WindowsimageBackup - what is this folder and can it be deleted?

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WindowsimageBackup - what is this folder and can it be deleted?
WindowsimageBackup - what is this folder and can it be deleted?

Sometimes we encounter a problem when there is not enough free space on the computer disk. The first thing that comes to mind is to remove something that is not particularly necessary, but takes up a lot of space. And then there is the WindowsimageBackup folder. What is this folder, suitable in all respects for getting rid of it? Do I need to remove it and what consequences can this entail? All this is described in this article for novice users of the Windows operating system.

What is this folder and why is it needed

In the named folder, the system stores everything for recovery. That is, in case of any unforeseen problems with the help of these files, the OS will be able to return everything to its previous position. By the way, this is what affects such a large folder size. But the system will never allow these files to take up more than 30% of the disk space - old files will go away, and new ones will appear.

From what has been said, it follows thatWindowsimageBackup is one of the necessary system folders that can help out in many problem cases.

So, you can start the recovery with it by going to the "Security and Update" section. Next, you need to go to "Special types of reboot" and select "Restart now", after which the computer will reboot, and in the "Diagnostics" line you can select "OS Recovery".

Windows evolution
Windows evolution

Can I delete WindowsimageBackup?

Many, having learned that this is WindowsimageBackup, decide to leave it alone, but some especially persistent users are still wondering if it can be removed? If you firmly decided this, then know that the computer will not react to the destruction of the folder and will continue its work.

Removal will not affect the PC on and off, but getting rid of it, you will lose the system recovery images, in case of unforeseen circumstances. Now you will delete it, and then suddenly fill the free space with a program containing a virus, and you will urgently need to return the system to its previous position. But Windows will not be able to do this because the required files are missing. Therefore, it is best to find the oldest and already unnecessary images in this folder and delete them, and leave the rest alone. Also, you should understand that this solution is only temporary, because the system will begin to replenish lost files over time, and you will again encounter the same problem.

Recovery error
Recovery error


We hope this article helped you and you now know what -WindowsimageBackup is. And if you haven't found any other solution, then try going to "Space Management" and changing the settings so that only fresh and new files are stored in the described folder, and the old ones do not take up the right space on the disk.

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