How to check iPhone serial number?

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How to check iPhone serial number?
How to check iPhone serial number?

Apple's mobile devices, as you know, are quite expensive pleasure. It is not surprising that today they are massively counterfeited. Needless to say, the Chinese were especially successful in this. But I want to buy the original. This is where you first need to check the serial number of the iPhone to make sure that it is not a fake. How to do this in several ways, now it will be told.

How to check the serial number of an iPhone 5S or any other when buying in a store

So, the man decided to buy a brand new gadget. The issue of acquisition has two solutions. The gadget can be bought in the store, or you can order it with delivery. It goes without saying that in the store they will open the box and show the complete set and the device itself. Upon receipt of the parcel, you will have to find out what is inside the box yourself. However, fakes can also be found in stores.

To prevent this from happening, you can check the serial number of the iPhone at the stagewhile it is in a sealed box. This is done elementarily. True, in this case, you will need another mobile device with Internet access.

check iphone serial number
check iphone serial number

You need to do the following. We launch any Internet browser and go to the official page. Directly on the site on the right side there is a support section. After switching to it, scroll down the page and reach other resources, where we select the line for checking the rights to service and technical support.

apple check iphone serial number
apple check iphone serial number

Next, simply enter the serial number indicated on the box (S/N, Serial, Serial No or Serial Number), and then press the continue button. You can also find the "serial number" on the gadget itself.

If the device is real, the full model name will be displayed on the page. But any gadget after purchase needs to be activated, so the date of purchase will not be confirmed yet.

Questions about the date of purchase and activation of the device

Let's say we have the serial number of the iPhone 6. It was no problem to check it on the site, but the activation has not yet been made. In this regard, after payment, you will need to confirm the date of purchase on the same resource.

check iphone warranty by serial number
check iphone warranty by serial number

In principle, this can be done in different ways: either the seller himself will send the relevant information, or the data will be sent from the purchased gadget when Internet access is activated and the Apple ID is entered, or the owner himselfwill make such confirmation.

What to look for when buying a used device

Now a few words about used gadgets. It is clear, after all, that their cost is much lower than that of a brand new device. But here, too, exceptional care must be taken.

check iphone by imei serial number
check iphone by imei serial number

First of all, even before checking the complete set, you should compare all the data indicated on the package and on the SIM card tray with what is indicated in the settings. To do this, a section dedicated to the device is selected in the main settings menu, where comprehensive information will be presented. If at least one item does not match, the model is either not original or has already been repaired.

Check iPhone by IMEI number

Let's consider another option for checking a mobile device, which is suitable for all gadgets without exception. Of course, we are talking about checking the iPhone by the IMEI serial number, which is a unique international identifier. Many countries use it to confirm the official import of products into the country and divide the models into "white" and "gray". The former are considered officially imported, the latter are illegal.

how to check iphone 5s serial number
how to check iphone 5s serial number

However, there are some nuances. For example, for Apple products. You can check the serial number of an iPhone of this particular type on the international resource The identifier itself can be found either on the box, or on the SIM card slot, or in the settings in the device information section. But you canit is much easier to do it by entering the combination 06. on your smartphone

How to check iPhone warranty by serial number

Apple Corporation cares not only about the authenticity of its devices, but also about the worldwide warranty provided for them. Again, this will require you to check the iPhone serial number again on the company's website.

iphone 6 serial number check
iphone 6 serial number check

For example, a smartphone has been used for more than three months. As described above, we enter the number, but other data will already be shown on the page, including confirmation of the date of purchase and activation. In addition, there is a line here that clearly states that the service and repair warranty is provided, and technical support has expired. If you use the gadget for even longer, both periods will be shown as expired, however, the authenticity of the smartphone will still be confirmed, as well as the actual date of purchase.

Some non-serial questions

It is worth mentioning separately that when buying used devices, you should pay attention not only to the correspondence of serial numbers and some other data to those displayed on the gadget itself. Before buying, it is advisable to ask the previous owner to perform a full reset or at least turn off the activation lock function. To do this, you will need to deactivate Find My iPhone.

check iphone serial number
check iphone serial number

If for some reason the seller does not want to do this, explaining the refusal only by the fact that he does not remember the Apple ID, fromit is better to refuse purchases immediately. It is possible that the device is stolen. It is also important to know that without entering the Apple ID, it will simply be impossible to disable the aforementioned function yourself. Well, we are not talking about the presence of mechanical damage or software failures at all.


As you can see, it is not so difficult to check the serial number of the iPhone, however, in any case, you will need access to the Internet. Of course, you can also check using iTunes, but the above methods, when there is no computer at hand or access from another mobile device to the program does not work (or is blocked), seem to be simpler.

As for access to the Internet, this is not a problem either. For example, when there is no available Wi-Fi point in the store or the network requires a password to enter, you can use the capabilities of the mobile operators themselves, which support connections to networks like 3G, 3G +, 4G, LTE, etc. In any case, you can find a way out.

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