How to meet a guy on the Internet? How to originally meet a guy on the Internet?

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How to meet a guy on the Internet? How to originally meet a guy on the Internet?
How to meet a guy on the Internet? How to originally meet a guy on the Internet?

Now it's hard to imagine how people found each other before. Without telephones, without the Internet… Life has taken a modern person into such a turn that even young people have no time to go to discos - all communication has gone into virtual reality. If a few years ago, stories about the fact that someone's girlfriend met a guy on the Internet, and they live happily ever after, were equated with fairy tales, but now this is a common thing. Just like in real life, you need to follow a few rules, know some secrets to make this fairy tale come true for you.


how to meet a guy online
how to meet a guy online

When late in the evening after lectures at the institute and a part-time job in a supermarket you get to bed, and there are thirty minutes left before the body gives the command "hang up", you need to at least have time to check your mail, run into Odnoklassniki and look through wall "VKontakte". How to meet a guy online? Where to go to fulfill your cherished dream? All of the above and many moresocial resources are great for dating. There are highly specialized sites where people register exclusively for personal, so to speak, intimate (in a light sense) communication.

Of course, the hyped "communal chats" and "acquaintances" that have existed for years give some confidence in the serious intentions of users, but the rating takes its toll, and often you have to pay for some actions there, literally, with a ruble. New sites have a lot of bonuses, gifts and cool "chips" - they need to attract your attention. Decide for yourself where you will seek your destiny, and most importantly, how you will do it.


met a guy online
met a guy online

Let's agree right away that we are looking for a way to meet a guy on the Internet for a rather serious and long-term relationship. Because if you just want to chat about something or you are looking for physical intimacy without obligations, then it is enough to find a forum on the topic. We are here to make a fairy tale come true!

In fact, the situation with online dating is as close to real life as possible. Let's take the same disco for an analogy. The first thing any guy will pay attention to is your appearance. As always, men love with their eyes, at least for the first few minutes.

Accordingly, when filling out the questionnaire, take care of good photos. Have them done by a professional if possible. You should look as natural and attractive as possible. Leave simulated poses and strained smiles. The photo should tell aboutyou as much truth as possible. And social status, and hobbies, and character traits - all this can be reflected in a selection of well-taken pictures. For example, if you are into cooking, take a staged photo in your own kitchen, the image of a "cook" can be very seductive, especially since men like it when a woman cooks well … But do not overdo it, no more than ten photos.

questions for a guy on the internet
questions for a guy on the internet


It is important to be honest when filling out personal data. Tell me about yourself in spirit. After all, if you are looking for a guy for a couple of "dances", then you can say that your name is Lilith, and here you are on your way from Greece to Japan. But we agreed that your intentions are the most serious and romantic, so everything should be as truthful as possible, briefly, to the point, but not sparingly.

Try to make your answers in the questionnaire columns original, witty, interesting. After all, in spite of everything, the sexiest thing in a woman is the mind, show that you have it. Intrigue a potential boyfriend.

You should not put forward too long and detailed list of qualities that your chosen one should have. The guy will just get scared of your exactingness in requests or get tired of reading and "run away". Choose two or three key points that are most important in a partner. And you can also add a couple of general phrases like "I'm looking for a soul mate" - here you need to work hard on the wording.

Who is the first

When everything is ready: there is a profile and photos - it remains to wait? Not necessary. Modern morals are such that a girl has every right to be the first to turn to a guy - to order a "white dance". Using different filters: age, hobbies, purpose of acquaintance - choose an interesting candidate for yourself, study the profile in detail, admire the photos … Are you ready? Now you need to decide what to write to a guy on the Internet.

Removal rules. Method…

what to text a guy online
what to text a guy online

Never start with personal questions. Think disco. You walk up to a guy and… "Hi! How are you? Do you want to dance?"

When you ask questions about how to meet a guy on the Internet, what to write, the system is about the same. Only you are in a better position regarding the disco - you already know his name, how old he is and what he is fond of. This is exactly the hobby that is best to focus on in the first message.

Especially since you chose the young man yourself, it means that his hobbies should impress you. That is, the first phrase could be: "Hi! Went boarding last weekend? The weather was just magical!" You've already "invited him to the dance." Questions to a guy on the Internet can be very different, it is important that they are of interest to him. Further, your movements should be as soft and careful as possible so as not to scare him away. Relationships should develop gradually.

Be original

It is not enough to show interest in his hobbies. You need to figure out how to get to know a guy in an original way on the Internet. For example, ask him to vote for you insome interesting competition. Just describe what the contest is and why you are participating so that your message does not look like spam. Or invite him to compete. Yes, you will have to try and find a real contest on the topic, but who said that being original is easy? You can also tell him about a new remote free seminar in English or a recently opened skydiving course. There are a lot of options, all of them should be individual and suitable only for him. Fantasize!

how to meet a guy online
how to meet a guy online

Step into reality

How to meet a guy on the Internet, you now more or less imagine. But still we live in reality. Let's assume that both the acquaintance and pleasant communication took place. The next step is a meeting.

But don't be in a hurry. Try to establish eye contact with the interlocutor. For example, through a video call. Come up with some interesting pretext for such communication. For example, get excited to show him the plush dog you just finished sewing or the live puppy you bought today. You will have the opportunity to see not a photo, but a living person, his facial expressions, gestures, hear his voice, intonations of speech. Sometimes it is precisely such important "little things" that repel a person forever. After this dialogue, you will most likely be sure of the need for a personal meeting, or vice versa.

how to meet a guy online what to write
how to meet a guy online what to write

Between "here" and "there"

I want one last thingto share one more tip on how to meet a guy on the Internet, more precisely about how to extend this acquaintance. Do not delay with a personal meeting if the interlocutor is pleasant and interesting. It may happen that you have already become attached to a person with a soul, and he grunts when he laughs. Can you imagine?! Grunts! And all - a personal tragedy. And you can also get on the "virtual" - this guy is not at all interested in real meetings. He can fool you for a very long time, and in the end he will simply disappear.

If you communicate every day, then a week of conversations on the Internet will be enough to gather your courage and go for a cup of coffee at the same table. This can be said by any girl who met a guy on the Internet and lives with him happily ever after…

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