GTA V was the first game in the series in which the main characters received special skills. Abilities allow you to gain an advantage over ordinary characters. Franklin can slow down time while driving a vehicle. To fill the skill scale, you must avoid accidents, drive in the opposite lane and gain maximum speed. Michael also slows down time, but he does it while shooting. To fill the scale, you need to shoot enemies in the head, defeat them in close combat and develop maximum speed. The third character, Trevor, has fits of rage that give him the ability to defeat his opponents twice as fast. His skill bar fills up while riding fast, headshotting, and taking damage.

Game Description: Plot

The scene is the fictional city of Los Santos. In addition to the city, the game has Blaine County, which is a rural area with mountains, forests and a beach, as well as a fictional state called North Yankton, which can only be reached in a few missions. The developers paid special attention to the missions. The gamer can complete tasks for each of the protagonists in any order. All heroes pursue their goals intertwined with each other.

The game begins in 2004 with a bank robbery involving Michael, Trevor and Brad. The FBI agent, who injures Brad and Michael, prevents the three friends from leaving safely with the loot. Trevor runs away. It is later revealed that Michael worked for the Bureau and his death was staged.

gta 5 game genre
gta 5 game genre

Then the action shifts to 2013. Michael lives a family life and meets Franklin. The guys start to cooperate. Franklin later rescues son Michael. At the end of the game, the heroes rob the vault and steal $200 million worth of gold from it. Franklin is tasked with killing Michael. The player then has to make a choice: kill Trevor, kill Michael, or save both. The game turned out to be very interesting and atmospheric. The budget allocated for GTA 5 paid off.

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