Quick Searcher: what is this program and how to get rid of it?

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Quick Searcher: what is this program and how to get rid of it?
Quick Searcher: what is this program and how to get rid of it?

On the Internet, such a huge amount of all kinds of software is now being distributed that sometimes users do not even know the purpose of this or that application. But some of these applets may not be the software they claim to be. Recently, it is not uncommon to come across some incomprehensible applet called Searcher or Quick Searcher. Few people fully imagine what kind of program this is, considering the application to be the most common accelerated search engine supposedly with advanced features. In fact, you should stay away from this kind of applets.

Searcher: what is this program?

First, let's define what exactly this applet is. Based on the opinion of most computer security experts, you can immediately form a definite opinion about the Searcher applet. What is this program?This application is said to be a type of adware and trojan that can change the settings of the operating system and browsers, flooding them with ads, replacing search engines or start pages and making it difficult to surf the Internet, constantly redirecting the user to malicious or advertising sites, not to mention already about the fact that during the operation of the virus applet, the performance of the computer is also significantly reduced.

It seems to be clear what kind of program it is - Searcher. The reviews of users who are faced with the problem of the presence of this virus in their system also speak of some undocumented properties of the applet, which few people pay attention to. And they are worth dwelling on separately.

Some features of Quick Searcher: what is this extension?

So, why do you think that this particular applet causes the maximum decrease in the speed of the computer system? No, the reason for this is by no means advertising or the appearance of a huge number of temporary files that clog the system. The main problem is that this application is a kind of cryptocurrency miner, which uses PC system resources at full capacity, and the maximum load falls on a discrete graphics adapter (if anyone does not know, the mining speed directly depends on the performance of the video card).

Quick Searcher browser extension
Quick Searcher browser extension

With all this, a virus application can settle in the system both as a separate application and as a browser extension,however, the program's own processes are not advertised in the same "Task Manager" (you simply will not find them there).

How does the application get to users' computers?

What is this extension - Quick Searcher, sorted out a bit. Now it is necessary to say a few words about the methods of penetration of the virus on user computers. Usually, like most adware threats, this application is installed as such a partner software when installing some other software product.

Installing a virus application as partner software
Installing a virus application as partner software

Alas, but very often it can be found even when installing some optimizer programs (for example, PC Speed Optimizer or PC Power Speed, which is the same thing). Less commonly, a virus can be pulled from the Internet when downloading some files or visiting dubious resources, but as user reviews indicate, this happens very rarely. Thus, it becomes quite obvious that the inattention of the user himself, who thoughtlessly agrees to install such software, is to blame.

Removing a virus using Windows

What the Searcher program is for and how it gets into the system is a little clear. Now it’s worth dwelling on the main methods for removing such a threat. Based on the feedback of some users posted on forums on the Internet, getting rid of the virus can be quite simple, despite the fact that some of its processes can resume their action even after the main application is uninstalled.

StandardSearcher virus removal
StandardSearcher virus removal

To avoid this, you must first remove the Searcher applet in the programs section by calling it through the "Control Panel", and then find and remove the remaining components in the directory of the same name, which is located in the Roaming subfolder, included in the AppData directory of the user directory.

Note: if for some reason the files are not deleted (most often the virus blocks its components on its own, apparently due to the user's lack of administrator rights), you must delete using the Unlocker utility.

Checking the browser shortcut
Checking the browser shortcut

It is also desirable to clean the extensions of absolutely all available browsers and check the properties of shortcuts for the presence of additional additions in the object type field after the name of the executable file and its extension.

Narrowly targeted antivirus programs

The method proposed above is far from being the most efficient. Sometimes you can find another method of programmatic removal of the Searcher virus. What is this program? It is often recommended to use the small utility UnHackMe.

UnHackMe utility settings
UnHackMe utility settings

In its settings, immediately after installation, you must enable protection and detection of cryptominers, then run a system scan and wait for the results. As stated, the virus will be found, and the complete removal of itself and residual components will be performed after the system is rebooted.

Uninstall using uninstallers

Finally, we can advise one moresearcher quick removal app. What is this program? Of course, we are talking about uninstallers like Revo Uninstaller and iObit Uninstaller. In such applications, you need to find the applet you are looking for either in the list of installed programs, or in the add-ons and browser panels section, and then delete it using automatic search and cleaning of leftovers. It is noteworthy that such programs do not need any administrator privileges.


That's all there is to say about the Searcher virus in a nutshell. What kind of program is this and how to get rid of it completely, I think, is already clear to everyone. In general, two main conclusions can be drawn from the foregoing. First: remove the virus when it is detected using special utilities. Second: pay close attention to offers to install additional partner programs, and also do not forget about precautionary measures when visiting dubious sites on the Internet, which will allow you to protect your system from threats to a very high degree, even those that can cause damage to your system. more tangible damage than the described applet.

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