Tekken 7 characters: familiar and debuted

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Tekken 7 characters: familiar and debuted
Tekken 7 characters: familiar and debuted

Tekken 7 is a popular fighting game released for consoles and desktop computers in 2017. The plot is centered on the history of the Mishima family. After completing the campaign, you can learn about how Heihachi met his wife Kazumi, and find out the reason why he killed her. The developers decided to add a large number of new characters to Tekken 7. In addition to the debuting heroes, gamers saw the return of old fighters.

tekken 7 characters
tekken 7 characters

Heihachi Mishima: character review in Tekken 7

The head of the Mishima family was one of the leading heroes in each of the nine games. In the seventh part, he tries to take control of the Mishima Zaibatsu corporation. Breaking into the main office, he meets Nina and engages in battle with her. After the fight, Heihachi explains to her that he has a plan to return the company to its former glory.

Mishima announces to the world that he is alive and travels to Italy with Nina, where they find an exorcist and ask for his helpfind and destroy Kazuya's son. Later, Heihachi is attacked by Akuma, a new character in Tekken 7. He says that Kazumi, Mishima's wife, asked him to kill her husband and son. Akuma fights Heihachi and defeats him in a fight. However, for some reason, he keeps him alive.

After a while, Heihachi destroys the Millennium Tower with the help of a satellite, but his son remains alive. Mishima Sr. is looking for a journalist and tells him the whole truth about his wife. After the interview, he challenges his son Kazuya to a fight and loses to him. Mishima Jr. throws his father into the lava.

tekken 7 character review
tekken 7 character review

Akuma and Gigas

These are the characters of "Tekken 7" appeared in the latest version of the popular fighting game. Akuma is a master of martial arts. Kazumi Mishima asked him to find and destroy Kazuya and Heihachi. Agreeing to complete the task, Akuma first sought out the father of the Mishima family, and later met in battle with his son, but failed to eliminate them.

Gigas also first appeared in Tekken 7. He is a huge humanoid with red skin. This character was developed by G Corporation to fight the Mishima Zaibatsu. Gigas is the adoptive father of Katarina Alvis. And it was with her that he entered the fray at the Iron Fist tournament. During the fight, he realized that he was fighting with his adopted daughter. It awakened his humanity.

Kazuya Mishima

Kazuya is a Tekken 7 character that appeared in the very first version of the game. His own father threw him off a cliff to see if Kazuya couldsurvive and become the true heir to the Mishima Zaibatsu Corporation. Mishima Jr. has a son, Jin, who is considered one of the best characters in the Tekken game.

After falling off a cliff, Kazuya was able to survive, but received a large scar across his body. The devilish gene, received from his mother at birth, helped him escape. At the end of the game, he fights and kills his father.

tekken 7 new characters
tekken 7 new characters

Rizal and Alvis

Katharina Alvis is one of the many female Tekken 7 characters who debuted in the latest installment of the game. As a child, she lost her father and mother. After that, the girl was adopted by Gigas. Deciding to find a foster father who once disappeared, Katarina took part in the Iron Fist tournament. In a duel, she fought a monster and defeated him. But only after the fight did Katarina realize that the huge red cyborg was her adoptive father, Gigas.

Josie Rizal is the new Tekken 7 fighter. Her family was poor, which forced the girl to look for additional sources of income. She managed to support her parents thanks to her beautiful appearance and mastery of martial arts. Josie worked as a model and kickboxer. One day, she ran into Kuma the bear. The girl realized that a fight was inevitable. As a result, Rizal was able to defeat the bear, and he returned her earring lost in battle.

Kazumi Mishima

Kazumi is Kazuya's mother and Heihachi's wife. She was killed by her own husband while trying to stop his efforts to create his own corporation and conquer the world. At the birth of her son, the woman gavebaby gene devil.

In Tekken 7, neither Kazumi nor her demon version are playable characters.

tekken 7 female characters
tekken 7 female characters

Serafino and Shaheen

Claudio Serafino is the leader of the archers of Sirius. He is an exorcist and deals with the exorcism of demonic beings and the human world. His main targets are Jin and Kazuya Mishima. And it was for this reason that he refused to cooperate with Heihachi. While at his home, Claudio met with Mishima Sr. and Nina. He got into a fight with Heihachi, but during the fight he realized that they all have a common goal - the destruction of Kazuya and the devil gene inside him.

Shaheen worked for a military cell, which was engaged in the protection of various objects. Even while serving in the army, he became known for his ability to fight the enemy one on one. After his friend, who owned the oil business, died, the soldier decided to find out the cause of his death. During his own investigation, Shaheen learned that Kazuya Mishima, the owner of G Corporation, was at fault. He had long been tormented by doubts about whether he should kill him in order to avenge the death of a comrade. He infiltrated the corporation, but Kazuya, having turned into a demon, was able to fly away. Shaheen promised himself that next time he would kill Mishima Jr.

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