Receiving and sending information is a real success

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Receiving and sending information is a real success
Receiving and sending information is a real success

Any movement of a person's thought is due to the received information, and any action is the result of a reflection of the received. Between perception and reaction lies the accumulated life experience, knowledge and skills: receiving and sending information is, first of all, an unconscious process. A lot of things a person does on a full machine.

Receiving and sending information
Receiving and sending information

The connection between the unconscious and the conscious is so great that there is no doubt: everything perceived by a person, understanding what he is doing, not knowing how, puts it in even rows in his own experience and knowledge.

Receiving and sending information is important

Computer technology has reached great heights, created many promising forms of representation and algorithms for processing information, but all this still does not look like it is settled in human existence.

Using any program, a person, first of all, uses the experience and knowledge of the developer, understands it and acts according to its algorithms. It is not comfortable. A person is not a user, so it has become customary to call thosewho more or less mastered the keyboard and became close to computer science. But even becoming a user, a person uses all the tools available to him in an optimal way for him. No one pays attention to such a dismissive attitude of software and information systems developers towards their customers.

Adequate and absolutely real will be the attitude of a person to a program developer who believes that the processing and transmission of information is his element.

User - almost always not a "teapot"

Reception of information by any program is a specific algorithm, and how the user performs his part of the dialogue depends on what the program will send him as a result.

Here, the formula "receiving and sending information" is not at all the way it is accepted, but the way someone has established. The process of developing a program is influenced by various specialists, but the final result is created by the programmer (developer).

The result fits the professional experience of the creators and the accumulated experience of third-party developers, since their achievements are used on the following issues: storage and transmission of information, its analysis, formation of decisions, derivation of rules, and so on.

Storage and transmission of information
Storage and transmission of information

It is sometimes incomprehensible to the mind how and who could imagine these or those forms of dialogue that will be served by another program, site, script, information system of a user, or rather, a person who has achieved social well-being in life, that is, who is objectively able to accept and use information manuallyway.

The prism of knowledge of some unknown programmer teaches someone who knows how to live, what to do, how to receive and send information - it's like in the good old days: on a miraculous whim, they decided to train a rooster, how to peck grains.

A programmer is work, not experiments on information, its sources and consumers.

But a programmer is rarely a specialist

Most recently, in the 90s, in addition to the revival and social upheavals, in the social space, in the then narrow information spaces, the classics of writing dominated: the program, regardless of the style of writing, included a task, a customer and executive programmer.

The customer provided the subject area, and the programmer formalized it and made an algorithm that clearly had to be redone many times until the process bothered one of the parties. However, everyone was busy.

The advent of object-oriented programming gave a chance to turn everything upside down. However, the public consciousness was not ready to control the process. Naturally, the programmers very effectively packed fresh and promising ideas into the classic, familiar framework.

Processing and transmission of information
Processing and transmission of information

Instead of manipulating customer objects, a modern program manipulates windows, buttons, scripts, rules, and other things available to the programmer. The customer again does not understand anything, again the programs are rewritten, finalized throughout the entire period of their existence. Everything againin action.

Dynamics of opportunity

Information has always been accompanied by adequate tools. Apparently, this is not from the sphere that is known, but each stage of human development had an information space and means of manipulation in it. No one has managed to manage information at all, but to influence such a process as receiving and sending information is carried out without problems in any program (in any private sphere). There would be a desire on the part of the process…

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