Programs that recognize music: review, description, reviews

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Programs that recognize music: review, description, reviews
Programs that recognize music: review, description, reviews

There are quite a lot of talented people with excellent hearing in our country. They masterfully shift the notes into letters and in the blink of an eye determine the name of the song by its first chords. But what about the rest, who are deprived of such a gift?

In this case, you should pay attention to special programs that recognize music. They will help determine the name of the song no worse than the participants in the previously popular show “Guess the Melody”. But not all created applications cope with the tasks. Therefore, some users experience serious difficulties in choosing such software.

Which program recognizes music better

User reviews are ideal as a starting point for learning about the functionality, capabilities, and performance of music recognition applications. Developers create utilities for all platforms supported by gadgets. But the bulk of the software is offered to users of devices based on Android.


The voice assistant "Alice" isgreat music recognition software. The application is the brainchild of domestic developers and a product of Yandex. With the latest updates, the assistant received new music recognition algorithms, and the efficiency of the program has increased significantly.

assistant alice
assistant alice

Alice's voice assistant, which also has a music recognition function, works quickly and simply. After listening to a short fragment of a track of interest, the utility starts a search in its databases and provides a link to the song leading to Yandex. Music. The program is activated by the code phrase "Alice, what is this song."

Feedback on the application's work is enough to conclude about the effectiveness of the search for tracks, even in difficult cases - with noise and identification of little-known songs.


If "Alisa" is popular among Russian-speaking users, then the "Shazam" application has received worldwide recognition. The program is supported by all platforms and operating systems: Android, iOS, Mac, Windows and Linux. The application has received competent integration into Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, WhatsApp and other social web services. This makes it much easier to share identified tracks with like-minded people.

shazam app
shazam app

After launching the application and pressing the activation button, the utility switches to recording mode. After listening to one or more songs, the program will give you detailed information about the submitted song: title, artist, album, year of release, etc.

If the trackpopular enough, then as additional information you will see other details, such as the lyrics of the song, its video sequence, covers and others. Feedback on the work of the Shazam program on Android is only positive. It recognizes even the most "problematic" songs: with poor recording quality, with extraneous noise and rare compositions.


The SoundHound program is Shazam's main competitor. Both applications have a very high rating, a huge number of downloads and a lot of positive feedback from users. The program interface consists of just a couple of buttons, where the largest one activates the recording of an excerpt and recognition.

sound hound
sound hound

After determining the song, the application gives out all the known (from Wikipedia) information: the exact name, artist, album, year of release. In addition, if the track is popular enough, lyrics, video sequence and even chords are additionally provided.

All search and recognition history is automatically saved on your device. So you can return to this data at any time and view it again. User feedback on the application is mostly positive. It copes well with difficult tasks (noise, interference, etc.) and recognizes almost all songs.

Sound Search in Google Play

Google has been running its own music store for quite some time now, which has a decent database of songs. Here you can draw an analogy with "Yandex. Music", but instead of the multifaceted assistant "Alice" isspecialized service "Audio search in Google Play".

Sound Search in Google Play
Sound Search in Google Play

As a rule, the program is not included in the basic set of applications for smartphones. Therefore, it has to be downloaded from Google Play separately. After installation, a small widget appears on the desktop. If you click on it, it will be activated and the recording of the track you are interested in will begin. After that, the application will display the result with a link to it in the Google Play store.

Judging by user reviews, the music recognition program does a very good job of identifying difficult-to-perceive compositions with noise and interference. Unlike the above applications, this utility only provides basic information: title, album, and year of release. Search and selection of additional content, alas, is not provided.


The application was developed by Sony specialists. It also has high ratings in Google Play and a large number of positive reviews from users. The interface of the program is extremely simple and any beginner will understand it. All control comes down to only one purple button, by clicking on which the track is identified.

track ID
track ID

After the end of recording, the program will display all available information from the database. The size of the latter is quite impressive and can be compared with Yandex. Music. There is one caveat - there are more chances to get a result when searching for English-language compositions. Rare and little-known Russian-speaking performers such as "Grechka" or "Trill Pilla"the program does not detect. But the application will quickly find all the ringtones in English and French, even little-known ones. It is also worth noting that the operation of the program has practically no effect on system resources. Therefore, it can be run on any, even the oldest gadget. The only and basic requirement is support for the Android platform. Unfortunately, the utilities described above cannot boast of such system requirements.

Users leave mostly positive feedback about this music recognition software. Fans of foreign music are completely satisfied with the effectiveness of the application, fans of rare domestic bands and performers complain about the modest database of the service. In any case, if the song is in the archive of the utility, then it is determined quite quickly, even in the presence of extraneous noise and interference in the sound.

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