Sticker software: how to use it

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Sticker software: how to use it
Sticker software: how to use it

What are social networks and instant messengers created for? Of course, for communication.

When we correspond with someone, there is often a desire to express some kind of emotion. When communication on the network was still not so developed, in correspondence, emoticons from dots and brackets were mainly used. Then they were replaced by emoji. This is a special language that uses pictures. With the help of such pictures, you can express not only the whole word, but even some phrase.

Now emoji got bored and there are stickers. These are images with celebrities, animals, Internet memes, various funny situations. Stickers have already won the leading instant messengers around the world.

Everyone can create

Remarkably, anyone can make their own stickers: be it a professional artist or a simple user of the global network. Today there are billions of stickers for various applications. In this article, we will consider which program to createstickers is easy to use, and how to create your own special “emotion” with it.

Create stickers for Telegram

Many are tired of the standard sticker packs and itching to create something special. The creators of Telegram have provided their users with such an opportunity. Now it remains only to come up with your personal stickers and send them to your loved ones. Where to start?

Need a program to create stickers on your PC. First you need to make a sticker-sticker in a special program, and then transfer it to Telegram. Professionals can draw in Photoshop or CorelDRAW. Any graphics editor will do. The network also has free services with which you can create creative memes.

stickers for "Telegram"
stickers for "Telegram"

First you need to download a picture of 512 x 512 pixels,-p.webp

sticker maker Pixlr Editor
sticker maker Pixlr Editor

Algorithm of actions:

  1. Save the picture you like to your computer.
  2. Then enter the graphics editor. You can use the online version of Pixlr Editor. Click on the “Create a new drawing” button.
  3. After that, in the window that appears, adjust the image according to the necessary parameters.
  4. In the "Layer" menu, select "Open image as layer", then selectdownloaded photo. There is also a function to add text.
  5. In the “File” menu, save your work. Change the image format to PNG, check the image parameters.

The creative picture is ready. The program for creating stickers does not require downloading, and the interface is so simple that even a beginner will understand the process.

What does Pixlr Editor look like?
What does Pixlr Editor look like?

Create stickers on your phone

Using a smartphone, you can also come up with interesting stickers. A very convenient program for creating Android stickers called “My Sticker Maker”. You can download it from the app market. The finished sticker comes with a transparent background, shadow and stroke, has a-p.webp

  1. Download the picture that will be the basis of the sticker.
  2. Open image in editor. To do this, click on the “Gallery” button.
  3. It is necessary to carefully circle the object by connecting the segments. If an error occurs in the process, simply cancel the last step by clicking the arrow in the upper right corner.
  4. Achieve the desired shape and image parameters.
  5. Click the bird icon, then Save as Sticker.

The finished creation will appear in the gallery. The sticker maker is suitable for any Android smartphone.

stickermaker interface
stickermaker interface

For iPhone users

Owners of "apple" gadgets can also create electronic stickers for social networks, including forTelegram. The program for creating stickers on iOS Stickers for Telegram allows you to work with several basic tools. How to use the app:

  1. Open original image.
  2. Select the object, adjust the brush scale.
  3. Use the eraser to remove unnecessary fragments.
  4. After the process is complete, click on the eye icon for a preview.
  5. It remains to save the sticker or immediately send it to the bot.

Clicking on “Add to collection” will redirect you to the @Stickers bot. We write to the robot /start to start. After that, we type or select from the entire list of commands / newpack. We write a name for the new collection of stickers, then send the picture to the bot as a file. To do this, click on the paperclip icon and click on “File”. Enter /publish (“publish”) to save the result. Finally, just send the bot the address where the sticker collection will be placed. The robot will send a link where all Telegram users can download the set of stickers.

object selection
object selection

Create stickers for desktop computer

There is a program for creating stickers on your desktop - DeskStickers. You will stop using paper stickers, because with this application you can make electronic stickers for your PC desktop. Electronic stickers are much more convenient than paper ones, because at work we spend a lot of time in front of the monitor. In addition, computer stickers can be edited at your discretion at any time. Electronic reminders havemany colors.

desktop sticker maker
desktop sticker maker

In the Russian version of the DeskStickers application, there is an option to select a font, title, icon selection, use existing templates, in addition, the setting can be individually customized for the style of each reminder. The stickers roll up easily and won't clutter up your desktop space.

what do stickers look like on desktop
what do stickers look like on desktop


Any sticker maker is easy to use. All you need is a desire to create and a little skill. And in a few minutes, a collection of brand new stickers will appear in your messenger.

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