"Dediki" - what is it?

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"Dediki" - what is it?
"Dediki" - what is it?

Server users repeatedly encounter the concept of "dediks". What it is? This term comes from the abbreviated dedicated server, which means "dedicated server". This review will tell you what it is, what it is for and where it is used.


dude what is this
dude what is this

Dedicated server is the provision of hosting services, when absolutely autonomous physical equipment is leased to the client. This type of hosting is the most optimal in case of launching applications that, for one reason or another, cannot be present along with other projects on the same machine. Or they may require a large number of allocated resources in order to maintain performance and be able to develop.

The difference between a dedicated server and a virtual one

how to connect to dedik
how to connect to dedik

Dediki - what kind of servers? Often this type of equipment is located on a special technical site in the data center. Its main feature is the complete transfer of all rights to configure and administer the server to the tenant. The owner gets absolute access to everythinghardware and software that is on the leased equipment.

The client can choose the operating system for the Dedik server, as well as change the entire configuration. He has the right to carry out any testing or maintenance work. There is no risk of harming other services or servers. Very often, in order to be able to remotely control the BIOS and software, the client is given the ability to access through KVM in addition to the server.

Ensuring uninterrupted access to the server in uninterrupted mode is one of the significant advantages that Dedicated servers have. What does it mean? For example, if some information is located on a machine separate from the server, then even in the event of technical work or maintenance on it, access to this information will not be blocked.

Advantages over cloud servers

get dedik
get dedik

First of all, a dedicated server has a lower cost. Cloud solutions with similar characteristics will cost more. In theory, a cloud server makes it possible to save on the cost of resources when it is idle. But in practice, he almost never does. For example, tasks to create backups work at night. Such a process for a large project can take eight or more hours.

Another disadvantage of cloud solutions is the additional resource consumption for many layers for network and disk subsystems, as well as for virtualization. This has a significant impact on efficiency.equipment. This is especially noticeable on highly loaded projects.

Security is also a disadvantage of cloud servers. Access to data on hard drives and in RAM, in addition to the client itself, is also available to the owners of the cloud. It could be dangerous.

Applications for dedicated servers

dedicated server
dedicated server

Often this type of equipment is the most convenient in order to realize access to computer games online, which implies not only the presence of huge computing resources and serious hardware requirements, but also the simultaneous presence of a large number of gamers accessing the site from all over the world. In addition, all data in games must be saved.

If there is no deletion of game accounts, rollbacks when merging several game servers, or during maintenance and technical work, it becomes possible not only to save all game data, but also to raise the server rating among players.

Dedicated servers in automatic information processing systems can be used not only to reduce the load on a particular computer. Dediks are also responsible for ensuring the network security of the project. What does this mean? In any hacker or DDOS attack, when the database is located on a separate machine, important information will not be affected. The hacker who took possession of the resource will not be able to cause any significant damage to the project.

Dedik-server can be called the server of any online game,on which only the server part is launched, and the data about the characters and players are located on another machine. Very often, if it is possible to use a version of the device with an operating system of the Unix family, the choice falls on it. It is cheaper and easier to use.

Dedicated servers are also used to host sites related to high-load projects.


dedik programs
dedik programs

How to connect to Dedik? The easiest way is to use the utility that is built into the Windows operating system. It's called Remote Desktop Connection. It is located in the OS system folder as an executable file mstsc.exe.

The connection itself is intuitive. It will prompt you to enter the IP address of the remote server, the login under which the connection will be made, and the password. After clicking on confirmation, a connection will be made.

There are also utilities that also use the remote desktop protocol, but they have a number of advantages. This can be storage of the Dedik database, sorting, commenting and other functions. The most famous connection utilities are Dedicated Server Book and RMS. They help the system administrator very well. When connecting, do not forget about security and use a VPN or proxy.

Creating a dedicated server

how to create a dedik
how to create a dedik

Many customers are interested in how to create a dedik. You need to understand that this is a physical powerful computer,which is permanently connected to the network. Is it possible to create it yourself? No. There are several options:

  1. If you constantly need access to the server from different places, it is quite possible to make it from your own computer. To do this, you need to take care of its constant connection to the network. Also, it must be powerful enough. It needs to open port 2289 through which you can connect to the remote desktop protocol. A dedicated IP address is another condition.
  2. Server assembly can be ordered from any hosting company that will provide server rental according to the configuration ordered by the client. The user will be given an IP address, as well as a login with a password. This option is more expensive, but also more reliable.
  3. The most expensive option is to purchase a physical server and then install it in a data center for maintenance.

Getting a dedicated server

In order to get a Dedik, you need to contact the hosting company that provides such a service and leave a request on the site or in writing. After reviewing it, you will need to specify the desired configuration and software. After everything is done, the client receives the equipment and concludes a contract.

Some companies provide free access to Dedik for a certain period. A sort of demo version so that the client can evaluate all the advantages and disadvantages of a dedicated server. At the end of the term, you can either continue using, but for a fee, or refuse the service.


As it becomes clear from the above, Dedik is just a server. Its characteristic feature is the leasing of equipment to the client. If you have to work on projects with a high load, then a dedicated server will be the best choice. There are special programs for its management. All online games touch Dedik.

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