How to connect your phone to a TV: practical recommendations

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How to connect your phone to a TV: practical recommendations
How to connect your phone to a TV: practical recommendations

The mobile phone is rapidly transforming into something more substantial, it is no longer a simple communication device. The once familiar functionality (call, send a message, write a number in the phone book) today seems somewhat primitive. No wonder, because modern devices are equipped with high-precision GPS modules, and the resolution of the optics that modern smartphones are equipped with has reached incredible shooting quality. The question of how to connect the phone to the TV is also natural, since today it is quite feasible. However, there are still some limitations and they are related…

Device Usability

How to connect phone to TV
How to connect phone to TV

Of course, not all smartphones have enough functionality to be considered a full-fledged technical addition to your TV. However, the variety of technological solutions does not exclude the possibility of connecting to TV most of the mobile communication devices in order to view photo and video materials directly from a cellular device. It is also worth noting that the TV receivermust also meet some technical requirements, and in particular, the presence of appropriate connectors is a sign of a "favorable connection". By the way, success in deciding how to connect your phone to a TV depends primarily on the universal ability of your TV to recognize the signal source.

Quality connection

Phone with TV…
Phone with TV…

Incredibly simple solution if your Blue Screen is equipped with an HDMI connector. To connect, you only need an HD cable with micro (type D) and standard (type A) end caps. Disconnect both devices and connect them using the above cord. Find the HDMI source in the TV menu, then you can view photos, videos, and play music files from your smartphone on the TV screen. This method fully answers the question of how to connect the phone to the TV. However, there is another option when the smartphone does not have an HDMI interface. In this case, you can use a special adapter-converter micro USB-HD. The extension is a regular standard HDMI cable.

Infrared port

Connecting your phone to a TV
Connecting your phone to a TV

The once quite popular IC is back in service with mobile phone manufacturers. Of course, this connection is not exactly in the context of this article, but it certainly requires attention. A smartphone equipped with this port is quite capable of replacing the remote control. Agree, a phone with a TV in “comfort tandem” is quite temptingoption. You should not constantly look for the remote control, because the mobile is always in the "hearing range", so finding it is much easier than a plastic box that fell behind the sofa. By the way, even tube TV receivers with IR technology are fully controlled by cellular super-aggregates.

Smart TV and smartphone: “brothers in mind”

The most optimal combination for a comfortable connection is when two different devices have a common data transfer technology. For example, WiFi. The Smart TV feature allows you to use your phone as a remote control. All that is required from the user to control the TV from the phone is to install a special application on your smartphone corresponding to the modification of the device.

  • Sony Remote needs to be downloaded for Sony machine.
  • Samsung needs Samsung Remote.
  • LG TV “understands” the LG TV Remote app.
  • Panasonic - accepts commands from VIERA Remote.
  • Philips - Managed by the Philips MyRemote app.

Step by step instructions: connect your phone to your TV via Wi-Fi

Control your TV from your phone
Control your TV from your phone

Let's consider the most "modern" synchronization method:

  • In order to establish a wireless connection between your phone and TV, you need a Wi-Fi router. It is to him that Smart TV is connected using a cable via the LAN interface. Some TV devices do not have a built-in Wi-Fi unit. In such a case, the useryou will have to buy an additional module, which is then integrated via a USB connector.
  • The smartphone will also be in the same wireless address space using the same router.
  • The app you downloaded from the store must match your TV model. Listed above.
  • Go to the installed "Remote" and pair with the device (TV). At this stage, you need to activate the option in the TV - "Remote control".
  • After following all the installation instructions on your smartphone (“insanely” easy process), you can enjoy Smart-comfort.

In closing

In any case, the question of how to connect the phone to the TV will not cause much difficulty. Of course, if the TV receiver or mobile phone is not quite “ancient”. The ease of connection and the intuitive interface of modern software allow even uninitiated users to correctly configure the connection. An indisputable advantage in such “unifying” cases is new technologies that push the boundaries of what is possible and make the use of electronics comfortable. Smartphone to he alth!

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