How to restore "Windows 7"? Windows 7 System Restore - Helpful Tips

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How to restore "Windows 7"? Windows 7 System Restore - Helpful Tips
How to restore "Windows 7"? Windows 7 System Restore - Helpful Tips

Windows 7 is reliable and stable. But it is also subject to failure. There are many reasons for this (the action of a computer virus, incorrect installation of drivers or software, incorrect optimization, etc.). A complete reinstallation of the system will lead to the loss of personal data, all installed programs and drivers. Often, you can solve the problem and return the computer to working parameters using the built-in recovery tools provided in the arsenal of Windows 7. They are much more advanced than in earlier versions of this operating system.

How to restore windows 7
How to restore windows 7

How to restore "Windows 7"? There are several ways. Most of them are accessible and understandable to the average user and do not require special computer skills.

Setting fundsrecovery

To avoid losing personal data, you must first create a copy of the system. For this you will need:

  • call the main menu of the computer by clicking on the "Start" button;
  • click on the line "All Programs";
  • find the "Maintenance" section in the list;
  • select the "Backup and Restore" component;
  • at the first start, set the mode "Restore system settings and previous versions of files";
  • save changes by clicking on the "Apply" button;
  • select a disk to store the backup (it must have at least 40 GB of free memory);
  • click on the "Continue" button;
  • upon completion of the archiving and backup process, a copy of the system will be stored on the hard disk, which will be needed when solving the problem of how to restore Windows 7.

Recovery drive and how to create one

Restore the operating system will help recovery disk. To create it you will need:

How to restore windows 7 system
How to restore windows 7 system

• take a blank DVD or CD;

• in the "Maintenance" section, click on the item "Create a system recovery disc";

• insert the disc into the drive;

• click on the Create Disc button;• wait for the backup process to complete.

Returning the operating parameters of the system using the recovery disk

How to restore "Windows 7" if there is no installation disk? For revenuea recovery disk will come. In order to use it, you must:

• insert the disc into the drive;

• restart the computer;

• go into the BIOS and change the boot settings, prioritizing CD / DVD;

• when on the screen a message appears about the possibility of booting from a disk, press the "Enter" key;

• specify the language;

• in the next window select the saved copy of the OS;

• click on the line "System Restore";• follow the prompts of the recovery wizard.

Using system software

The OS has a built-in component that allows you to restore "Windows 7" without a disk. It is easy to work with him. To run it you will need:

• open the main menu of the computer using the "Start" button;

• in the search bar located at the very bottom, enter the name of the system utility "System Restore";• launch the component.

Rollback Windows 7 using the system program consists of several stages:

Restore windows 7 on laptop
Restore windows 7 on laptop

• after launch, the system restore wizard window will open;

• continue working with it by clicking on the "Next" button;

• the latest restore point will be presented in the window that opens;

• select it with the mouse and click on the "Next" button;

• if there is a need to roll back to an earlier point, check the box "Show other restore points" in the same window; • to view the changes that will occur after the rollback, highlight the desired point and clickon the line "Search for affected programs";

• confirm the selection of the restore point by clicking on the "Finish" button;

• the system will issue a warning that it is impossible to stop the recovery process;

• for continue to click on the "Yes" button;

• wait a while while the system setup is performed;

• restart the computer.

This is an easy way to restore "Windows 7" on a laptop or computer and return it to working condition.

How to restore the system in safe mode

Recover windows 7 password
Recover windows 7 password

Sometimes there are situations when the system refuses to boot normally. In this case, the rollback can be performed through safe mode. For this you need:

• turn on the computer;

• before the system starts, press the "F8" key until the function menu opens;

• select the line "Safe Mode";

• run it by pressing the "Enter" key;• restore Windows 7 using the system component.

You can do it in another way:

• after entering the special menu, use the "F8" key to find the item "Safe Mode with Command Line Support";

• use the command "rstrui.exe";

• the system recovery wizard will start;• perform a rollback following the wizard's prompts.

Now you know how to restore the Windows 7 system if its normal boot is not possible.

BIOS setup

Before you start restoring the OS from the installation disk (provided that itis), you need to perform the appropriate BIOS setting, namely, change the boot priority:

• insert the boot disk into the drive;

• enter the BIOS using the "Del" or "F2" key;

• find the "Advanced BIOS Features" section;

• go to the "Boot Sequence" subsection;

• set the "First Boot Device" parameter to "CD / DVD";

• exit to the BIOS main menu with the "Esc" key; • save changes with F10 key.

Restore windows 7 without disk
Restore windows 7 without disk

On some computers, to change the boot priority in the BIOS, the algorithm of actions is as follows:

• go to the “Boot” section;

• open the “Boot Device Priority” subsection;

• for the “1 st Boot Device” parameter, set the value to “CD / DVD”; • press "Esc" to return to the main menu and "F10" to save changes.

Changing the BIOS settings helps in solving the problem of how to restore "Windows 7" from the installation disk. Below we will tell you what is required for this.

Using a boot disk

If you cannot launch a special menu with the "F8" key, you will need a boot disk to roll back the system.

• After starting the disk, the Windows installation window will appear on the computer screen;

• select the language;

• continue loading from the disk by clicking on the "Next" button;

• click on the line "System Restore";

• select the recovery option by clicking on the desired option;• follow the prompts of the recovery wizard.

Windows 7 password recovery

If the password is forgotten and there is no way to boot the system, it will need to be restored. How to recover Windows 7 password? You can do this in a few steps, provided you have a boot disk:

Windows 7 setup
Windows 7 setup

• insert the installation disk into the drive;

• boot from it, having previously changed the boot priority in the BIOS;

• find the line "System Restore" at the bottom and click on it with the mouse; • in the next window, select the required OS from the list of systems available on the computer;

• click the "Next" button;

• among the system recovery options, find the "Command Prompt" item and select it;

• run the Windows registry with the "regedit" command;

• find and select the registry key "HKEY_Local_Machine";

• open the "File" menu (located at the top);

• select the “Load hive” function;

• in the window find the “System” file using the path “C:/Windows/system32/config”;

• specify the name of the section, for example “222”;

• open the "HKEY_Local_Machine" registry key;

• find the "222" section, and in it the "Setup" subsection;

• change the "SetupType" parameter by double-clicking on it;

• in the window that opens, set the value to "2";

• close the window by pressing the "OK" button;

• change thread another “CmdLine” parameter, setting the value to “cmd.exe”;

• using the explorer, select the “222” section again;

• in the “File” section, use the “Unload hive” option;

• close the registry editor;

• remove the installation disk from the drive;

• restart the computer.

Restoring access

How to restore Windows 7
How to restore Windows 7

The corresponding Windows 7 setting, or rather, changing the registry branch, allows you to remove the old and set a new password and create another user. Algorithm:

• after a reboot, instead of the usual Windows welcome window, a command line will appear;

• display all accounts on the computer with the "net user" command;

• change the password for the selected "net user" account username new password";

• create a new user entry "net user username password/add";

• add the created account to the Administrators group "net localgroup Administrators username /add";

• remove the created account from the group of ordinary users "net localgroup Users username /delete";

• close the command line;

• Windows will boot normally;• use the credentials of the newly created administrator to log in.

How to restore the Windows 7 system, namely a forgotten password, if you are dealing with a localized Russian version? You need to use the same commands, only change the value of "Administrators" and "Users" to "Administrators" and "Users".

There are a lot of ways to restore the OS. But no matter how reliable they are, it is desirable to prevent a failure in the system. And then the question of how to restore "Windows 7" will disappear by itself.

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