How to find out the site engine? Which website engine is better

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How to find out the site engine? Which website engine is better
How to find out the site engine? Which website engine is better

Choosing an engine for a future web project is quite difficult, since it is not at first glance that you can understand the significant differences between the different options. It is difficult for a non-professional to immediately determine the functionality that cannot be implemented using one or another CMS. Relying on the opinion of someone from the outside is also not worth it, since in this case personal preferences most often play a role. So, some work exclusively with Joomla or Drupal, others consider them "kindergarten". In any case, if it is necessary to determine the site engine, then it is better to leave this choice to the specialist who will develop it.

In no case should you agree to a "self-written" engine, only if you do not write it yourself, having sufficient qualifications. A web project without a CMS is also not a good idea. If you need to do such work personally, then attentiveness and prudence are required. It's a shame to go wrong with thismoment at the beginning of the project, and in the future run into the impossibility of implementing a certain function. Information on how to find out the site engine will certainly be useful to novice developers of electronic resources.

how to find the site engine
how to find the site engine

Issue price

For developers, the important question is whether the site is on a paid engine or not. The conclusion can be drawn as follows - on a free basis, you can create an electronic resource of a good level. You need to spend money on CMS only when the options of free versions are not enough to implement the project. But many novice infobusinessmen or webmasters succumb to the persuasion of sellers who look very convincing. The methods of luring include the following sentences:

  1. Extended functional range. This is the only reason why you should agree to such an offer. The rest is just an attempt to play on human trust.
  2. Search engines are more inclined towards sites with paid CMS. They classify others as suspicious and give out in the search as a last resort. This is actually a myth.
  3. All reputable companies only work with paid products.
  4. Closed code of paid engines and lack of proper security for others.
  5. To determine the site engine, you do not need to focus solely on the final cost of the project. The main criterion should be the possibility of implementing ideas.


To decide on which engine the site will work, you should understand the peculiarities of each of the options. First inThe list of preferred CMS is WordPress as it is the simplest product. The content management system is widely used because of its ease of use. Downloading and working with it is absolutely free.

This engine is popular with both developers and users of electronic resources. The benefits of WordPress include good manageability, optimization, and a wide variety of plugin options.

determine the site engine
determine the site engine

In order to learn how to create websites, WordPress is just right. No special knowledge is required to work with the system. With the help of this CMS, simple information portals, blogs and even online stores are being developed.

Experienced specialists give the following advice - before developing any functionality, you should look for it in finished form, which will greatly facilitate the work.

WordPress is the best choice from an SEO perspective.


This CMS, like the previous one, works free of charge. The system includes a huge number of software modules. Thanks to her, you can learn how to independently create pages that will have a variety of parameters. The engine has a large number of options, the settings include detailed functions. Drupal is somewhat more complex than WordPress, but you don't have to be a programmer to work with this CMS. In terms of SEO optimization, Drupal is at a good level.

what engine is the site on
what engine is the site on

This engine is powered bymany corporate electronic resources. Development of an online store website engine with this CMS will be quite simple, and even interesting. The system is also suitable for displaying a wide range with a large number of items.


If you ask the developers of various projects which website engine is better, many will point to Joomla, on the basis of which eBay, Orange and IKEA are created. Since the system has a wide range of add-ons, it can be used to implement almost any project - from business cards to information portals. Moreover, this can be done simply and in a short time.

website engine development
website engine development

But this engine is not flexible, it's hard to go beyond the provided plugins. Optimization specialists scold this CMS for excessive duplicates and informational content. But with the right approach, a site with such an engine can be well received by search engines.


The Bitrix engine underlies many commercial projects. Its advantage is a good relationship with the 1C configuration. In addition, the system includes several ready-made designs for various types of electronic resources.

The implementation of any project with the help of Bitrix will cost more than with the previous options. The license for the most accessible version of this engine costs about twenty-five thousand rubles. All architectural solutions with the help of this base have a high cost. Any specialist for work on this CMS will require a higher fee compared to other systems.

which website engine is better
which website engine is better

The engine needs a huge amount of resources, it is very slow, security also leaves much to be desired. Duplicate pages and information are allowed.

But all aspects of SEO promotion are included in the options of the content management system, which can independently analyze search queries, key density, entry and exit points, server response headers.

Although the engine is quite profitable and profitable, the high price, resource intensity and complexity of work scare away developers.

Industrial espionage

How to find out the website engine of the Internet resource you like? There are situations when someone else's development is taken as the basis, and not their own ideas. Perhaps, accidentally seeing a portal, store or blog, a person understands that he has found a worthy development.

You can understand how to find out the site engine using the following methods:

  1. View the HTML code of the required page in the browser. The name of the platform is indicated after the word content.
  2. View the login address of the admin panel.
  3. Analysis of the structure of the robots.txt file. These can be folders, files, and file addresses.
  4. Using online services.
  5. Installing a special browser add-on.

If you use any of these methods, the question of how to find out the site engine will not cause difficulties.

Change CMS

Trying to move the site to another engine developers who are not satisfied with the ability to implement the necessary functions. Butthe probability of losing positions stops many from such innovations. The problem is solved simply. If possible, you should leave the old URLs or use a 301 redirect. If you need to change the engine of a resource with a large volume, then using a “404 error” will be useful. Text, headings and mega tags should be left unchanged.

move the site to another engine
move the site to another engine

The migration process is no less time consuming than the creation of a new platform itself. When performing this action, you need to be extremely careful in order to maintain positions in the search results.

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