CPU and video card temperature monitor: software overview, description, installation and usage features

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CPU and video card temperature monitor: software overview, description, installation and usage features
CPU and video card temperature monitor: software overview, description, installation and usage features

Computer is a complex device. It is often difficult to deal with it, as system errors and hardware failures can await the user. To prevent this from happening, it is important to periodically diagnose the system for problems. Including it is necessary to monitor the temperature of the processor and video card.

What for?

First you need to understand why you need a temperature monitor for the processor and video cards. The fact is that there are several components in the system that can generate a lot of heat. For them, powerful cooling systems are usually installed. But this option does not always really help.

If you do not monitor the temperature in the case, you can allow excessive heat and failure of some or all components. For example, the same video card can burn out, and with it the motherboard.

Elevated temperatures may causeheating will degrade the performance of the components. This will affect the performance of the system. Friezes and lags can be noticeable.

By the way, excessive heat may not be noticeable in normal use. If the user launches a resource-intensive program or game, the computer starts to slow down. To prevent this from happening, you should carry out system diagnostics, including a temperature monitor for the processor and video card.

Cooling system

The main task of CO is to remove heat from the computer case. All modern PCs are equipped with a main cooler on the processor, and, if possible, several fans in the case. A video card can also have 1 to 3 fans. But sometimes they fail or are not powerful enough.

Most often, the user encounters cooling problems at the time of overclocking. Acceleration forces to increase the voltage, respectively, increases the consumption of electricity and heat generation. Some models are not designed for overclocking, so sellers recommend purchasing an improved cooling system.

You have to monitor the temperatures in the case of gaming systems. Gaming projects are resource-intensive programs, so they squeeze the maximum out of hardware. Sometimes it fails, resulting in performance degradation due to overheating.


With the program, controlling the temperature of the processor and video card is much easier. But it can be done not only with the help of utilities. Sometimes the BIOS will help in this matter.

PC Diagnostics
PC Diagnostics

But, as a rule, utilities are the mosteasy way. In addition, they help to collect information about the computer much faster. The result is more detailed and more accurate.

Among the most popular programs worth mentioning:

  • HWMonitor;
  • AIDA64;
  • Speccy;
  • GPU-Z;
  • CPU-Z;
  • Speed Fan;
  • Core Temp;
  • MSI Afterburner;
  • Open Hardware Monitor;
  • RivaTuner.

These are the ten most popular and accurate programs. They help to know the temperature of the components on the motherboard. Some of them deal with general system diagnostics and help understand the specification of each element.


Of course, using a program to control the temperature of the processor and video card is the easiest option. But you can do it through the BIOS. What is it?

BIOS is represented by a set of firmware. They are needed in order for the system to work holistically. There is a menu of the same name on every computer. To get into it, you need to know the combination.

Sometimes it is displayed during system boot. You can also find out by entering the name of the motherboard or at least the manufacturer in Google. If you can't find the information you need, try guessing the combination yourself.

To do this, turn off the PC, and after turning it on, start clicking on one of the keys. For example, Del, Esc, F12, F8, etc. Very rarely, the BIOS is launched using two or more buttons.

There are now many versions of this menu. Therefore, it is impossible to describe the instructions for each. In the latest updates, information abouttemperatures is immediately on the main screen. If it is not there, you will have to find the corresponding tab. It may be called H/W Monitor, CPU Temperature, CPU Information, etc.


This is one of the most popular programs for viewing the temperature of the processor and video card. It is free. You can download it from the official website, as well as from any other resource. Its main advantage is the Russian interface.

The purpose of this program is to check the temperature of components, study the efficiency of coolers, monitor changes in the operation of mechanisms. The utility accurately collects data about the processor and video card from any manufacturer.

CPU temperature check
CPU temperature check

The interface of the program is simple. After starting, it immediately loads all the data about the system. They are divided into groups. There is information about the voltage, temperatures of the processor, hard drive, video card, etc. There is information about the operation of the fans.

The program manages to monitor the temperature of the processor and video card in games and other resource-intensive applications. Simply start HWMonitor and leave it running in the background. After you can start the game and return to the program. It is important that the game is really resource intensive, otherwise it will be difficult to identify the problem, if any.


This program has been known for a long time. It used to be called Everest. Along with the renaming, the utility has changed slightly. The interface has changed a bit, and the monitoring result has become more accurate.

Of course, this programrarely installed in order to monitor the temperature. Usually it is used as an accurate diagnosis. It helps to find out the model of each component, works with system indicators and analyzes for errors.

You can install it from the official website. It is free for the first 30 days, after which you will need to pay from 3 to 14 thousand rubles, depending on the version. The program periodically receives updates, so it always works stably. There is a version in Russian.

