"Lanit": feedback from employees, address, subsidiaries. IT-company "Laboratory of new information technologies"

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"Lanit": feedback from employees, address, subsidiaries. IT-company "Laboratory of new information technologies"
"Lanit": feedback from employees, address, subsidiaries. IT-company "Laboratory of new information technologies"

Today we have to find out what reviews Lanit earns from employees. It is also necessary to understand what kind of company we are talking about. After all, this is an important moment for employment. Each employee should have a general idea of a potential employer. It is likely that the field of activity will not satisfy the future employee. And reviews about the employer help to understand how the organization is conscientious. What are the pros and cons that should be paid attention to by all citizens who are interested in finding a job at Lanit? What kind of company is this? All this will be discussed later.


The first step is to understand what the organization does. What services does it offer to its customers?

lanit employee reviews
lanit employee reviews

Lanit is an IT company that has been operating in Russia for a long time. Among the services, all possible types of work in the field of IT can be distinguished. Moreover, from design to direct installation.

The company "Lanit" is constantly looking for new employees for employment. But is it worth paying attention to thiscorporation? What are the pros and cons of her?


One of the advantages is such an indicator as the scale of the company. Lanit receives positive feedback from employees because the organization is widely known in Russia.

The main branches of the corporation are located in Moscow and St. Petersburg. It is here that the population is most often interested in the details of cooperation with the organization. The IT company under study is not a scam that no one knows about. According to numerous reviews, this corporation is one of the leading in Russia.

Only about the good faith of the employer, widespread throughout the country does not speak. Lanit is not a scammer, everyone should learn this fact. But whether it is worth getting a job here is not yet clear. Numerous reviews about the company will help you decide whether to cooperate with the company.


Before finding out the answer to this question, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with some information about the corporation. The laboratory of new information technologies "LANIT" is an organization that has a huge number of various branches and departments. But only the head office is still located in Moscow.

lanit company
lanit company

The corporate address plays an important role. With serious claims, it is recommended to contact the head office. "Lanit" address has the following: Russia, Moscow, Murmansky passage, house 14, building 1.

About projects

It is also worth noting that the corporation under studyserves many companies. She has many projects. And therefore, Lanit receives positive feedback from employees for its activities. We can say that we will have to work with well-known client corporations.

Among the most popular projects developed by the Lanit IT company, the following organizations stand out:

  • "Post of Russia" (GIS EKH);
  • "Moscow Bank" (provision of self-service machines);
  • "PrimSotsBank" (installation of anti-hacking protection on ATMs);
  • "Rosbank" (installation of remote power management for ATMs).

This is just the beginning. The presence of such projects is of interest to many applicants. It seems that you will have to work in a really conscientious corporation. But is it really?

IT company
IT company

Before the interview

Finding the answer to the question is not as easy as it seems. The thing is that the network academy "LANIT" receives a variety of reviews from applicants. Many are attracted by employer offers.

Most often you can see that the corporation offers career advancement, self-development and decent earnings. Lanita's slogan: "Career, drive, movement". It is he who attracts many potential employees. I want to find a job in a company that will really allow you to develop, and not just require the automatic performance of certain tasks.

All available vacancies can be seenon the official website of the Lanit company. There are usually a lot of them. And it pleases. But is everything really so good? What deserves the attention of job seekers?


Lanit does not often receive feedback for the interview. After all, it surprises no one. The only thing that is sometimes noticed by applicants is that a resume can initially be submitted electronically. There is nothing difficult or special about the process.

In general, the interview for employment at Lanit is carried out according to the standard scheme - a conversation and filling out the applicant's questionnaire. Recruitment managers are polite, cultured. They talk about all the advantages and prospects of cooperation with the organization. It is felt that everyone who comes is treated with due attention.

But sometimes "Lanit" employees' reviews are not the best for the interview. Some say that they have encountered tremendous unprofessionalism, as well as rudeness and rudeness from recruiting managers. There is no confirmation of any such words, but they are not so rare.

network academy lanit
network academy lanit


Network Academy "LANIT" receives various reviews. Many say that in the company under study you have to work with different people. They are not always good and responsive. Nevertheless, the working team in the corporation is mostly open and friendly. For the most part, employees are happy with it. Subordinates note that Lanit hascorporate ethics. The company under study is a place for new acquaintances. Just what many need!

But sometimes Lanit has not the friendliest subordinates. No one is immune from this factor. Fortunately, there are practically no complaints about the work team. And it pleases.


Almost all Russian IT companies offer their applicants initial career growth and development prospects. But in practice they are not. At Lanit, according to numerous opinions, on the contrary, there are prospects for professional and career development. It's just hard to move forward. Getting promoted in a company is a huge step forward. You will have to really prove yourself in order to show your superiors your skills.

"Lanit" receives negative feedback from employees in this area is also not so rare. Some subordinates talk about the lack of real career prospects. There is professional development in the corporation, but nothing more. Only those close to the leadership can hope for a promotion. The rest will have to work as ordinary subordinates.

laboratory of new information technologies LANIT
laboratory of new information technologies LANIT

About leaders

Georgy Gens is the director of the firm under study. But only he has practically no contact with his subordinates. Therefore, you cannot find real reviews about the director of Lanit. Basically, opinions are left for the work of managers in various departments.

The authorities in Lanita are not the worst. They work here andfriendly, fair, understanding people, and not the most honest bosses. Leaders are generally good. But subordinates still complain about them. Quite a normal situation for almost any employer.


"Lanit" receives positive feedback from subordinates for the working conditions that are offered to all employees. What do job seekers and employees pay attention to?

It is noted that Lanit provides specially equipped offices to all subordinates. They have everything you need to perform your duties. Everywhere is light, clean and comfortable. Each worker has his own place. You can take a break for tea during work.

There is a gym right in the Lanita office. Each subordinate can use it in their free time. The entire interior is made in the same style. Nothing special, but comfortable working conditions are highly appreciated by subordinates.

it companies in Russia
it companies in Russia


An important point is the issue of earnings in the corporation. It interests applicants the most. After all, you can put up with some of the shortcomings of the employer, if the boss pays well.

"Lanit" reviews of employees for salaries accrued to subordinates are mixed. Some employees note that earnings could be higher. The salary is not so high, and you need to work a lot. However, the organization does pay.

And some say that Lanit pays really well. Herethere is a huge variety of prospects for increasing earnings, bonuses and other rewards. Salaries are also encouraging. But only for a normal salary you need to conscientiously treat your work. Then you can really earn money in Lanit.

As already mentioned, salaries are trying not to delay. Small hitches with payouts can occur, but not too often. This is very pleasing. It turns out that Lanit is an IT company where you can earn money and provide yourself with a decent life. Just what so many need!

Instead of a conclusion

What conclusions are drawn from all of the above? Lanit is an employer that really exists in Russia. It offers good working conditions, although they are far from ideal. Many employees say that the place is relatively good. There are employers with better conditions, there are worse ones. Accordingly, Lanit cannot be called scammers.

lanit address
lanit address

True, in order to make money in this company, you will have to not only sit in the office all day, but conscientiously fulfill your duties. This is the only way to succeed. Otherwise, employees may accuse Lanit of fraud and deceit. But in fact, the organization is not deceiving anyone.

Is it worth getting a job here? If there is a desire, then yes. As already mentioned, Lanit is far from the worst employer. But not ideal either. Therefore, it is worth considering the corporation as a possibleplace of work.

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