The Elder Scrolls: Dunmer, history, traditional Dunmer names

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The Elder Scrolls: Dunmer, history, traditional Dunmer names
The Elder Scrolls: Dunmer, history, traditional Dunmer names

The Elder Scrolls, or Elder Scrolls, is a series of games with a rich, varied history and well-developed world. Each race living in Tamriel has a rich history, traditions and, of course, names. Agree, how can you travel the world, completely immersed in history, if the character's name is Vasya? No offense to Vasily, a wonderful name. The special names for representatives of the dark elf race, in other words, the Dunmer, were no exception.

Evolution of the Dunmer
Evolution of the Dunmer

The atmospheric name for the protagonist in the third Elder Scrolls was relevant, because many chose the Dunmer as the race for the protagonist. Why? But after all, Morrowind is the territory of the dark elves, who, if not the Dunmer, is to save the world? And if you consider that the lion's share of the followers of the "Scrolls" appeared after the release of The Elder Scrolls 3 Morrowind, it becomes clear why the popularity of the race migrated to subsequent parts. Run around Tamriel alone withstrange name yet, all right. But not so long ago, The Elder Scrolls Online came out, where you need to not only come up with an atmospheric name for the character, but also a surname. What is the best Dunmer name for the hero and where to get it?

History of the Race

Once this race descended from the Chimers. Their skin was not grey. According to one legend, when the Chimers fell into the first sandstorm near Red Mountain, their skin turned gray and their eyes turned red from the ash.

Dunmer history
Dunmer history

Due to their characteristics, the Dunmer are excellent all-round fighters: their innate ability for magic and body dexterity allow them to wield magic, bow and sword. Dunmer are especially disposed to fire magic, they have an innate resistance to fire. Dunmer live longer than humans, about two to three times longer.

The climate of the homeland of the dark elves is harsh, it leaves an imprint on the nature of the race itself. The Dunmer are not very friendly towards strangers, who, of course, reciprocate them. The Dunmer keep their culture, respect traditions, many members of the race are believers and revere their ancestors.

Features of the formation of names

Since the Dunmer live far from other representatives of the Mer, they have their own peculiarities of names. Names, of course, are at least two syllables long, but are not too long. Although sometimes Dunmer names are quite unusual, such as Hanarai Assutlanipal or Shilipuran Zama-Razur.

Dunmer Mage
Dunmer Mage

In the names of the dark elves there are accents on loud vowels,for example, "a", "o", "y". The sounds "r" and "d" are found in them more often than, for example, in the Altmer. Dunmer female names end in vowels, male Dunmer names end in consonants. Dunmer last names sound the same as first names.

Sample list of names

To come up with an atmospheric name for a character, you can try to apply the features of the names. If the fantasy ends, then you can always use the Dunmer name generator or choose something from the list.

  • Saryol Morvhul.
  • Melaro Uledri.
  • Tarval Othaler.
  • Endvel Alenim.
  • Tytlam Delthyron.
  • Arasreloth Rilalor.
  • Mallon Malralen.
  • Gavies Salvato.
  • Trereliu Varravel.
  • Davahe Madndes.
  • Melssu Gallvel.
  • Ethyaenc Hlenssen.
  • Daroves Belvelas.
  • Fathdstar Nilayne.
  • Felvdren Nerato.
  • Idrondris Fedolvis.
  • Ranes Idrtella.
  • Drorase Davuhyron.
  • Gurond Berdran.
  • Avavur Alanvion.
  • Elvayne Hlaeth.
  • Bivahise Dathdor.
  • Rerydala Thamo.
  • Nedrisea Alethi.
  • Nathhusa Omelo.
  • Nelenea Orenlyn.
  • Mundlsea Aryndes.
  • Vonvase Darhri.
  • Senlosa Mataram.
  • Taniasi Rivurimo.

The Dunmer are a wonderful race. She, like other races of Tamriel, complements the world of Nirn, fills it with a special atmosphere.

Dunmer woman and man
Dunmer woman and man

The right choice of Dunmer name allows you to fully get used tointo the role, feel like a part of the whole universe and, of course, proudly bear the beautiful name of a dark elf who is ready to defend his customs and traditions, despising any stranger visiting Morrowind.

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