What is WDS? How to set up WDS?

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What is WDS? How to set up WDS?
What is WDS? How to set up WDS?

Many Internet users are wondering what is WDS and what are the benefits. The Wireless Distribution System, or WDS, is a wireless technology used for the following purposes:

  • increasing the network coverage area - this is done by combining several Wi-Fi points into a common network, they operate in repeater mode;
  • combining wired segments into a common local network.
what is wds
what is wds

How to expand network coverage?

So what is WDS? Modern technology allows you to increase and expand the coverage area, strengthen the signal and bypass obstacles. Most often, NanoStation M2 and NanoStation M2 Loco access points are used for these purposes. In the case when you use a Ubiquiti M series device, and subscribers use equipment from other manufacturers, you must disable the AirMax option, which is located on the first tab.

To disable AirMax technology, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Ubiquiti logo tab.
  • Select the AirMax field and uncheck Enable.
  • ForTo change the settings, press the Change button.
  • For the set parameters to take effect, you need to click Apply.

How do I set up my first hotspot?

To specify the required parameters for the first point, open the WIRELESS tab. In the Wireless Mode list, you need to find the Acces Point WDS mode. If the firmware is AirOS 5.5, you should select the AP-Repeater mode. Enter the MAC address of the second point in the WDS Peers field. You can find out the MAC address in the settings by going to the MAIN tab.

  • Access points operate in WDS repeater mode with WEP encryption type. You can install it in the Security list.
  • You must enter the name of the access point in the SSID field.
  • You need to select a country in the Country Code menu.
  • The Channel Width list should be set to 20MHz as not all client adapters support higher widths.
  • In the Frequency Mhz tab, you need to set the frequency at which the access point will operate. This value must be the same on the first and second points.
  • In the Security window, you must select the WDS encryption profile WEP, since other types of encryption will not work in repeater mode.
  • The password must be entered in the WPA Key field. It must be 10 characters long.
  • The settings will be saved after pressing the Apply button. To change all settings and parameters, you must click the Change button.
wds setup
wds setup

Network Settings

WDS is configured in the NETWORK tab. Here you can set everythingrequired parameters. To do this, do the following:

  • First, you need to set the Bridge mode in the tab.
  • You can define how the point will receive settings in the Bridge IP field. If the checkbox is set opposite Static, then the settings must be entered manually. The DHCP option allows you to receive all settings from the server automatically.
  • To save the set parameters, you must click Apply. You can make changes using the Change button.

After the settings take effect, the server will determine a new IP for the point. Therefore, the user will not be able to enter the network using the old unique address. To make it easier to find a new address, it is advisable to use a special utility.

Mode and type of encryption

wds profile
wds profile

After the user has figured out what WDS is and how to set up the first access point, you can proceed to setting up the second point. All the necessary parameters are entered in the WIRELESS tab.

If AirOS 5.5 is installed, you need to select AP-Repeater mode in the Wireless Mode menu. With AirOS 5.3 firmware, the mode should be Acces Point WDS.

MAC address of the first point must be entered in the WDS Peers field. You can find out the address in the settings by going to the MAIN tab.

If the WDS Peers fields are not active, you need to define the WEP encryption type in the Security list. Otherwise, access points will not work.

The second access point is configured by analogy with the settings of the first access point. The channel width is also set20MHz.

How do I set up a second hotspot?

  • In the Network Mode section, select the Bridge mode.
  • In the Bridge IP field, you need to specify how the point will receive settings.
  • When you click Apply, the settings will be saved.

When all parameters are set, you need to check if the points connect to each other in repeater mode. At each of the points, you need to go to the MAIN tab and select the Stations item. If everything is done correctly, the address of the connected access point will be displayed in the list.

wds mode
wds mode

How to set up a TP-Link router?

When a person understands what WDS is, he can easily amplify the signal in the house. For example, when the router is installed in one part of the apartment, and the signal is very weak in the other, you can correct the situation using an access point. It will transmit the wireless connection further, so you can access the Internet from your phone or tablet. The point will have a WDS operating mode "repeater" (repeater).

This configuration method is valid for almost all models of TP-Link routers. The external interface, the number of options and functions, as well as the quality of the connection may differ slightly, but all other parameters are almost identical.

To set the router parameters, you need to enter groups of numbers that are indicated in the documentation or on the back of the device. After entering the login and password, you need to open the main tab. In the SSID line, you need to write the name of the network.

Next, go to the "Wireless Mode" menu and activate the WDS mode. By clicking "Connection", you need to check the box next to a specific network and select the type of encryption. To protect the network, you should go to the Security tab. The PSK line enters a password, which should be quite complex.

In the last column you need to enter the password, and then specify the channel number. It must be the same as the selected network. If there is a notification that the network channel does not match the Wi-Fi channel, you need to change it to the correct one. After that, you need to restart your device.

wds tp link
wds tp link

The WDS TP-Link router is connected via a twisted pair cable. Network card settings should be set to default. After entering all the data, the cable between the computer and the router can be disconnected.

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