What is the Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant?

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What is the Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant?
What is the Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant?

Many users do not pay attention to such an important thing as updating, which causes a lot of different errors, bugs, lags and other things, but developers try to bring something new and very useful to the operating system every day while removing the bad points. If you have never used automatic updates, then it is for such people that the Windows 10 update assistant from the developer of this OS was created. This article is recommended exclusively for novice users of the Windows operating system.

Why you need the Windows 10 Update Assistant - Creators Update

The Windows operating system almost every few months makes global updates of both its built-in antivirus and other equally important components, such as the Edge browser. In connection with the news that the Windows operating system is monitoring its users, many users immediately began to look for millions of ways to disable any updates, as well as antivirus, because analogues on the market are much bettersoftware.

Windows Update
Windows Update

In 2017, a global update called the Creators Update was released. It is focused exclusively on Microsoft's own tablet computers. Its main innovation is to replace the usual Paint with Paint3D, so if you want to quickly install it, feel free to use the Windows 10 Update Assistant.

But still it is worth understanding why this program? The fact is that it is impossible to go from version 1600 to 1700 without reinstalling the operating system again, but this application proves otherwise. Many users complain that the application interferes with their daily work, requires a constant restart of the computer, but this is not the case, because it is worth doing a full update once, and only then it will not disturb you. In the next paragraph of the article, we will figure out how to get this application for your Windows 10.

Where to get the Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant program

If you are lured by tempting offers of a new update, then the program will definitely help you switch from one version to another. Perhaps everyone knows how dreary it is to reinstall the system, so the good developers took pity and added an update assistant. How to get the application? Windows 10 Update Assistant is installed on your PC with the latest system updates, so just don't block them.

computer restart
computer restart

By the way, if you read the Windows user agreement carefully, then inone of the paragraphs states that disabling updates can be calculated by the company as a hack, and is referred to the advisory legislators for consideration, so we strongly recommend that you silently agree to the updates, the kind of rules that everyone should follow if you do not want to pay huge fines.


So we do not recommend that you download this application from third-party sites, since there is a very high probability of downloading a virus or other virus software. What could be the threat? A lot of unpleasant problems, including the theft of bank cards, and if the hacker is a good enough master, then there is the possibility, by mistake of investigators, to get a criminal case under the article “Fraud”, since such stories are not uncommon in our country. Also, if you want to download any application, then Windows 10 has its own application store, where there are also free versions, and paid ones are not so expensive, despite the dollar exchange rate, because prices are focused on Russia.

windows update
windows update

In closing

update assistant
update assistant

We hope that after reading this article, you understand what the Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant is. We recommend using this application because it does not require user intervention to update system components, which is very, very important in today's world.

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