How to clean your computer from garbage: ways

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How to clean your computer from garbage: ways
How to clean your computer from garbage: ways

A computer is a device that requires constant care. If during the year it is not cleaned of dust at least once, and also no performance improvement is carried out, then over time it will begin to work worse and worse. Cleaning your computer of junk will help speed up its work, get rid of unwanted files, free up system memory and prevent crashes and errors.

What for?

Many users do not understand how to clean the computer from garbage and why this should be done. And over time, they begin to complain about equipment that slows down and gives errors.

What do you need to know? Cleaning a PC from garbage can be carried out at the hardware and software levels. In the first case, you need to disassemble the case and remove dust and debris on each element. In the second case, you need to take care of deleting files, programs, viruses, ads, etc.

Clean Junk on PC
Clean Junk on PC

Why do you need to figure out how to clean your computer from garbage? If inside the casea lot of dust has accumulated, then the system has “nothing to breathe”. She has a hard time keeping warm air out. Because of this, the elements do not receive proper cooling. Due to overheating, the system starts to slow down and lag. And if the situation is running, then the components may completely overheat so that it will even be impossible to repair them.

Approximately the same situation with software garbage. The system starts to load with unnecessary files, some of them can firmly sit in the root, which will make it difficult to delete them. The hard disk will fill up, and you will have to demolish the operating system to clean it up.

What should I do?

How to clean your computer from garbage? Firstly, it is important to do this regularly so that unwanted files do not have time to sit in the root. Secondly, it is advisable to use several cleaning steps:

  • desktop;
  • torrent;
  • disk;
  • registry;
  • unused programs;
  • autorun;
  • browser.

Many of these steps can be done less frequently. For example, autorun should be checked once a month or even twice, depending on the frequency of installing programs. The same situation with unused programs.

The desktop suffers much more often, so it needs to be paid attention to a couple of times a month. It is better for inexperienced users not to look at the registry at all. Often you need to check third-party files and browser.

Cleaning your PC from dust
Cleaning your PC from dust


How to clean your computer of junk in 1 minute? You can do this by deleting files from your desktop. Few users know that this area belongs to the system drive C, which is best kept clean at all times. All third-party files must be uploaded to another HDD section.

This is because all the documents you save on your desktop are stored on the C drive. Over time, they can take up a lot of space and prevent the system from working stably.

To clean up your desktop, just move files from it to drive D. If you need quick access to certain documents, create shortcuts and place them on your desktop. They weigh very little and are only the address to the desired files. You can do the same with folders.

Desktop cleaning
Desktop cleaning

You can also get rid of program shortcuts. For example, move them to the Start panel.


Of course, torrent fans will be aggressively opposed to such a purge. Many people think that since someone allowed you to install a movie, it means that you should constantly help by distributing files.

But on the question of how to clean the computer from garbage, all methods are good. If you downloaded the game, then it usually comes with the torrent itself and the installation file. Many people forget about their removal, and some can weigh 20 GB or more. After installing the game, installation files are not needed.

Cleaning up a torrent
Cleaning up a torrent

It's the same with TV series. After viewing, you can simply delete them so that they do not take up free space on the hard drive.


How to clean your computer from unnecessary files? First you need to decide which files toyou are superfluous. It is possible that old photos are stored on your computer that you printed out a long time ago or downloaded to an external drive. Perhaps there are installation files for programs that you no longer need, since the utilities are installed on the system.

All this can be found on one of the hard drive partitions. Try to initially structure all the downloaded information on a PC. Thus, it will be easier for you to clean the system of garbage.

But in addition to personal data, you need to delete unnecessary system files:

  • To do this, go to "My Computer", right-click on one of the sections and select "Properties".
  • In the new window, go to the "Service" tab. Here you can check the disk for errors, and then start defragmentation.
Cleaning the hard drive
Cleaning the hard drive
  • You can also go to "Start", select "All Programs" - "Accessories" - "System Tools".
  • In the list you need to find the item with disk cleanup and run.
  • Depending on the operation of the system, it will take some time until the service utility finds all temporary or unnecessary files. You will need to mark the items you don't need and clear everything.

Soft cleaning

How to clean your computer / laptop from debris? To do this, you can use the program. One of the most popular is CCleaner. It helps to analyze, and then start cleaning. In the process, the utility destroys files in the recycle bin and temporary files. This may also include garbage that the browser saves to the system.


If you don't understand,how the registry works, it’s better not to go there yourself. It will be enough to use the CCleaner program, which will cope with this task itself.

To do this, go to the "Registry" tab, run "Search for problems", and after scanning, fix the problems found. Of course, the utility may not be able to cope with some serious failures. But in some obvious problems that can slow down the system or reduce its performance, the program will detect.

Unused programs

It's pretty simple here. The user needs to see all the programs that are installed in the system. To do this, go to the "Control Panel", select "Programs and Features". The new dialog box has all the utilities that are available on the PC.

Software components
Software components

It often happens that we urgently need some kind of program. After that, we can not use it at all, but it will take up space on the hard drive. It is better to get rid of such programs immediately, especially if the system suffers from a shortage of free space.

You need to look through the list and find those programs that you definitely do not use. But remember that among them there may be those that will affect the performance of the PC. Therefore, it is better to remove those programs that you installed yourself.

To do this, select the utility from the list, and then select the "Delete" item. Many programs during uninstallation ask about partial or complete removal. In the first case, some files may remain on the PC. If you don't need it, then use the completedeletion.


This item is not exactly related to how to clean your computer from garbage and unnecessary files, but it can significantly speed up system boot. If you notice, after turning on the PC, many programs start to automatically start. This can sometimes take a long time, preventing you from getting started right away.

In order not to suffer from this, it is enough to remove utilities that you do not need immediately after startup from startup. For example, the list may include instant messengers that you do not always use, software tools that are also needed in special cases.

Autoload can be checked in CCleaner. If you do not have a utility, you can use a special command. To do this, press the combination Win + R. After starting the command line, you need to enter the command: msconfig. A menu will open in which you need to go to the appropriate tab and uncheck those utilities that you do not need.

Removing programs from startup
Removing programs from startup


Web browsers collect a lot of useful and unnecessary data. Therefore, their information can also be stored in the system and take up free space. Periodically, you need to clear the cache and browsing history. Depending on the browser, you need to go to the appropriate menu. It's usually found in the settings.

It's also a good idea to check your bookmarks periodically. Sometimes they can accumulate such a huge amount that you no longer know why they were saved. Some of them lead to sites that no longer exist. Nonethelessthey occupy a certain place, so it is better to get rid of them.

Antivirus programs

How to clean your computer from ads? Here you need to understand how serious advertising you picked up. Some malicious programs can firmly settle in the root folders, so you won't be able to get them on your own.

But fortunately there are anti-virus programs that can handle this task. It is enough to install one of them and start scanning. It usually takes several minutes. In the process, the program finds malicious files, including ads and viruses. Some she sends to quarantine to cure, others she immediately deletes.

Antivirus programs
Antivirus programs

If you can't get rid of ads in this way, you need to think about what it appeared after installing. Sometimes the problem may be in some program, after the removal of which everything falls into place. If this did not help, it remains to demolish the operating system and install a new one.

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