"Windows 7 Ultimate": how to activate. Step-by-step instruction

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"Windows 7 Ultimate": how to activate. Step-by-step instruction
"Windows 7 Ultimate": how to activate. Step-by-step instruction

As you know, before the release of Windows 10, all systems of this family were (and are) paid. Of course, it is completely optional to initially buy an installation disk, however, to ensure the quality work of any system, it must be activated. And this is an additional financial cost, since you will have to enter a special license key. For example, consider the question of how to activate Windows 7 Ultimate, because it is this version of the system today, if you do not take into account the tenth modification, that is considered the most advanced and popular among users. When considering the main issue, we will touch on both official and unofficial methods, although the latter are, to put it mildly, illegal, but they work, as they say, one hundred percent. And our user doesn't need more.

How to activate Windows 7 Ultimate: why is it needed?

First, let's find out why you need to activate this software product. The fact is that it is not enough just to download a system image and install it on a computer. She, as they say, must pass the authentication, which Microsoft takes such great care of, although this does not make the system itself or the additional software products supplied with it more popular.

how to activate windows 7 ultimate
how to activate windows 7 ultimate

If this is not done, after a certain period of time, the system will begin to issue warnings that so many days are left before the end of the trial period, and in the end it will be blocked, most functions will become unavailable, and even a spontaneous reboot will occur every 20-30 minutes.

Activation during installation of the original operating system

The first solution to the problem of how to activate Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit or 64bit is to use the installation from the original disk that the user purchased by paying the required amount for it. A special 25-digit code will be indicated on the box without fail.

windows 7 ultimate 64 bit activated
windows 7 ultimate 64 bit activated

At a certain stage of installation, it will need to be entered in a special field, after which the activated "Windows 7 Ultimate" 64-bit or 32-bit will work without any reminders. But this option is only suitable if the user really has the original installation disk with the license code. But what ifthe distribution was downloaded from the official resource, but there is no license for it? The activation process can be completed when creating a Microsoft account by providing a mobile phone number or email address, after which you will need to confirm your data. The only downside is that to get the key, whether you like it or not, you will have to pay using any payment system or plastic card.

How to activate Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit after installation?

You can do it a little easier by postponing activation during the installation process. Only in this case the system will work in test mode for only thirty days.

If you officially purchased a license after installing the system, you can activate Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit or lower configuration by using the system properties view, which is accessed through the RMB menu on the computer icon, which is located directly on the "Working table." Below you can see a field that will indicate that there are so many days left before the end of the trial period. You must click the link, start following the instructions of the activator, and at a certain step simply enter the purchased key.

A prerequisite is an uninterrupted Internet connection. If there is no connection, system authentication will fail.

Extension of the activation period through the command line

Few people know, but the period of operation of the system in test mode can be easily extended using command line tools, after which it will beincreased from thirty to one hundred and twenty days.

activate windows 7 ultimate 64 bit
activate windows 7 ultimate 64 bit

First, the console itself (cmd) is called - always with administrator rights! - and then the line slmgr.vbs /rearm is written in it, and the enter key is pressed. Now it remains to reboot the system and look at the properties section.

how to activate windows 7 ultimate 64 bit
how to activate windows 7 ultimate 64 bit

Note: each command execution adds 30 days to the remaining trial period when it nears its end, but this method can be used no more than four times (which is why the maximum period is only 120 days). But the activation of Windows 7 "Maximum" during this period is not required at all. At least for this period, the system will remain fully operational and will not inform about the need to enter a license.

Standard system activation process

Now let's see how to activate Windows 7 Ultimate with another method. In this case, you need to go to the same system properties, and use the "Activate Windows now" field below.

how to activate windows 7 ultimate without key
how to activate windows 7 ultimate without key

After that, you will either have to enter the existing key, or use the link to purchase it via the Internet, if one is not available. The corporate page will open in the default web browser, from which you will need to download the Windows Activation Update applet, install it, and after launching, enter the keys used (public) on the corporate website, althoughthe likelihood of their legalization is not so high. But if at least one combination passes the validation, the authentication of the system will be issued automatically.

Note: before performing these operations, it is strongly recommended to disable the automatic installation of updates through the standard Update Center.

Using Windows Loader Activator

But our users are still wondering why we need to use such detours when we can use not quite official methods.

activate windows 7 ultimate 32 bit
activate windows 7 ultimate 32 bit

For example, the question of how to activate "Windows 7 Ultimate" is quite simply solved by using the Windows 7 Loader utility. You need to run the program with administrator rights, wait for the process to complete and restart your computer device, after which you can enjoy a fully functional system.

RemoveWAT activator

This app works almost the same way. The difference is not significant, but this applet allows you to figure out how to activate Windows 7 Ultimate without a key if the above utility did not work. But this is not yet the final decision.

KMSAuto Net

Finally, the problem of how to activate Windows 7 Ultimate or any other version of the operating system, not to mention the office suite of any year of release, is solved by using the portable KMS utility.

windows 7 activation max
windows 7 activation max

In it, you also need to press the system activation button,but only at the stage of creating a license key, one should agree with the inclusion of the task of permanent reactivation in the Task Scheduler, and in no case should the program file be deleted, since after that all activation, as they say, will “fly off”, and it will have to be performed again. But when using this program, Windows updates are installed as if it were really an official copy - anyway, no (even the most powerful) Microsoft verification system can track such data.

Registry editing and totals

Those who know enough about the system registry settings can simply turn off the activation reminder. But what will it give? Nothing more than the disappearance of the corresponding notification on the desktop in the system tray area, and Windows itself will stop working after the trial period has expired.

Thus, if you decide to activate the system, of course, it is better to use official means. But not all of our users can find an amount of about ten thousand rubles to buy a license key, so in this case, the most appropriate solution would be to use the KMS activator. At least, unlike other similar applications, it does not fail and, despite its pirate origin, it never causes disruptions in the operation of the operating system itself. But this is just a huge plus, despite not even the illegality of using this program.

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