Installation does not take much time. Just download the file and run it. During installation, specify the location to save the program files. After you can run. If you download a utility from a third-party resource, try to install it carefully, as the owners of such sites add other files to the package that can harm the system.

Heating of the processor and video card
Heating of the processor and video card

The program interface is complicated. It will take some time to deal with it. The program helps to monitor the temperature of the processor and video card, tests the fan speed, collects information about the memory, video card and other components. Helps to find failures and errors in the operation of the system and hardware elements.

Opening the utility, you can see all the components in the main window. By clicking on one of them, you can get more detailed information about it. There is a "Report" button at the top that launches an analysis of the entire PC.


The utility is similar to the previous program. It does an excellent job with the temperature monitor of the processor and video card. Also provides information about the operating system and PC components.

You can install it from the developer's site. There is a free version for home use. If you need more extensive diagnostics, then there is a paid version of Professional. You will have to pay $20 for it. There is a version in Russian.

The program helps:

  • gather information about Windows;
  • check component temperatures;
  • make a report and mail it;
  • check internet connection;
  • get information about the video card, processor, hard drive and other components.

The utility has a clear interface. Allows you to configure notifications about critical situations in the system and errors found. To check the temperature of the components, you need to go to the RealTime menu.

Component temperatures
Component temperatures


The program displays information about the video card and GPU. It can be downloaded from the official website for free. The interface is in English, but at the same time clear and simple. The main tab displays all the necessary information.

The utility detects the video card installed in the PC. It displays information about the model and manufacturer, specifications, memory size, driver installation date, etc.

In addition, you can additionally find out the temperature and frequency of the video core, the frequency and speed of the memory, the operation of the cooler.


A more advanced version of GPU-Z. You can also install from the official site for free. In Russian, the program can befound on third-party resources, but in this case it will not be able to collect a complete report on the state of the computer.

The utility weighs a little, so it is quickly downloaded and installed. It also doesn't require a lot of resources. Collects information about the motherboard, RAM and processor. Briefly indicates graphics card information.

Processor Options
Processor Options

The peculiarity of this program is its compactness. It works fast and shows accurate data. It can be installed additionally in tandem with AIDA64 to refine performance. Otherwise, it works with temperature, frequencies, speed of all components.

Speed Fan

The program can be downloaded for free from the official website. It is as simple as the previous two. It downloads and installs quickly on a PC. Does not require a lot of system resources.

This is a good program for monitoring the temperature of the processor and video card. It also collects data on the frequency and voltage of the system components. Indicates the fan speed and helps you adjust it. Supports accurate analysis of the hard drive.

The program shows accurate data and has an interface in Russian. Works with various adjustments in the Configure menu. Setting the fan speed may cause problems with the stability of the PC.

Core Temp

This is perhaps the simplest program that shows the temperature of the processor and video card. It collects real-time data for each core. You can install the utility from the official site. There is an option in the settingschoose Russian. Developers regularly provide updates.

Despite the lack of autorun, the utility copes with the necessary tasks. Sets up protection against overheating, turns on alerts for various events, helps to import data into an Excel spreadsheet.

Checking system elements
Checking system elements

MSI Afterburner

This utility is known as an overclocking tool. For the temperature monitor of the processor and video card on Windows 10, it is rarely used. But it also allows you to collect data regarding the temperature of the video card.

By the way, despite the name, the utility works not only with models from MSI, but also with products from other manufacturers. You can install the program for free from the official website.

It's easy to use. Just enough to run. It is advisable to do this at the time of launching a resource-intensive program. Thus, it will be possible to understand the temperature indicators of the video card in a calm and active state.

The interface of the utility is simple. On the left is a window with adjustment of the core and memory frequencies. Temperature readings are displayed on the right.

Open Hardware Monitor

This program allows you to make a CPU and video card temperature monitor. The check is similar to the one that HWMonitor helps to do. The program is free and does not require installation. Simply download the file from the official website and run it.

Processor temperature analysis
Processor temperature analysis

The tool collects heat data from all system components. He does this with the help of sensors onmotherboard. The table includes current and maximum possible values to make it clear how critical the situation is.


This utility does not apply to processor and video card temperature checkers, as it only works with the graphics adapter. But does it well, as does GPU-Z.

On the Internet, you can find a program and install it for free. Alexey Nikolaychuk used to work on it, but later he decided to work with EVGA and MSI Afterburner. Therefore, the last update came out in 2009.

The program is focused on overclocking AMD and nVidia video cards. Therefore, it allows you to monitor the temperature and frequency of the adapter. In the "Settings" tab, you can adjust the operation of the cooler. With RivaTuner, you can adjust the basic settings of the monitor.

Using the utility is easy because it has an interface in Russian. Navigating through the tabs, you can find all the necessary parameters, as well as configure the operation of the adapter and fans. Overclocking itself is carried out in the "Launch" tab.

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